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Cherry Brakewells – The Hobgoblin – Staines

Cherry Brakewells


Cherry Pies with a Toxic Twist

If poncey new-age Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal was cooking up a tray of Cherry Brakewells his list of ingredients would probably include snails (because all his recipes do) and a slug of Tennessee sour-mash to intoxicate the mind, a generous fistful of gunpowder to spice things up a bit – and a large scoop of dry ice (to coooool it down some). Oh, and some fire. Yes, he would garnish the tray with a thick slice of fire.

This band is stickier and sweeter than the largest pot of Windsor Farms Shop Royal Jelly. These girls put the glory bee back into the honey-pot and then shake it up a little. After their gig on Thursday they are the buzz of the city.

What I adored about the girls when I saw ‘em is that their brand of melting hot guitar funk and red hot blues is so abundantly rich in vulgar tones and texture that you feel almost overwhelmed, drowned even, by the experience. The contrast between the sweet soulful high notes of singer/songwriter Shay and the dark growling thunderclouds provided by leggy bassist Monique and the ‘runway model’ drummer Chi was a blissful storm. It was an experience much like running towards the edge of a stark cliff knowing that, far far below, where the jagged rocks meet the sea, you will plunge into the ice cool waters of salvation. It was like being stung, and then devoured, by a fire serpent. Desperation and repentance all rolled into one. A beautiful agony. How to die.

The Cherry Brakewells cite their influences as based firmly in the Sixties and Seventies. Hendrix. Cream. Zep. That kind of thing. But there is more to this band than all that Seventies vibe. This is no SuperFly Baadasssss band. They may have big hair, big smiles and big confidence, and the roots of their music may lay in the past, but these girls look towards the future with confidence and pride. The songs may have serious blues foundations but are laced with touches of modernity. I could recognise influences ranging from Wyclef, Kelis and late M.I.A. right through to some more expected sounds like ZZ Top, Kravitz and Skunk Anansie.

Lead guitar is provided by the multi-talented Anna Calvi (she told me she has been playing with the Cherries for around six months now – she has her own very successful band and a host of other projects.) Anna tended to place herself behind (and to the side of) the sensuous and sumptuous trappings of the ‘power trio’ but that didn’t alter the fact that her input was as invigorating and ingenious as it was essential. Her style of blues playing has a cool sharpness to it and the sounds that she weaves from her effervescent frets fizz with electricity and energy.

The Cherry Brakewells put on a slinky super-sexy show with plenty of guts and gristle. Soulful highs and fuzzy lows create drama and add smoky depth to their theatre of sound.

Watch these beautiful girls growing up … they are gonna go all the way!

© Neil_Mach
Feb 2009



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5 Things – This Week in Staines


Small Outfit, Big Sound Ideas at Staines

2 Sick Monkeys at Staines

29th JAN 2009  8:00P at HOB STAINES £3 2 SICK MONKEYS

2 Sick Monkeys formed in December 2000, as a live two piece bass and drums, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) at a drum event in Swindon.
They have now played over 400 gigs (270 in the last 3 years) including 4 European tours.

They describe themselves as tight, melodic and percussively in your face.
Basically……small outfit, BIG SOUND!!

2 Sick Monkeys are with:

Page Not Found

Page Not Found are a punk rock group form Slough Berkshire UK.

Formally known as Ollie Impossible, Page Not Found play their own style of Fast paced skate punk. After the change the band along with new bassman have wasted no time and headed straight into the studio to record some material.





High Quality Funk & Groove – Ascot

Mimosa at Jagz Ascot

Jan 30th 2009 8:45P at Jagz Ascot MIMOSA £5

Whisk together smooth soul, funky grooves and a hint of rock, fold in a combination of catchy brass riffs, fat bass, creative guitar as well as watertight drums and percussion. Heat for 2 hours with probably the best vocal talent in the south and you have the unique sound of Mimosa.

Some people have said – “it’s a bit like being attacked by a shark wearing a woolly jumper” “best served hot with Mango Chutney a cold beer!” “You’ll drive through an
amber light to see them!” “Just like the Brand New Heavies, only not as famous!” The band have spent the last year putting together a high quality varied mix of songs to give a great show, keeping people grooving well into the night. Gigging since April 06, this band will definitely impress and leave you wanting more. Time to find out what you have been missing……




Stripped Down Classic Rock – Shepperton

Firewater at Shepperton

Jan 30 2009      9:00P Kings Head-Shepperton FIREWATER

The ED HUDSON project “Firewater” was formed in 2000 and has been regularly gigging around London and the South East since then. The early blues
material gave way to more classic rock songs as time went on and the duo format lends itself to a stripped down approach to the songs, showcasing the considerable talents of singer Ed Hudson and lead guitarist Tim Scopes.

If you like blues and classic rock (and don’t like being deafened in the process of hearing it!) go and see ’em -you will not be dissappointed….




80’s & 90’s  Hits – Live Band – Live in Windsor


Fri 30 Jan Old Ticket Hall, Windsor £3 !Daft!

!daft! are a party rock cover band comprising 5 professional standard musicians who perform high energy and dynamic gigs across the Home Counties and West London to consistently excellent responses. Our sets and gigs are designed
to be fun, enthusiastic and crammed with recognisable anthemic tracks from artists including Queen, Guns N’ Roses, The Killers, The Fratellis, Green Day, Elvis, Bon Jovi, Madness, Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, Michael Jackson… even ABBA and Take That, plus many more legendary groups.

Random quote: “It’s like going to see all your favourite rock bands in one night!!”




Aerosmith to ZZ Top Covers – in Hampton


Jan 31 2009      9:00P  The Cardinal Wolsey Hampton Court PREZENCE

Prezence are fast becoming a STAINES and area fafourite covers band… playing a huge mixture of classic rock from way-way back to much more modern material from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Foo Fighters etc. A thoroughly enjoyable evening is guaranteed…. also coming to venues in Staines, Hampton, Walton-on-Thames soon (keep checking our ADPONTES music pages for updated GIG GUIDE)




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Ed Hudson Band

Friday 16th January 2009

Ed Hudson Band

Ed Hudson Band

Hey little thing let me light your candle

Let there be Rock – The Ed Hudson Band

The Ed Hudson Band plays a variety of warm and agreeable country rock sounds with an aggressive blues-rock edge… a bit more alt country than pure blues but ‘fused’ well so the music retains an authentic rock n roll sound. The band  plays as a trio so it is no surprise that the lively set includes covers of tunes from the likes of ZZ Top and Thin Lizzy. Bravely, though, the boys did manage to pull off a successful rendition of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ which was originally played by a whole ‘backyard’ of teenage friends including a keyboardist.

Ed Hudson looks every inch of a Mississippi swampland good ‘ole boy… raised on a diet of Yazoo catfish gumbo and muddy water blues. But, in fact,  Ed got the musical bug in West Cumbria (back in the good ‘ole U of K) in the 1980’s when he played in a punk band and, later,  a hard rock group called Belfagan.  Ed moved to London town in 1993 and spent years gigging with bands like Panting Skeletons, Good Company, The Flame Tattoo and Three State Blues. By the early 2000’s Ed was recording and touring with the band Red Road co-writing much of their material but failing to get noticed by the industry- even though he was managed by Trinifold (Who,Page and Plant, Judas Priest.)

Red Road never went stellar the way they shoulda, and in 2001 Ed started to sing and play guitar for Bad II The Bone. We are now fortunate to be able to see Ed Hudson and his various side projects near to us somewhere in Middlesex County as he tours the more intimate local venues with his choogling twangy guitar and bluesey improvisations.

When I saw the band (at The Royal Oak, Hampton)  the set-list included “Cocaine”, the song written and recorded by Lynrd
Skynrd songwriter J.J. Cale in 1975 but most widely known in a cover version recorded by Eric Clapton. In this song Ed, wearing his cowboy hat, boots and denim combo, smoothly and soulfully sings out the lyrics (the song is unquestionably anti-drugs) whilst often incorporating simultaneous lead and rhythm parts on his guitar. His bassist and drummer are steadfast and reliable compadres to these living blues- but they never dare to rise in stature to threaten the main man. Ed rules the stage with a gentle hand, though, asking and persuading rather demanding song choices, adjustments to sound and lights, re-tunes etc. He is a compassionate and loyal band-leader and even allows the bass player to vocalise on the Stones delta blues cover “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

Free’s ‘Wishing Well’ (later covered by Pearl Jam & Blackfoot) provided ample opportunity for the band to grind up some notches and pull out some raw chords whilst weeping some emotion into their pure RnB sounds. The band also covers Otis
Redding’s “Hard to Handle” but more in the style of the Black Crowes circa 1993 than the original.

Ed has an affection for the British blues scene of the 1960-70s, and the set included numbers from the Free, Eric Clapton and the Stones song-book but he also adds some welcome heavy metal touches, with songs like Deep Purple’s ‘Black Knight’, to keep the punters roaring for more.

Wearing a ‘Four Wheel Drive’ T-shirt (keeping local new music alive and well in Middlesex) our blues rock hero can jam hard with the best of ‘em. For a night of raw-edged insight and clear blue sky ballsy balladeering, this band is not to be missed.

So you and I are lucky, because the Ed Hudson Band is also one of the hardest working acts in the business, with plenty of dates in the near future at venues near you!

© Neil_Mach
JAN 2009

5 Things – This Week in Staines


Pure Pop Punk from Local Boys

Stay away from Paris

Stay Away From Paris Dec 21 2008      8:00P Hobgoblin, Staines     w/ Loaded Dice

The Walton based power/pop Punk band  Stay Away From Paris like to make HAPPY music! Come and Chat, We love it. Come abd listen- they will love it even more! Bands they have had the pleasure to play with include Mimi Soya, Look! I’m A Ghost, The Winning Post, Blue Sky Summer, We Have A Getaway, Over & Out, Exit Avenue, Get Set Radio, Indie Fisher and many more! Now p-laying with Shepperton faves Loaded Dice at a venue near you, Make a night of it.




Boogie Down to the Modern Groove- in Ascot



Dec 18 & 19 2008      Jagz Ascot

It takes something very special to become a member of Grooveology. All members are professional musicians who work with the likes of Elton John, Rod Stewart, Boy George, Jools Holland, Tony Hadley, ABC, James Taylor Quartet to name but a few. 2005 saw the band entertain over 20,000 guests at more than 70 gigs. These bookings covered the entire UK, from Inverness on the north coast of Scotland to Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands Their sets include songs from the 60’s right up to the modern grooves of the new millennium with all the classics in between.

Thursday, 18th December
Show will start at 8.45
Ticket cost: £10.00
Christmas Menu, call 01344878100 for details Limited Tables so please book early or call to check availability

Friday, 19th December
Show will start at 8.45
Ticket cost: £10.00
Christmas Menu, call 01344878100 for details Limited Tables so please book early or call to check availability


Peoples Popular Pub Band – at Windsor



Dec 20 2008      9:00P Old Ticket Hall WINDSOR

The PFJ are an exciting pub band from Berkshire who play late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s retro rock from Aha to ZZ Top – stuff like “I Will Survive” to “Ace Of Spades”, with a bit of “Teen Spirit” and “Tiger Feet” thrown in.

AdPontes-Staines saw them at the Rising Sun, Slough and, even though they had to squeeze into a tiny corner, the boys managed to play a ‘full-on’ rock concert with sounds, lights, and electrifying energy.

The PFJ take their name from the Peoples Front of Judea (not to be confused with the Judean peoples popular front etc. etc. from Life of Brian) And, as the name suggests, the band oozes fun and humour as well as not a little musical talent.

Their choices (for the set list) is a head-bangers wet dream including some very old favourites like Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) and Paranoid (Sabbath) but mixed with some highly original (and hilarious) covers like I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) or Crazy Horses (Osmonds). When you add songs like Turning Japanese (The Vapours)and Video Killed the Radio Star ( Buggles) into the mix you realise that you are witnessing a highly innovative fun-time band.

The PFJ squeeze out every possible sound from their 6 piece outfit, featuring vocals, 2 guitars, bass, drums and even a stage dancer. Just to add to the party spirit, the PFJ come out in their patented Judean costumes and even tend to do some costume-changes during their set.

I went to see them again last Sunday at The Old Ticket Hall, Windsor but, unfortunately, the band were on after the rugby semi-final and I couldn’t be bothered to wait around until about 10:30pm to see them…

Since forming in 2000, the PFJ have won over crowds of drunks on a regular basis… make sure you catch their amazing live show at the old Ticket Hall WINDSOR on the 20th to put you in the Christmas Spirit!




Relentless Rock n Roll – in Staines

Moscow Flyer at Staines

Four Wheel Drive

Dec 18 2008      8:00P The Hobgoblin     Staines

Tcatch them at Staines on 12th at The Hob

Four Wheel Drive is a band that exists to play live. They deliver what can only be described as a relentless onslaught of good time, balls out Rock ‘N’ Roll. Ben Austwick and Paddy Achtelik provide rhythm guitar interplay that constantly bombards the audience from both sides of the stage; while Ben also hits you with incendiary, gut-wrenching, Blues-based lead guitar.

The rhythm section generates a force capable of knocking down walls, yet with enough control to retain the R’n’B feel of ’70s Aerosmith and Rolling Stones. The band have been clocked at close to 120 decibels in rehearsals, almost earning the Guitar Institute their first ASBO!

This musical force of nature is topped and led by Jamie’s vocals. Switching between a sleazy drawl and a ball-busting scream, the vocals compliment both the Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Rock elements of the band. Tightly rehearsed vocal harmonies add an extra dimension to the songs, giving the live performances the same depth as the recordings.

The songs have always been written with the live show in mind and the delivery is enough to get anybody’s mouth away from their pint. Four Wheel Drive is made up of a highly “driven” collection of individuals whose lives are designed around the band to make sure it is constantly moving forward. New material is always being written and they can, and do, play any night of the week.



If you miss ’em at them Hob try to catch ’em here:

Dec 21 2008     3:00A
FILTHY’S Christmas all-dayer     Twickenham

Dec 31 2008     8:00P
FILTHY’s New years Eve.. (+ filthy’s all-stars)     Twickenham


Raw Rock Covers- at Slough



19/12/08 Rising Sun Slough

Ozzy, Blackstone Cherry, Nickelback  etc.

Performing hard rocking covers, 5 piece Rock Covers band Spiderwire unleash hard rock hell with Energy, Decibels and Excitement on the unsuspecting public. If you’re expecting to get your slippers on and snuggle up by the fire, Spiderwire is not the band for you. Performing only to those who are about to rock (we salute you).

Playing songs from these great artists; Gun’s, Buckcherry, Ozzy, Blackstone Cherry, Nickelback and even Ted Nugent, plus many more.



Check ’em in the New Year at:

16/01/2009 Rising Sun Reading

17/01/09 Plough Inn reading

31/01/2009 The Bull Theale, Reading

22/05/08 The Three Mariners Bagshot


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Cry Wolf

Fri 7th November 2008

Cry Wolf Poster Neil_Mach Sept 2008

When resting, the average adult human heart beats at about 70 bpm (males) and 75 bpm (females). I am telling you this because at the Staines Riverside Club on Friday 7th November the average pulse rate had easily exceeded 150 bpm by the end of the Cry Wolf session. This is a minor miracle considering that the average age of the audience was (to be honest) sixty plus and hearts that old don’t fibrillate easily. Those cranky bones and bad backs were sorely tested by these hard rockin’ boys who belted out the beat.  So how did this bunch of long haired neer-do-wells manage to get those blue-rinsed girlies a-squealing with delight and those groaning grandads swivelling their replacement hips?

The story of this band is so familiar to anyone who has watched and enjoyed any of those mockumentary style musical comedies like ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ or ‘The Blues Brothers’.

The Wolf first cried in 1997. But, just like Tap and Jake and Elwood, the history of this band goes way-back. Way, way back. Their not-so-unique story starts in black and white. It starts in those sunny days when thin girls used to wear short-shorts, when blue jeans would swing and when Georgie Best could bend it. The band we know as Blackfoot Sue began their story in Birmingham in the early sixties. Gary Farmer and his identical twin brothers Tom and David Farmer met Eddie Golga and started a modern beat band, forking out for second-hand guitars and drums  and struggling to earn a crust by playing rock n roll around the pubs and clubs of the West Midlands.

After working hard to learn their craft, the group moved to the bright lights and the glittering paving stones of Putney, South West London. Here they shared a house with other strange artistic people/creatures including a mad cat called ‘Blackfoot’. By the early seventies the guys were known  as ‘The Gift’ and playing around the London scene. For various reasons,they migrated North across the Thames to Hounslow, West London- where they have more or less settled to this day.

In Hounslow they were regulars at the Windsor castle pub (they later called it the ‘Star Wars’ pub because of all the weird alien life-forms seen in the bar.) And it was at about this time that they started gigging as Blackfoot Sioux (simultaneously working as ‘The Gift’ to maximise bookings) They came up with a barnstorming anthem ‘Standing in the Road’ which they belted out at each of their shows. It is this song for which they are best known and it became a huge, huge success. They recorded the song and issued it on the Jam label- now using the newly spelt name Blackfoot Sue. After appearing on TOTP they instantly became every teen girls favourite pin-up.

The boys then carried on successfully recording and touring as Blackfoot Sue right up till the end of the era – circa 1975.  After a short spell as the entity ‘Blackfoot’ (without the Sue) the brothers (they lost Eddie along the way) decided to rebrand and reinvent themselves as a blue-eyed soul act called ‘Liner’. They had always loved the Motown sound and they knew that they could pull it off. Their vocal talents were not to be sniffed at. The twin brother’s voices are so similar that, to this day, they have a unique ability to sound as if they are a single singer multi-tracked. David takes the  slightly higher part. The harmonies are splendid.

After playing as the sweet soul sensation ‘Liner’ the band once again transmogrified itself back into a rock band – now calling themselves ‘Spoiler’ {also The Spoilers} and embarked on a very successful tour with Manfred Mann in 1986. In the mid 1990’s the band briefly revived as Blackfoot Sue before evolving into the hard working band we now know as Cry Wolf. Cry Wolf are thought of as a bit of a bikers band- I think because the logo looks great on the back of a Harley…and so they started to rely on some of the more ‘heavy’ rocker hits that the Angels love…AC/DC, ZZ Top that sort of thing.

The band now play with the awesome lead guitarist Pars Evrenos from Texas. At Staines Riverside Club Pars looked like a grand wizard of the strings with his long bible-black hair flowing down to his waist and always an explicit look of concentration on his face as he gently squeezed just one more exquisitely high note from his guitar.

The band are very tight and their accomplished vocal work places them in a different league to most other ‘pub rockers’.  The sounds are multi-layered and multi-faceted. I especially liked the fact that the band are able to put their own live interpretation onto a song without changing it completely. At Staines we enjoyed a note-perfect ‘All The Young Dudes’ but Pars gave the tune that extra push at the end, lifting the whole experience to a slightly higher place. Similarly, Pars’s superb solo on Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ lifted and elated the audience and polished off a superb first half.

In the second half of the show, Cry Wolf rocked the world. First off, I noticed that a few old rockers got up and started to jive to a Black Sabbath number. Then, as the band started to really move hearts and minds (playing a Def Leppard cover)  I counted 16 people dancing. Dancing! In Staines Riverside club!  I ask you?

The band also played plenty of ‘newer’ songs (all covers, mind, not one Blackfoot Sue song in their 2008 repertoire) like ‘Song 2’ (Blur) and ‘How You Remind Me’ (Nickelback) .

All said, this was an excellent evening of musical entertainment from a band that has been there, seen it, done it and they have obviously got the T shirt!

And my pulse is still racing….

© Neil_Mach
Nov 2008





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5 Things- This Week in Staines


Henry James at The Rose, Kingston

Portait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady – the Kingston ROSE theatre 26 August – 6 September
Post performance talk: Tuesday 2 September

Audio described performance: 6 September 2.30pm. Touch tour at 1pm.

Suitable for all ages.

Matinee(s) Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 2.30pm

Evening(s) 7.30pm

Adapted by Nicki Frei
Directed by Peter Hall
Presented by Theatre Royal Bath Productions & The Peter Hall Company

Nicola Frei’s stage adaptation of Henry James’ novel, directed by Peter Hall, opens The Peter Hall Company residency at the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

The cast includes Catherine McCormack (The Land Girls, All My Sons), Niamh Cusack (Heartbeat, A&E), Finbar Lynch (Proof, Not About Nightingales), Jean Marsh (Upstairs Downstairs, Boeing Boeing), Oliver Chris (Green Wing, The Office), Anthony Howell (Foyle’s War) and Christopher Ravenscroft (The Ruth Rendell Mysteries).

“Catherine McCormack is unquestionably fine” The Times

Set in London, Rome and Florence, The Portrait of a Lady tells the story of Isabel Archer, a beautiful, young American heiress, who travels to Europe on a voyage of self-discovery.


London Hip-Hop, Funk ‘n Soul at Ascot

The Common Moral cause at Jagz

The Common Moral Cause Fri
Aug 29 2008 8:00P The Jagz Club & Restaurant, Ascot

The Common Moral Cause are an exciting ten piece outfit who combine an eclectic mix of urban jazz, funk, hip-hop, R’n’B and soul to create a fluid funk flava that they can call their own.

Their unique sound and engaging live performances has already seen them play numerous sell out gigs across the country and make appearances at the London Astoria, Oxford’s Zodiac and the Jazz Café.

Their debut EP Causality (the principle that there is a cause to everything that happens) has just been released, with their follow up CD Big Sound set for release at the end of the summer.

TCMC are on the regular playlist for Maidenhead’s Green Apple 88.4FM, and have appeared on BBC radio Manchester. To date they have had a few limited TV appearances with Odis making it through to the quarter finals of ITV’s X Factor and keen fans will have spotted the Mole spitting his rhymes with style on Channel Four’s Faking it.

The Show:

Friday, 29th August
Show will start at 8.00
Ticket cost: £6.00
Entrance for the night is £6. Doors open at 7.30pm for dining and 8.30pm for drinking. 2 courses for £22, 3 courses for £26.

The Links:



Station Hill, Ascot

Also look out for TCMC at the Iver Carnival
Iver High St, Iver, Bucks, London and South East
Cost : FREE
September, 13 2008

Also at JAGZ Station Hill, Ascot this week:

Fallen Heroes

Fabulous and highly entertaining six piece band that always create a really groovy atmosphere with their eclectic mix of New Orleans R&B and funky Street Beat.

Upcoming show:

Saturday, 30th August
Show will start at 8.00
Ticket cost: £8.00
Doors open from 7.30pm. £26 for 2 courses and entrance (£30 for 3 courses). Entrance for the bands is £8 but is strictly

limited and on a first come first served basis. Entrance for dining or just the band INCLUDES free entrance to the nightclub



Shepperton ‘Hometown Heroes’ play The Hob, Staines

Loaded Dice at Staines
Photo- Mindy Coe

Loaded Dice at The Hob, Staines Sunday August 31 8:00P £3 on door

Best UK Live Unsigned Band

The Loaded Dice were formed 4 years ago and early success saw the band reaching the live televised UK final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Their catchy riffs and strong vocals led to an invitation to perform for 4 successive years in The National Rock and Pop Festival at the NEC Birmingham. Competing in the National Youth Battle of the Bands (which they came a close second in 2005.) Recently the band won the National live and Unsigned South Coast Idol competition, beating over 10 000 acts and winning the title of “Best UK live and unsigned band.”

Currently the boys are involved with Future Music Management developing the band. They clearly love playing together especially on stage and are always ready to entertain and perform to their best. They have taken their music further a field, twice touring Spain to take part in music concerts.

Loaded Dice are:

Lui Matthews -vocals
Anthony Wilkinson – Guitar & backing vocals
Ian Lennon – Bass
Steven Wilkinson – Drums & backing vocals


If you miss ’em they will be back at The Hob on Sept 14th (but catch ’em quick because these boys are gonna be BIG!!!)

Photo by:



Rock, rock, rock (and Ska) at The Hob Staines

The Stilts at The Hob Staines

The Stilts at The Hob Staines, Sunday August 31st 8:00P (with Loaded Dice)

The Stilts play balls-out rock and roll with lashings of punk and ska thrown in. Citing influences ranging from The Clash and The Who through to Cage the Elephant and The Paddingtons, the band’s sound is the result of a sonic collision between the garage band revolution of the sixties and the current wave of alternative indie. Not confined to any one style, The Stilts create music that rocks and deliver it with the punk energy it deserves.

Formed in North-West London in 2006 The Stilts have made practising an obsession and obsession an art form, creating an impressive range of their own material. Over the last year and a half they have worked their way through quiet Monday night gigs to packed weekenders in top venues, delighting promoters and picking up fans on the way.

The Stilts now have a reputation for jumping sets packed with raw energy, which has enabled them to build a dedicated following on the London gig circuits. Having been tipped for prime slots on a host of mainstream radio shows, they expect to be heard on the air in the near future.

The band continues to raise expectations, incorporating innovative sounds from their current influences and regularly introducing new tracks to their sets, keeping fans hooked and converting non-believers.

Mr Fred – sings and strums

Here – licks and shreds

J – thumps and rumbles

Trigger – hits things

The links:

Lots of Fun !!


Classic Rock from The Blue Fuses, Staines

Blue Fuses at Staines Riverside Club

The Blue Fuses Aug 28 2008 8:00P The Staines RIVERSIDE Club Laleham Road

Blue Fuses is a great Surrey-based rock covers band, doing mostly 70’s – 80’s stuff – from AC/DC to ZZ Top via a number of bands with colours in their names, particularly Black, Pink and Purple. You will love them… lots of audience interaction and some nice set-pieces. They went down very well the last time they played STAINES.

Check our review of last years Blue Fuses gig here


if you miss the Blue Fuses in Staines this week you can catch them at:

October, 25 2008 at The Cardinal Wolsey
Hampton Court Rd, Hampton, London and South East KT8
Cost : £2


Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road

Visit AdPontes-Staines Regularly for Staines Arts

5 Things- This Week in Staines


See Brock & The Badgers Live , Staines

Brock and the Badgers at Staines

Brock & the Badgers, Riverside Club, Staines Thu Apr 24th 2008 8PM

Brock and the Badgers have earnt their place in rock history as Windor’s finest blues-rock band selling several albums over the years and reaching no. 7 in the UK charts with “Living By Numbers”.

The new-look Brock and the Badgers is a a three-piece outfit concentrating on blues and rock covers (Hendrix/Yardbirds/ZZ Top/Rory Gallagher/Peter Green and some gutsy self-penned material which ranges from the out-and-out blues to more accessible rock/pop.

Visitors – £3



Go to listen to Oceansize at Kingston

Oceansize at House of Progression, Kingston Peel

Oceansize at the HOP, The Peel, Kingston. 26th April 7.30pm.

Oceansize + special Guests (Tickets on
sale now 020 8546 3516)

When Oceansize christened themselves back at the start of the third millennium,
they didn’t just pick a name, they set themselves a challenge. Their mission statement was to make the biggest music possible, adventures on the high seas of
future-rock giganticism that could never, ever stop. It also meant that every album
they made would have to be even bigger, heavier, than the last one. Now a
supporting band for Coheed and Cambria’s European leg as well as



Go see a Shakespeare play at The Rose, Kingston

Romeo and Juliet- Rose Kingston

Romeo & Juliet at The Rose, Kingston 22 April – 26 April 2008

A Northern Broadsides Production
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Barrie Rutter

A chance meeting brings together two youngsters from rival families. Determined to pursue their forbidden love they risk all to be together and fall victim to a cruel destiny, paying the ultimate price for their devotion.

Romeo and Juliet is a heart-rending love story of tragic proportions, filled with passion tenderness and bitter recriminations. Award-winning company, Northern Broadsides, return to the Rose Theatre and bring their inimitable warmth, charisma and energy to this timeless romantic tragedy.

Tickets £5 – £27

Matinee(s) Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 2.30pm

Evening(s) 7.30pm

24-26 High Street
Kingston KT1 1HL
United Kingdom

Box Office 0871 230 1552

What better way to celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday?


Go enjoy Red Rocket in Woking

Red Rocket

Red Rocket- FRI 25TH April at O’Neills Woking

RED ROCKET are a four piece covers band, based in West London, consisting of female vocals, backed by guitar, Female bass/vocals and drums/vocals.
They are; Steph, Mike, Mark & Sophie.

May Dates

SAT 3RD Red Lion – Twickenham9.00 – 11.00
FRI 16THO’Neills – Shepherds Bush 10.30 – 12.45
FRI 23rd Brookhouse-Hayes 10.00- 12.30
SAT 24TH Horns – Watford
FRI 30 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45
Sat 31stO’NEILLS N.FINCHLEY 10.00-12.30

June Dates

FRI 13 TH Rising Sun Slough 9.45- 12.45
SAT 21ST Afternoon Laleham school fete 12.00- 3.00pm
SAT 21ST Red Lion – Twickenham 9.00 – 11.00
FRI 27 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45



Laugh with Geoff Norcott, Walton-on-Thames

Geoff Norcott at Walton

Friday 25th April 8PM – Comedy once a month at Riverhouse Barn, Walton

Described as “The first comedian of rap” by Craig Charles, Geoff is a high-energy performer whose strength is his devastatingly accurate parody of the violently misogynist attitude that pervades the rap scene.

Faithfully recreating the genre’s hateful lyrics and arrogant stance, he uses the usual weapons in the musical comedian’s armoury to drive his point home. But that message, and the accuracy of his renditions raise this well above the norm.
Away from the parodies, his more straightforward stand-up on everyday observational topics are delivered with an easy confidence and no small measure of charm.

Riverhouse box office
Manor Road
Surrey KT12 2PF
01932 253354 (24 hr booking line)

Comedy nights also on:

Friday 16th May

Rob Deering, Dan Atkinson & Kevin Bridges

Friday 20th June

John Gordillo, Noel Britten & Steve Williams



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