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The Siegfried Sassoon – Staines Hob


Hobgoblin – Staines – 1st March

So we are here at The Siegfried Sassoon (named after the Great War poet) “single release party” at The Hob Staines. But the Chertsey boys haven’t got their singles with them (a mix up with the post-production). Hmmm. And the crowd in Staines is forgiving. Probably more forgiving than they ought to be. In fact, the party is still going ahead (with or without the single) and the audience is fizzing like a sherbet fountain dropped into a glass of fanta. I saw a black and white chuckle-vision dalmatian in the crowd- it may have been Cadpig or Lucky – but I didn’t see Perdita. Perhaps the significance of all this is that the Sassoon sound is fun fun fun. The diversions come as ice-cream van chimes, merry-go-round organs or squelchy stylaphone tones.  Sassoon music is not eagerly flamboyant, majestic or epic like the nu-prog royalty i.e. Dream Theatre, Beardfish or The Mars Volta. Theirs is capricious and frothy stuff.

Stylistically the sound is closer to the ‘Roine Stolt’ vehicle ‘The Flower Kings’ than many contemporary bands but there are slices of ‘Dartz’ type guitarwork garnishing the cocktail of sounds and, I think, a ‘Vines’ type vibe with grown-up ‘Craig Nicholls’ sounding vocals. The Siegfried Sassoon seem to populate the vacuum left by 70’s prog-rock masters, especially ‘Gentle Giant’ (which, like Sassoon, are sophisticated enough to have their own literary muse in their form of François Rabelais.) Unexpected compositional twists, altering subtly in each repeat, and intelligent management of the transitions, mean that Sassoon could easily be placed into the Jazz-Fusion bargain-bucket alongside their (local) buddies Cats & cats & cats but this also means that they are forever to be placed into that difficult ‘unhummable’ slot that is reserved for the clever muso-headed brain-box crowd… so the chavs in Staines aren’t as fick as you might fink!

I instantly liked the (missing) single ‘Muscle Beach’ and that clever start with a supermarket check-out sounding beep-beep ( a little like the “Tricky” Stewart of ‘ella ‘ella fame new Beyonce track ‘Single Ladies’.)  This song envelopes a rich and fairly complex affair with a graceful conclusion very reminiscent of work by ‘The Flaming Lips’. Satisfyingly zingy elasticated chords from Adam Easton were stretched far beyond their tolerance and the frequent guitar highlights from Simon Gould reminded the crowd that they were listening to one of the few properly focussed Experimental / Psychedelic / Rock bands out there right now. It’s a shame that the B side could not be played live with a female lead singer though.

The track ‘I Galactico’ sees Chris Pratt (keyboards and lead vocals) take the band into magical territory. With Jim Carroll playing nimble bass guitar and Nick Owsianka playing steadily supporting percussion augmented by drum patterns by Chris. The smug faced crowds grunted and wriggled to that one! It was a jiggly ball of fun.

The whole Sassoon effect is spacey and neo-psychedelic with multi layered experimentations (including electro-acoustics) being the norm. The show was not (in any way) slick and could have been better managed. The performances were adequate but you get the feeling this lot prefer the studios and the rehearsal rooms to a live stage.  This band has a superior musical quality but they do seem to need some better leadership and / or  management if they want to get up to the next level.  Chris mentioned that the band had T shirts and other merch with them (but, even though I had a handful of cash in my greasy mitts I couldn’t get hold of any stuff) and he told the crowd “If you want a motorhead T shirt go to Top Man – if you want our stuff – hang around”. Yeah, I get it. You have to hang around and work for Sassoon. It is ‘thinking man’s’ music and doesn’t easily fall off the shelf and into your lap. Got it.  Give ’em a whirl.

© Neil_Mach

March 2009
Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

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5 Things – This Week in Staines


Swashbuckling Pirate Punk- in Staines

Peerless Pirates at Staines

Feb 26 2009

With Doctor Pop and Meat Eating Orchids

“A Pirate’s Life For Us….”

This happy band of Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire pirates are coming to Staines this week to spread the news of their good deeds…

Pirate Cleef – Voice, Guitars
Pirate James – Bass, Voice
Pirate Dan – Drums, Voice

These shipmates play honest indie, alt, pop-punk sounds … join in me hearties!



With The Meat Eating Orchids…

The Meat Eating Orchids are an English rock band notable for producing a musical hybrid of 60’s pop and a brash alternative rock sound. Formed by founding members Matt Gogarty (Vocals), Sam Pickett (Vocals, Guitar) and Stuart Boyde

“Meat Eating Orchids forgive no one just yet…”
The Band takes their name from a line of the song Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana. A reminder of a less harmonious past between members. After a long and fruitless search for the right drummer, while writing songs, the band were joined last
minute by friend Christian Jeyes (Drums). After one practice the group went on to record their debut EP Meet The Meat Eating Orchids at Peak Studios with Producer Chris Hamilton in the English countryside…

Receiving an astounding reception among friends and family, the EP circulated wider and all but sold out the initial hundred copies of ‘Meet The Meat Eating Orchids’ EP.This led to a couple of invitations to appear on local radio stations
and an offer to play Surface Festival Unsigned 09. With this the band took their first tentative steps onto the live music scene…




Post Punk Legends – Live at Windsor

Durutti Column at Windsor

The Durutti
Feb 27 2009

The first band to release a record on the legendary Factory Records, The Durutti Column have become the blue-print for post-punk, and a genuinely iconic musical institution.

In their 30 year’s career they have become one of the most treasured figure-heads of the British alternative scene, led by the charismatic musical virtuoso, Vini Reilly.  Their unique sound has been of influence to countless artists over the past few decades from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Brian Eno, Morrissey and even Gilbert and George.

It is a real honour to have a band of this stature perform at a local venue: The Firestation (just a few stops down the line to Windsor & Eaton Riverside from Staines) and certainly a highlight of their early spring programme.


FRIDAY 27th FEBRUARY Firestation Windsor
£10 (GA) £9 (Conc) £8 (Mem)


Chertsey Band -Album Release Party- Staines

Seigfried Sassoon at Staines

Mar 01 2009

The Siegfried Sassoon – a heartwarming and very talented local Indie / Pop / Rock band-  are showcasing their latest album (album release party) this week at THE HOb STAINES

“Muscle Beach/The Al Gore Rhythm 7″ out 23rd March!”



www.myspace.com/thesiegfriedsassoon 4.

Sizzling Salsa, Jazz & Latin – Live in Ascot

Riamba at Ascot

Feb 28 2009

With its flair for performing in a variety of settings and musicians from both world and jazz music backgrounds, Riamba is one of the sought after Salsa bands on the London scene today.

Riamba came together in 1998 with the aim of performing traditional Cuban music in the Son style – the roots of Salsa.

Drawing upon this style as its inspiration, the group set about creating a sound that combines the hot rhythms of Latin America with European harmony and the virtuosity of jazz. A combination that has resulted in a sound that energises
musicians and dancers alike.

Riamba is made up of some of London’s finest musicians who have studied in Europe, Argentina, Columbia and Cuba. Their careers have led them to perform with internationally acclaimed artists in such diverse venues as: Pizza on the Park, The 606 Club, The Royal Festival Hall (London); Blue Note Club (New York); The Sydney Festival (Australia) and The National Theatre (Ghana).

Saturday, 28th February
Show will start at 8.45
Ticket cost: £8.00
Doors open from 7.30pm. £26 for 2 courses and entrance (£30 for 3 courses). Entrance for the bands is £8 but is strictly

limited and on a first come first served basis. Entrance for dining or just the band INCLUDES free entrance to the nightclub

Jagz Ascot




‘Authentic’ Delta Blues –  in Shepperton

Delta Echoes at Shepperton

Delta Echoes
Feb 28 2009
Barley Mow

The Delta Echoes are a talented duo who re-create the country blues of the 1920s and 30s, played on Gibson acoustic and National steel guitars (most of them older than their players!), harmonica and kazoo.

They are: Richard Scruton, of Rich Pickings fame, well-known on the local folk and blues scene and an authentic interpreter of the guitar picking of the great Delta bluesmen, and Stuart Cumberpatch, who has been playing lap style and bottleneck blues on National guitars for most of the last 20 years – ten of them with the legendary Kennet Sheiks. The duo occasionally expands to a sextet with added double bass, mandolin, violin and jug!



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