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ALI MAAS BAND — Live in Staines

The excellent Staines Riverside Club is hosting a “Month Montage of Blues” — four Blues acts of high quality, hand-picked by the promoters, one for each Thursday evening during the month of September. You’ve probably seen the posters all around town.

This Thursday we enjoyed the Ali Maas band with Alan Glen and Micky Moody (guesting.)

The band more-or-less kicked off their set in Staines with Don Bryant’s song “99 lbs” (made famous by The Black Crowes — but actually first released by Ann Peebles in 1971.)

It’s a song-choice that reminded us that ‘Big’ Mama Thornton [she originally recorded “Hound Dog” in 1952] weighed a mere 99 lbs at the time of her death in 1984. This brings unexpected heartache to the songline: “Ninety-nine pounds of soul, oh, oh.

It is worth reminding ourselves that women blues singers like Big Mama, plus Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Lena Horne and, of course, “Lady Day” were among the most powerful and highest-paid entertainers of their day. These women ensured that the Blues remained a prosperous and potent art-form.

Ali Maas - wit and elegant passion in every phrase...
Ali Maas – wit and elegant passion in every phrase…

The soft-shoe number “Emotional Powder Keg Blues” was apparently written by Ali when she was going through a “bunny-boiler phase…” This number had pat-a-cake rhythms and expressive guitar-lines from Alan Glen.

One of Glen’s own compositions was the squelchy “No Time For You” whose rhythms and general 1970’s style reminded us of the bounce in “What’s the buzz?” That’s the song from the rock opera [Jesus Christ Superstar] that boasts the repeating percussive phrase: “Let me try to cool down your face a bit …

On the Alan Glen number the main voice from Ali was jazzy… With wit and elegant passion in every phrase.

The organ notes (Pete Whittaker) were talkative and blabby and delivered the goods along with guitar. This was a great number to introduce the skills of each musician. Roy Parsons’s bass was particularly memorable — a self-propelled jumble of electric jiggles.

After the break we had “Son of a Preacher Man” recorded by Dusty Springfield in 1968 but initially offered to Aretha Franklin. [Aretha turned it down, but her sister Erma recorded it for Soul Sister.]

Ali’s vocal performance reminded us of Dusty. She possesses a similar density of voice: with husky lows, followed by dashes to high places and heartfelt persistence when the song requires a big push. To sing the blues you need resolution and resistance. Ali has these qualities in abundance.

The"Million Dollar Sextet" here with Ali Maas [vocals]  Peter Miles [drums]   Alan Glen [harmonica]  Micky Moody [guitar]  Roy Parsons [bass]  Pete Whittaker on keys - out of shot
The”Million Dollar Sextet” here with Ali Maas [vocals] Peter Miles [drums] Alan Glen [harmonica] Micky Moody [guitar] Roy Parsons [bass] Pete Whittaker on keys – out of shot
Towards the end of this superior show in Staines Micky Moody came to the stage for the Muddy Waters number “I got my brand on you.” So, in effect, we had a “Million Dollar Sextet” in our club!

Who would not want to witness this incredible line-up and the resultant duel between the Yardbird’s blues harpist (Alan) and the lyrical guitar work from Whitesnake’s Moody?   And, of course, all this excitement was decorated with sweet care by Ali.

This was probably one of the best evenings we have enjoyed at this club.

Next Thursday Fran McGillivray (with Mike Burke) make their first appearance. Not to be missed!

Words & Images: Neil Mach 2016 ©




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5 Things- This Week in Staines


See Brock & The Badgers Live , Staines

Brock and the Badgers at Staines

Brock & the Badgers, Riverside Club, Staines Thu Apr 24th 2008 8PM

Brock and the Badgers have earnt their place in rock history as Windor’s finest blues-rock band selling several albums over the years and reaching no. 7 in the UK charts with “Living By Numbers”.

The new-look Brock and the Badgers is a a three-piece outfit concentrating on blues and rock covers (Hendrix/Yardbirds/ZZ Top/Rory Gallagher/Peter Green and some gutsy self-penned material which ranges from the out-and-out blues to more accessible rock/pop.

Visitors – £3



Go to listen to Oceansize at Kingston

Oceansize at House of Progression, Kingston Peel

Oceansize at the HOP, The Peel, Kingston. 26th April 7.30pm.

Oceansize + special Guests (Tickets on
sale now 020 8546 3516)

When Oceansize christened themselves back at the start of the third millennium,
they didn’t just pick a name, they set themselves a challenge. Their mission statement was to make the biggest music possible, adventures on the high seas of
future-rock giganticism that could never, ever stop. It also meant that every album
they made would have to be even bigger, heavier, than the last one. Now a
supporting band for Coheed and Cambria’s European leg as well as



Go see a Shakespeare play at The Rose, Kingston

Romeo and Juliet- Rose Kingston

Romeo & Juliet at The Rose, Kingston 22 April – 26 April 2008

A Northern Broadsides Production
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Barrie Rutter

A chance meeting brings together two youngsters from rival families. Determined to pursue their forbidden love they risk all to be together and fall victim to a cruel destiny, paying the ultimate price for their devotion.

Romeo and Juliet is a heart-rending love story of tragic proportions, filled with passion tenderness and bitter recriminations. Award-winning company, Northern Broadsides, return to the Rose Theatre and bring their inimitable warmth, charisma and energy to this timeless romantic tragedy.

Tickets £5 – £27

Matinee(s) Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 2.30pm

Evening(s) 7.30pm

24-26 High Street
Kingston KT1 1HL
United Kingdom

Box Office 0871 230 1552

What better way to celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday?


Go enjoy Red Rocket in Woking

Red Rocket

Red Rocket- FRI 25TH April at O’Neills Woking

RED ROCKET are a four piece covers band, based in West London, consisting of female vocals, backed by guitar, Female bass/vocals and drums/vocals.
They are; Steph, Mike, Mark & Sophie.

May Dates

SAT 3RD Red Lion – Twickenham9.00 – 11.00
FRI 16THO’Neills – Shepherds Bush 10.30 – 12.45
FRI 23rd Brookhouse-Hayes 10.00- 12.30
SAT 24TH Horns – Watford
FRI 30 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45
Sat 31stO’NEILLS N.FINCHLEY 10.00-12.30

June Dates

FRI 13 TH Rising Sun Slough 9.45- 12.45
SAT 21ST Afternoon Laleham school fete 12.00- 3.00pm
SAT 21ST Red Lion – Twickenham 9.00 – 11.00
FRI 27 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45



Laugh with Geoff Norcott, Walton-on-Thames

Geoff Norcott at Walton

Friday 25th April 8PM – Comedy once a month at Riverhouse Barn, Walton

Described as “The first comedian of rap” by Craig Charles, Geoff is a high-energy performer whose strength is his devastatingly accurate parody of the violently misogynist attitude that pervades the rap scene.

Faithfully recreating the genre’s hateful lyrics and arrogant stance, he uses the usual weapons in the musical comedian’s armoury to drive his point home. But that message, and the accuracy of his renditions raise this well above the norm.
Away from the parodies, his more straightforward stand-up on everyday observational topics are delivered with an easy confidence and no small measure of charm.

Riverhouse box office
Manor Road
Surrey KT12 2PF
01932 253354 (24 hr booking line)

Comedy nights also on:

Friday 16th May

Rob Deering, Dan Atkinson & Kevin Bridges

Friday 20th June

John Gordillo, Noel Britten & Steve Williams



Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road

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