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Geistfight at the Hob Staines

A couple of years after the end of ‘Abstract Genius’, Luke Daniels (Sax and Vocals ) and Nick Oliver began forming their new project – Geistfight.

Geistfight (from Guildford, Surrey) deliver energetic hardcore ska-punk in an interesting form – with plenty of oblique solos (on sax and guitar) and monumental musicality – all delivered with the kind of unbridled intensity that other bands only dream of.

Geistfight -evermore  effusive guitars - clamouring for more-and-more attention...
Geistfight -evermore effusive guitars – clamouring for more-and-more attention…

We witnessed the band play a short set (3.5 songs apparently) at the Staines Hob on Saturday 6TH SEPT.

The band are currently working on their mini-album – which will soon be available.

Their songs – like ‘The Fine Line’ – have several dimensions to them:

They almost always include a regular ska-beat with rhythmic vocals.

These are surrounded my evermore effusive guitars – clamouring for more-and-more attention.

But the sax always seeks to slide in like a snake – keeping cover under the voluminous wraps of blurry guitar.

The effect is stunning – and completely enjoyable.

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