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Swan Upping on the Thames at STAINES 2016 — Video



This year’s fab STAINES UPON THAMES DAY on Sunday 26th June began with a successful performance by the talented SPELTHORNE YOUNG VOICES — a borough-based community choir, open to those of junior and senior school age, established in 2003 to promote and inspire young singers, as they prepare to develop good musical habits, discipline and musicality.

Shortly after, the Mayor’s Parade marched down the High Street. [Theme: Kings & Queens, to commemorate the 90th birthday of the Queen] with school children and community groups, dance groups and a marching band. This parade effectively opened the event.

As in previous years, there was plenty to see and do in the Memorial Gardens, and also along the River Thames, in the market square and on the High Street. With a Main Stage, more than three performance arenas, and an abundance of interesting & fun activities.

Folk, Blues 'n' Country outfit MOONSHINE ... One of several bands performing on STAINES UPON THAMES day ...
Folk, Blues ‘n’ Country outfit MOONSHINE … One of several bands performing on STAINES UPON THAMES day …

Local surf-punkers CHASING CARA [main photo] engaged the audience from the main stage with their high-energy antics, fast riffs and driving bass lines.

Other music came from the excellent Staines Lammas Band, the talented covers outfit SOUND MINED (their Elle King cover “Ex’s & Oh’s” was a treat) and lots more.

We headed towards the STAINES RIVERSIDE CLUB too, for their free stage. Here we saw the splendid 6 piece Folk, Blues ‘n’ Country outfit MOONSHINE whose wide range of covers we particularly enjoyed.

Another stand-out attraction of the day was the Falconry display with First Class Falconry.

There were also some excellent dance performances in the Memorial Gardens, lots of interesting Arts & Crafts Stalls and Charity & Community Stalls, the exciting Dragon Boat Challenge and the wonderful duck races.

Staines Upon Thames Day - lots of interesting Arts & Crafts Stalls and Charity & Community Stalls, the exciting Dragon Boat Challenge and the wonderful duck races ...
Staines Upon Thames Day – lots of interesting Arts & Crafts Stalls and Charity & Community Stalls, the exciting Dragon Boat Challenge and the wonderful duck races …

Spelthorne Canoe Club and Surrey Canoe Club gave free Taster Sessions for those who fancied splashing about on the water, whilst French Bros organised hourly Boat Trips along the Thames.

The day stayed dry, the Thames Side Brewery served refreshing Ales & Pimms and the Pony Rides were busy all afternoon. And once we had taken in all the sights & sounds and the party-by-river atmosphere we found some tasty morsels to tempt us on the various Street Food stalls before heading for a well-earned cream tea in the Church Hall.

An exciting family fun day filled with joy and activities. It allowed us all to experience a real sense of community and belonging.

Link: http://www.stainesuponthamesday.co.uk/
Story & all photos: @neilmach 2016 ©

Dragon Boats and spalshing about on the River on Staines-upon-thames day
Dragon Boats and spalshing about on the River on Staines-upon-thames day





Spelthorne and Staines Celebrate the Story of Magna Carta

The 800 year old agreement known as Magna Carta was made between the ‘Barons’ and King John of England at Runnymede Fields.

Although significantly ‘watered down’ a few years after being authorized, this Charter became part of British political life for many years and is considered to be the forerunner of all other ‘bill of rights’ and in particular the United States Constitution.

King John met with the rebel leaders at Runnymede, near both the royal fortress of Windsor Castle and the rebel base in Staines, on 10th June 1215.

King John on a stag hunt
King John on a stag hunt

Here the rebels presented him with their demands for reform, known as the “Articles of the Barons”.

By June 15, a general agreement had been made on the text of the Charter, and on June 19, the rebels renewed their oaths of loyalty to John and copies of the Charter were formally released.

Spelthorne has been celebrating her special place in the history of Magna Carta this week with anniversary events held at historic locations around the Borough.

At Lammas Park near the river at Staines, crowds thronged to see falconry, archery, jousting demonstrations and period dance (together with pig roasting and other high jinks around the tent ale) at the ‘Barons Gathering’.

And the Spelthorne river flotilla made its way up the River Thames from King’s Meadow in Sunbury to join revellers at Lady Lindsay’s Lawn and Penton Hook Lock.

The 1215 charter named 27 ecclesiastical and secular magnates who had counselled John to accept the new terms.

It is likely that many of these peers had made the journey from London to Runnymede along the Thames.

It is also highly probable that many of these aristocrats assembled in Staines before their meeting with the King and stayed at the Manor of Staines (Duncroft) for the duration of the talks.

The River Flotilla consisted of several vessels including the Jolly Boat from the Royal Yacht Britannia plus several 'Dunkirk' craft  and other boats of historical significance
The River Flotilla consisted of several vessels including the Jolly Boat from the Royal Yacht Britannia plus several ‘Dunkirk’ craft and other boats of historical significance

Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©
Main picture: Members of Diabolus in Musica at Penton Hook Lock.

Link: www.spelthorne.gov.uk/magnacarta






The Last Music Bearer Banner


Succotash at Two Rivers (Phoenix) Staines

Succotash at The Two Rivers Bar

Wed 3rd Feb

Local talented soft rock heroes Ravi and Carl (together they are Succotash) are playing the TWO RIVERS bar again …. on Wednesday 3rd February.

This bar was known as the Phoenix pub (it’s in Church St, Staines, nr Davies Angling and The Hobgoblin). It’s now been taken over by new management and has been spruced up greatly (much more friendly/family/food/fun) orientated! It is now known as the TWO RIVERS bar.

The boys will probably kick off around 8.30pm (in the back bar) and will be playing a mixture of covers and Ravi’s own songs. There should be a few new ones in there (maybe some Madness, Jam ) and plenty of old favourites. Last time our ADPONTES resident music critic Neil Mach went along he reported that he had a truly enjoyable evening. And he liked the beer! Well worth paying a visit. Not to be missed!

Free entry!

Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

Five Things This Week in Staines and Area

Los at The Hob, Staines

Jan 28 2010

Hollow Limit

Hollow Limit
Jan 28 2010
Town Hall

Mother Hydra at Staines

Mother Hydra
Jan 31 2010

Robin BiBi Band

Robin Bibi
Jan 30 2010
Bluescene @ The Lion


Jan 30 2010
Fox and Duck

News From The Bridges – JUNE 14

Mistakes in Animation (MIA) have been busy road-testing their new bass player Jarryd (played a big one in Kingston with the likes of Johnny Foreigner and Hot Club…)

Fleet & Frimley rockers Hold Your Horse Is have a new EP out … the band is currently on their ‘Everyone Runs Faster With A Knife Tour’ and will be paying Staines a visit on 25th JUNE at The Hob…

Speaking of spanking new releases, Cato Street Conspiracy release their new song “Promises, Promises” on June 29th … they are now on the lips of the Chatham citizenry after playing an uber-successful gig with High Frequency in the Chav version of Mecca (Chavcca?) … the Cato Street kids will be playing Staines along with BIG TRUCK on JUNE 28th at The Hob…

Staines firm favourites fiN are warming up to play Glasto (on the Dirty Boots Stage) before hitting STAINES on JUNE 28th at The Hob… they will also be playing the Blastbeat Fest at Hounslow and the MG Fest at Gaydon.  Unfortunately, we at ADPONTES have been informed that this years Walton Sound Fest is OFF OFF OFF! It is a real pity, we were really gearing up for it… the promoters tell us that they are deffo hoping to run the fest in 2010 so we must all keep our fingers crossed…

When we last saw ALPHABET BACKWARDS we absolutely loved ‘em so it is good to see that they are back in town on July 2nd … they have a shiny new 6 track mini album available (Kittiwake Records) that you can grab at the gigs…

Shepperton’s honored and favoured sons Loaded Dice have announced that they will be playing this year’s Guil Fest … they also tell us that they are looking for a new ‘image’ (last time we saw them they were in matching waistcoats and crisply starched shirts … they looked like a bunch of freshly hired estate agents) … The Dicey lads will be playing their clean-cut sounds with hardcore/rock act The Jesters Dead (should be an interesting mix) at Staines Hobgoblin on July 5th…

Unbelievable STAINES TOWN heroes Miss Pink Shoes are back playing live … catch them on July 12 at the Hob along with alt rock/ drum n bass maestros Floors and Walls (both bands were transferred over to the Hob after last month’s Sticky’s collapse)… Floors and Walls are also playing the REDFEST 2009 – Redhill Surrey on Jul 25…

Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

Sticky End for Live Music in Staines?

Sticky End for Live Music in Staines?

Message from STICKY FUNGUS:

I guess by now that most of you (even those that have not yet visited The Club) have heard that Sticky Fungus has closed. That is correct. However…….

The club Had to close as we were informed that the Licensee had been objected to by the local Police and Licensing Authority and insufficient numbers through The Club made it un-viable. That was enough to cause a temporary closure.

Unfortunately, since we have been closed, The Club has been subject to a serious theft. Sound and Light equipment plus fixtures, fittings and Drink Stock with a total value in excess of £10,000.00 was stolen. Some has been returned but insufficient to immediately re-open. The Police are aware of who is responsible and when CID have finished with evidence and video images, those who carried out the theft, will be prosecuted….


With the sudden closure of Sticky Fungus just four weeks after its faltering opening (and let’s not forget that the whole project was on/off on/off on/off more times than a professional stroboscopic light show at a Hawkwind concert in downtown  Vegas) together with the total collapse of the Phoenix as a venue, along with the complete dogs dinner at the Dog & Partridge (the latest owners apparently left in quite a hurry … without leaving a gig diary) and it would be easy to assume that the live music scene in Staines is looking shakier than Shakin’ Stevens standing on a lilo in the North Sea.

But that good ole musical equivalent of a soup-kitchen- The Hob (Hobgoblin, Staines) – is still going strong (thanks to the sheer dedication and hard work of those nice folks BUCKLE UP) every Sunday and Thursday (ACE & GRAVITY IS DEAD are on JUNE 7th entry £3) and don’t overlook the Staines Riverside Club.  Yes, yes, it may look like your nan’s front living room and have the same atmosphere as a fun-night in at a retirement home in Eastbourne, but they have hosted some magnificent acts there over the years … none more exciting than this week’s headliners – BRAINSCAPE – Friday 5th June entry £3…

And just a few stops down the line at Windsor & Eton riverside you have got the thriving Old Ticket Hall venue – almost on your doorstep. (Jun 12 2009 they host ALOUD OUT for all you Killers and  Kaiser Chiefs fans out there)… not to mention The Firestation Arts Centre a short walk down the hill from the riverside station (20th June sees Post War Years + MidiMidis + Vienna Ditto all in their Basement Studio entry £5.)

If you have the cash left, you could take a mini-cab to the ROYAL OAK HAMPTON ( Friday 12th June – Smileys Heros – or Saturday 13th June – Netherworld .) Or pop along to The Barley Mow, Shepperton – a really comfortable pub – who are hosting a classic rock night with local favourites BandX on Saturday 6th June.

We at ADPONTES really hope that Sticky’s can get up and running again (soon) and , if and when they do, we will support them as much as possible …. but in the meantime DON’T GIVE UP on STAINES ….

“Going to stand on that bridge
Keep my eyes down below
Whatever may come
And whatever may go
That rivers flowing
That rivers flowing”

Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

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