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Miss Vickery at Staines Hobgoblin

Those definitive slapping popping bass lines appear to come easily to the funkytron Miss Vickery bass player Ad Roq.

Ad is always melodically inventive, and has a way of underpinning the defining high-jinks of each song. He slaps or pops away whilst slender four o’clock shadow-man ‘Seen’  (aka the lead singer Meat Pack) – he has that taughtness of jaw-line that reminds the audience of Chris Martin – provides electric vocal tones together with buoyancy and humour to the proceedings.

The ‘Dave Grohl’ impersonator  ‘Bru’ adds crunchy guitar to the rough waves of sound creating such hectically funktastic  pieces to the process that make you just wanna jump up all together now and get the fire started. Bru is a one-man flaming groove machine. He thrills as he trills. Then, on the other side of the stage, you have a member of the band that seems to have been ‘embedded’ in the same way that those BBC correspondents are embedded with the Para’s in Afghanistan. This character – Biff- altogether seems to ignore the danger and brutality of his immediate vicinity. He wears ill-fitting combat dress and blinks in the intensity of the bright lighting. He looks damaged and slightly disturbed in the same way that Kate Adie does when she reports back from a war-zone. It is only when Biff lights up those chords on guitar do you finally realise that he is a sound-master in his own right, with vamps and bebops aplenty in his fast-tempo repertoire.

And for sure, everyone loves shiny, happy Debs. She is damn good drummer, whose lusty, yearning, pounding percussive rhythms set pulses racing and drive the motivations of this juicy band.

It is a long way from Barnwell, South Carolina to the Sunbury-on-Thames shopping centre,  from the dawning of early funk to where we are today with Miss Vickery in Staines. And some may wonder whether there is any place in this sad and depressing and distressingly ‘grown up’ demoralised world for funkyness…  as if these swinging syncopated guitar rhythms are now as obsolete as flared trousers and tie-dye T-shirts.  And the answer is definitely yes. We need entertainment. More than ever we need it now. We need those big fat juicy sounds. And we need to dance. We really do. So we ask Miss Vickery, indeed, we implore you, to take us away on your journey to Funkytown.

Due to a reliance on guitars, Miss Vickery’s brand of funk rock is less Latin-funky (UK funk) than other afro-beat sounds and yet has more syncopation and general danceable grooviness than their more ‘punk’ funk chums like ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ or ‘Gang of Four’. With a strong rhythmic groove connection between guitars and drums playing interlocking rhythms, the band has the audience at The Hob Staines going wild with their dance hits like  ‘My Hat Loves New York’ or the naughty song ‘Name That Stain’ (renamed ‘Name that Staines’ by singer Seen on the night.) The sumptuous bass lines and the exuberant bounciness was interspersed by rhythmic hits provided by slender slices of lead guitar.

The generally rude humour and richly burlesque sounds continued with a crowd pleasing favourite ‘the Clap’ that carried the strong groove into the night air – the kind of groove that made me wanna dance out into the street and keep on going all through the night till work in the morning.

© Neil_Mach
January 2010



Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

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5 Things – This Week in Staines


Best UK unsigned band – Live in Staines

Loaded Dice at Staines

Loaded Dice
Apr 05 2009

The last time AD PONTES saw this young band at The Hob, Staines we described the sound as ” Refreshingly effervescent cherry-pop fizz for a (spring) day…”

This band got to the UK final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a few years back. Currently, the lads are teetering on the very edge of ‘stadium’ success having won the title of the “Best UK live and unsigned band”. We wish them well. They are BIG local talents and you should get up to the HOB and support them…

Read the full ADPONTES-STAINES review of Shepperton’s LOADED DICE here



Buckle Up Staines



Melodramatic Popular song…  Live at Windsor

To Arms Etc - Windsor Firestation

To Arms Etc
Apr 03 2009

To Arms Etc is a psychedelic keyboards based pop band with a huge following and great expectations. The ‘Don Henley’ drummer/singer Richard Perman takes the audience into melodramatic songs, emotional adventures and rock overtures.

If you enjoy sophisticated rock sounds then you should try this.



Exciting Alt/PowerPop- Live in Staines

Danny Roulette at Staines

Danny Roulette
Apr 02 2009

If you like your pop/rock supersized and powerful the try Danny Roulette…

Sounding like Biffy Clyro / Mars Volta / Weezer this band is sure to please!



Buckle Up Staines



Danny Roulette will be playing with the ever popular DEMURE. See this band now- they have just released their EP and are starting to grow is stature and success. The band plays Alt- Rock in the conventional sense but with overtures towards noise rock, especially in the way that the percussion and the bass are given the freedom to spread out their wings and have dissonant aural adventures of their own, but framed within the main architecture of each song.

The last time ADPONTES saw DEMURE we said that they reminded us of ‘Sonic Youth’ or ‘Butthole Surfers’. To check out the full ADPONTES review click here


6-Piece Soul/Funk Covers – Live Ascot

Soul Selecta at Ascot

Soul Selecta
Apr 04 2009

Soul Selecta is a tight 6-piece Soul/Funk covers band, made up of members from Bucks, Herts and London. The band have been together since 2003, although each individual member is a true professional in their field with several years of experience with other bands. Having played many a bar/club/wedding/corporate event and private party, they are masters of their game, providing solid entertainment and style!!

Soul Selecta predominantly cover classic and modern R’n’B, Funk and Soul; from James Brown to Beyonce, but for occasions such as weddings, are adaptable and versatile to cater for all across the genres and decades.

Their performance is fuelled by their love for the music, and filtered through the bands own soul.  Whilst being faithful to the originals, they also bring their own edge involving the audience in a new moment, which demands you to dance!

They have a natural vibe and the ability to capture the mood and generate the groove!

Saturday, 4th April
Show will start at 8.45
Ticket cost: £8.00
Doors open from 7.30pm. £26 for 2 courses and entrance (£30 for 3 courses). Entrance for the bands is £8 but is strictly limited and on a first come first served basis. Entrance for dining or just the band INCLUDES free entrance to the nightclub




Classic Rock Superband –  Live in Staines

Frayed Knot at Jolly Farmers - Staines

Frayed Knot
Apr 04 2009
Jolly Farmer

Last time we saw this Staines Superband we said:

“These boys play the songs that make the crowd yelp with joy, but served up with a sabre-sharp ice-cool quality that would make lesser bands look on enviously”

See what we mean at Jolly Farmer STAINES (Egham Hythe) Apr 4th

Check here for the full ADPONTES review



Def try to catch them at this safe & friendly pub this weekend !

Other dates (if you miss ’em) :

18/04/09    The Red Lion, Egham
29/05/09    The Carpenter’s Arms, Hayes
27/06/09    The Fox Inn, Bisley
04/09/09    The Carpenter’s Arms, Hayes
10/10/09    Ye Olde Swan, Burnham

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Demure – at Staines

Thursday 11th September 2008

Demure- Staines - Hob Neil_Mach Sept 2008

The ancient Greeks thought that if you took the head of this, the legs of something different and the hind quarters of that thing over there you could make up a new beast. And that beast would be a viable creature. The final product – the chimera – a single organism with genetically different sub-cells is what I was observing tonight. The other thing I was thinking about was Mister David Byrne’s ‘Talking Heads’ whose 80’s band played everything from punk rock through funk and glam to world/folk music. And the band consisted of eleventeen different constituent members not always necessarily including ‘The Head’ of Mr.Byrne. It was a chimeric band.

Tonight I was at The Hob, Staines, to see Johnny B’s chimeric band, called ‘Demure’. Johnny B is the ‘David Byrne-esqe’ head of this particular creature (more of him in a moment) and he is given life and locomotion by a youthful and clean cut Philip Price, wearing a green sesame street T-shirt, on lead guitar. To his left, on bass, is Chris Caller, (looking to all intents-and-purposes like an innocent church chorister dressed up as a hugger-mugger) and on the hind-quarters is Neil ‘Stix’ Rawles on drums. (Neil appears to be slightly- erm- ‘Dutch’ looking.) With blondish long hair, bits of blondish beardy stuff poking out of his chin and wearing a scruffy alice band. If I had looked more closely I would not have been surprised to see clogs on his pedals. Someone behind me remarked that the drummer wouldn’t have looked out of place in a hairy hippie type band like ‘The Flower Kings’ and I know what they mean.

John is the lead voice and rhythm guitar of this outfit and looks like a slightly  podgy (and I mean that in a beautiful more ‘cuddly ‘way) and a slightly shorter version of Sacha Baron Cohen but with loads more black hair and lots more charm. Almost a smaller, more rounded, softer version of Baron Cohen then. The band plays Alt- Rock in the conventional sense but with overtures towards noise rock, especially in the way that the percussion and the bass are given the freedom to spread out their wings and have dissonant aural adventures of their own, but framed within the main architecture of each song. This reminded me of ‘Sonic Youth’ or ‘Butthole Surfers’.

Demure songs have an individual charm and a hummable charisma that speaks of anguish, truth, unity and vulnerability- in fact all of the themes that the Staines crowd shared some harmony with. These bitter-sweet melodies are given lush and sonically-ambitious backdrops by the crew and especially by Philip Price whose tones and strings are very memorable and are the sign and seal of a genuinely unique product. The song ‘1 Vision’ is very reminiscent of Pearl Jam with grungy guitar, contrasting song dynamics, a pulsating and luminous lead meandering through the tune and anguished lyrical and vocal content leading to dynamic conclusions. The song also reminds the listener of ‘Soundgarden’ but would be welcomed by the more ‘emo’ types amongst us, and above all, by anyone with a liking for early emo e.g. ‘Embrace’or ‘Rites of Spring’. ‘Designer Me’ has very sub-pop sound familiar to ‘Soundgarden’ fans and my friend remarked that he could definitely hear “Black Hole Sun” in there somewhere.

Not that the band is at all unhappy. I want to make that very clear! Front man John is an energetic and genuinely enjoyable performer to watch and his vocals are resonant and passionate – even theatrical at times. In that respect he is a very similar vocalist to Eddie Vedder. With brooding baritone sounds (when the mood button is turned on,) reaching pulsating highs. Unlike Ed Vedder though, Johnny is also responsible for the guitar arrangements for the ensemble, so sings with the guitar ready to be launched from either side on his return, kept ready for a rhythm blitz, but to be put neatly to one side for any dramatic lyrical moments.

Happiest and most chirpy of all is Philip who grins and gurns his way through each song with some deft fretwork, his face illuminated by a cheeky grin and a wink to the audience. Bass-player ‘Caller’ (the choirboy) is relaxed and coo-ool. He tends to lead each song, working closely with the percussionist Neil, who is given plenty of room for his own artistic freedom and, I think, is technically a very clever player with an ear for detail and with a capacity to produce explosive but, nonetheless reliable, drum patterns.

This emotional, sensitive and, perhaps, timid band is a joy to listen to and watch. They have crafted some articulate numbers that give them, and their enlightened audience, a chance of freedom and the ability to ‘jump out of stream’ without spilling their guts on the jaggedy rocks below. You do not leave a Demure concert with shattered eardrums. There are no rage-filled concert rooms or any latent desire to smash up the drum kit when you witness this band. And for this they should be thanked, appreciated and honored.

Demure means down-playing one’s accomplishments and this band has a lot to be proud of.  ‘Demure’ has many virtues, skills and abilities but it doesn’t go round town shouting its mouth off about it. It is rare, these days- any days- to find a band with as much humility as this lot and it is a tribute to each and every one of them that they are so professional, so effective and – gosh – so damned likeable!

We wish this chimeric local band every success.

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008

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Miss Vickery at Staines



Miss Vickery at The HOB & The PEEL  Poster by AdPontes

© Poster by ADPONTES 2008

The brothers Q began playing together (oh!) since when they were in their teens, recording unpleasant sounds on old Fostex 4 tracks and writing silly songs around them. Now they do it with other people (oh!) and have formed the live extravagance that is MISS VICKERY. Named after something vaguely relevant, the band comprises of the two brothers and three non-brothers, one of which is a girl!!

The five piece features a revolutionary combination of drums, guitars, and bass, with vocals which are often in tune. With a vast(ish) catalogue of material at their disposal from years of jamming without purpose or intent, the live experience is often varied and occasionally pleasing to the ear. Check them out live at STAINES this Autumn if you can…



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5 Things This Week – in Staines


See up & coming band Hollow Limit at Ashford

Hollow Limit

Brooklands College Ashford Campus, July 09 2008 8PM £5

Hollow Limit has been ‘on the way’ for some years now. Months and months of practice, a few line-up changes, recording and lots and lots of gigging… but now now they’re finally ready to rock your world.

Having recently won the Brooklands College battle of the bands (that featured no less than seven almost equally impressive bands in the line-up) the winning band are now going for gold.

They have recently played at the Birmingham NEC with good friends ‘Trash The Forgotten’ and ‘Loaded Dice’ in front of around a thousand people to a great response and will now be playing Ashford Campus.

Present line-up:

Dan – Singing with the angels

Mike – Tickling some strings

Tommy – New String Rocker

George – Plays the four string thing

Luke – Just whacks some skins

Greg – Temporary Rhythm rocker (Spain Tour 2008)

Check them on:


Well done lads!


Enjoy the ‘Specials’ legend – Neville Staple – in concert

Neville Staple

Jul 10 2008 8:00P The Hare & Hounds, Sunbury-on-Thames

Best known for his work writing & composing, the lead singer from The Specials, and as one of the founding members of Fun Boy 3, Neville Staple is credited with changing the face of pop music not only once but twice.

Neville’s biography and past projects read like a who’s who of rock. He has worked with such legends as Elvis Costello (The Specials 1979 Chrysalis Records), David Byrne (Fun Boy 3 Waiting 1983 Chrysalis Records), and Ali Campbell (Today’s Specials 1996 Kuff Records/Virgin), to name only a few.

His talents are found on the unique tribute album, Searching For Jimi Hendrix (1999 Capitol Records) a project that Neville is personally quite proud of. In addition to having recorded with some of rock’ most famous, he has also shared the stage with such icons as Ranking Roger (English Beat) forming Special Beat. Although this line-up never actually recorded an album they successfully toured the U.S. with Sting and Steel Pulse, which ultimately lead up to their own headline tour.

Some of Neville’s recent projects and collaborations include hooking up with Roger Lomas, in Coventry, England to record Skinhead Girl and Conquering Ruler for Trojan Records (UK), and co-producing with John Avila (Oingo Boingo) The Best of The Specials & Fun Boy 3 Performed by Neville Staple for Cleopatra Records in Los Angeles, CA. In America Neville was also in the studio with Unwritten Law recording on tracks for their release, ELVA for Interscope Records. Desorden Publico the Venezuelan ska band met up with Neville in Miami the Fall of 2000 (Venezuela). The band has release this song as a video as well in heavy rotation on MTV Espanol. You’ll find some of Neville’s newest solo work on VANS, Off The Wall Volume IV compilation CD. In 2002, released on Cleopatra Records Special Ska Au Go Go. This CD features Neville’s own original tracks with some old skool songs in the mix.

Since 1998 Neville has been on a mission to entertain, successfully touring Japan, South America and extensively touring North America with his own band. Above all he is a performer. It is worth seeing Neville’s live performance, his captivation stage presence and distinct voice are well worth it. Catch his show this week in Sunbury-on-Thames , and you’ll get a mix of old favourites plus loads of his brand new original solo material.

Band Members:

Neville Staple – Vocals
Angry – Guitar
Waz – Trombone
Sledge – Bass
Joey – Keyboards
Drummie – Drums



Get the Dolce Vita feeling- Staines

Italian Market - Staines

Italian Open Air Market July 10-11 STAINES HIGH STREET

Enjoy the sights, sounds and Mmmm… the smells of Italy too at the STAINES open air Italian market this weekend. All food and treats are genuinely Italian and range from goodies such as cakes, pastries, sweets, olives and spices to favourite staples such as biscuits, pasta, cheeses and cured meats. A mouth-watering taste of Italy in our own home town market-place. It cannot be missed.

And don’t forget that Italian food is good for you too … so you are given permission to tickle your taste-buds and purchase some tantalising treats from the traders.


Get your holiday reading in – local author

Prank!  By Hag Hughes

Prank! By local author – Price £8.54 (5% discount) from Amazon

The Hilarious New Book by Hag Hughes

Lots of local landmarks feature in the new book by New Haw author Hag Hughes make this an entertaining read- just right for your summer reading list.

The plot of the story revolves around the World Endurance championship and features fun-loving Weybridge man Paul “Hazy” Hayes who spends most of his booze-fuelled time plotting wind-ups. Then during one of his pranks something goes horribly wrong and someone winds up dead. If you were a mate of Hazy’s would you help him dispose of the body and cover-up the evidence? We follow Hazy as he battles with friends, foes, lovers and his own conscience and attempts to hold his life and sanity together under the crumbling reality of divorce and self-destruction. Oh, and don’t forget the body in the boot of his car…

With references to lanmarks in Shepperton, Addlestone, Brooklands and Weybridge, this is a great book for any local reader.

Order Your copy of Prank! Click Here Now

Availability: In stock. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk
Highly Recommended


See pop princess ‘Kylie’ at Ascot

Kylie Tribute at Ascot Club 1

Kylie Tribute July 11th Club 1 Ascot from £7.87 per ticket –

No.1 High Street , Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7JF ( Next to the Racecourse )

Entry Prices : £5 before 10 pm, £7.50 before 11pm, £10 after

Tel: 01344 874500

Tribute to the pop queen Kylie Minogue- enjoy the show in the luxurious and refined setting of Club 1, Ascot.


Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road

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See Some Art at the Sunbury Art Trail Weekend

Sunbury Art Trail

Surrey Open studios, Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury – Art Trail

Friday 13th June to Monday 16th June

The Studio & Craft Centre, Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury

Featuring the work of artists:

Malcolm West
Hildegarde Reid
Robert Shaw
Freda Anderson
Sue Munson
Robin Lee Hall
Douglas & Pauline Burnett
Annie Shaw
Mary Shanahan


Get the Prog-Rock Sound with Pendragon


Jun 14 2008 8:00P The Peel, Kingston, Pendragon

Back in 1978, Stroud, Gloucestershire, four friends got together and decided to form a band. Zeus Pendragon consisting of Nick Barrett [guitar/vocals], Julian Baker [guitar/vocals], Nigel Harris [the most sought after drummer in the Stroud area] and Stan Cox [bass] was born.

Young and full of ambition Zeus Pendragon started out playing cover versions of classic rock tunes by Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and Santana and their first gig was ironically the same day that Nick left school, burning his maths text book and picking up his guitar on the way… The future had been determined.

The Zeus part of their name was later dropped when the logical and visionary Julian decided it was far too long to fit across a t-shirt, and this ridiculous cross pollination of Arthurian and Greek mythology just seemed plain silly.

Fast Forward to 2005 …. the release of Believe, the 7th studio album by Pendragon which reflected a renewed youthful exuberance and fresh approach both musically and visually for the band.Once again a line up change reared its ugly head, and after 20 odd years with the band Fudge Smith was replaced by 26 year old whipper snapper Joe Crabtree on drums. The band now had a real firecracker of a drummer underpinning the rhythm section which brought a renewed need to fight and the passion and energy of the band was almost like they were 17 years old again for the upcoming Believe tour.Pendragon undertook the biggest tour of Europe they had ever done and followed it with a release of the brilliant And Now Everybody To The Stage dvd.

2007 sees the 21st anniversary of The Jewel dvd release called Past And Presence which includes most of the musicians from those early days and shows how this tenacious band can still thrill, evolve and capitalize on its strengths over a 28 year period where so many others have failed.

So to the future, a new album is on the cards and a year full of festival dates just goes to show that in this hurly burly world of fickle pop music….some ships were built to last.



Go rock with Rough Justice – Staines

Rough Justice - Staines

Rough Justice Fri 13th June Staines Riverside Club, Laleham Road £3

Sensational rock covers band with a huge local following,

Not to be missed



Get your Dancing Shoes On… dancing in the aisle

Dancing in the Streets

Dancing in The Streets Monday 9 – Saturday 14 June 2008 – Woking Theatre

The Hit West End Show

Dancing In The Streets

Experience the energy, emotion and electricity of Motown in Dancing in the Streets, the spectacular celebration of classic music from the heart of Detroit!

Featuring legendary Motown classics including I Heard It Through The Grapevine, My Girl and Dancing in the Streets and a full supporting company of singers, dancers and an amazing live band, Dancing in the Streets re-creates the energy, style and music of all your favourite Motown stars!

Box Office: 0870 060 6645


Join in the celebrations at Egham – Magna Carta day

Magna Carta Day at Egham

HMagna Carta Celebrations – High Street Egham Sat June 14th 11:00 to 4:00P

FTo celebrate the ‘signing’ of the Manga Carta (check the facts here) this years event at Egham will include Morris Dancers. live bands, brass band, dancing irish vocals, a belly dancer and lots & lots of fun


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Travel to ‘Havana’ in Woking

Havana Rakatan - Woking

Havana Rakatan, Woking Theatre Tue May 13-Sat May 17 2008

A dazzling dance spectacular direct from Cuba
Havana Rakatan – Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 May 2008 New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Direct from a sell-out run last summer in the West End, Havana Rakatan is now bringing all the heat of a Cuban summer to Woking. From the sexy, spontaneous rumba to the slick footwork of the cha-cha-cha, this is a show that’s guaranteed to get head’s nodding and feet-tapping. Featuring one of Cuba’s most popular bands live on stage, this is a captivating and colourful journey through the dance and music of a truly unique country.

Box Office: 0870 060 6645


Go into the Enchanted Woods at Sunbury

Into the Woods

Into the Woods- Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury, 14th – 17th May £8

A Musical by Stephen Sondheim

Riverside Youth Theatre
14th-17th May 2008
Riverside Arts Centre

Into the Woods is an award-winning musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. It debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre in 1986, and premiered on Broadway in 1987. Bernadette Peters’ performance as the Witch, and Joanna Gleason’s portrayal of the Baker’s Wife, brought acclaim to the production during its original Broadway run.

Inspired by Bruno Bettelheim’s 1976 book, The Uses of Enchantment, the musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales and follows them further to explore the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. The main characters are taken from the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Cinderella, tied together by an original story involving a Baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family, and including references to several other well-known tales.

A revival at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio in Covent Garden (with Clive Rowe) had a limited run from June 14 – June 30 2007. This is the second Sondheim musical to be staged by the company, following 2003’s Sweeney Todd.

This performance is brought to you by the Riverside Youth Theatre at Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury-on-Thames
Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th May 2008 at 8pm Tickets £8
Box Office: 01932 779686

Riverside Arts Cente
59 Thames Street





Go to chuckle at Walton- Comedy Night

Rob Deering at Walton

Comedy at Walton, Rob Deering & Co, Riverhouse Barn, Fri 16th May 8PM

Comedy at Riverhouse Barn
Gallery Studio
Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames KT122PF

Box Office 01932 253354

Local lad Rob Deering has been described as one of the leading stand-ups of his generation [Time Out] working since 2000 and a favourite at the Edinburgh Festival since 2003. Rob is famous for his ‘classic rock’ based routine and observational humour seen from a 30’s something perspective.

At the mike:

Rob Deering, Dan Atkinson & Kevin Bridges
Friday 16th May 8pm

also, note your diary for 20th June…

John Gordillo, Noel Britten & Steve Williams
Friday 20th June 8pm



Go to see the Fourmustgetbeers Playing at Slough

The Fourmustgetbeers at Slough

The Fourmustgetbeers- Sat 17 May Rising Sun, Slough 2008

The Fourmusgetbeers are establishing themselves as one of the best bands on the pub scene around the West London area. After a number of personnel changes the line up now consists of, Mitch, vocals/guitar, and Paul bass/vocals, Andy lead guitar, Dave drums, and featuring Oded keyboards. The boys play covers covering four decades, classic rock to punk ,funk and always the unexpected songs that make you go (I know this one! What the hell is it called?) They play for fun and have fun playing, which reflects in their superb live performances.

If you like The Rolling Stones, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Whitesnake, The Clash, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, ACDC, ZZ Top, Ozzy, Black Label Society and lots of BEER you should love this!



Listen to the Sound of Youth

Camberley Youth Orchestra

16 & 17 May 2008 at 7:30 pm Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley

Camberley Youth Wind Orchestra

Date: 16 May 2008 – 17 May 2008
Starts at: 19:30
This event will be held at: Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3SY

Friday 16th May – In Support of The Rotary Club of Camberley – 7.30pm
Saturday 17th May – Celebrating 25 Years of Making Music – 7.30pm

Come and enjoy these talented young musicians play a variety of music – Big Band Style!

Please note: Tickets cannot be booked through the normal Box Office, only by calling Mike Wells on 01276 506788


Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road