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BROKEN BONES — Live at Staines Riverside Club

BROKEN BONES has emerged from the skeletal remains of London Rock Legends BAD II THE BONE.

The remaining trio play 1970s & 80s Classic Rock and are based in Hither Green.

The line-up includes Ed (guitar and lead vocals) Smiffy (bass & vocals) and Les (on drums).

We saw their exciting live show this week at the comfortable and
excellent Staines Riverside Club.

Sadly, the place was only half-full. Which is a pity, because rock fans missed out on a very special night.

There is something about Ed Hudson that reminds us of Joe Walsh...
There is something about Ed Hudson that reminds us of Joe Walsh…

Broken Bones started their show with a series of well-known cover songs —

”Wishing Well” (Free)  and “Hey Joe” (the traditional song, made famous by Jimi Hendrix.)

Then the 1968 number “Hard to Handle”  (made popular by the Black Crowes) and the Deep Purple hit “Black Night” (with that bass-line famously nicked from Ricky Nelson’s version of  Gershwin’s “Summertime”.)

After the interval and the mandatory raffle, the band returned to the stage with renewed zeal and
. They seemed altogether sharper, more vibrant and

So the second part of the show was powerful and exciting

The hard-rock numbers transported the Staines crowd to dry creeks, cattle drives and ranch-house heroes of cow-town America. We could almost smell the sagebrush on the Chaparral. It was an enjoyable and impressive experience.

Broken Bones logo
Broken Bones – Filled with most authentic guitarwork we have experienced this side of the Arkansas River….

We thought there was something about frontman Ed Hudson that reminded us of Joe Walsh.

Perhaps it was his humble attitude. Or his
everyday working approach to his music. He is a highly adaptable musician and a talented showman. Yet he is no show-off. And the nose & the whitened teeth… and that gritty tone of voice… That really clinched it.

So, it was no surprise, really, that the band tackled the 1973 Walsh number “Rocky Mountain Way”.  It was as rough edged and
magnificent as we expected.  Sandpapered with excellent vocals and filled with most authentic guitarwork we have experienced this side of the Arkansas River.

Drummer Les likes to remain unrecognized. So we will respect his
desire for modest anonymity. Suffice to say, though, that he is one of the best heavy metal drummers in Christendom.

And scary looking Smiffy on bass-guitar reminded us of a bearded Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep in The Mummy Returns.) But his devilish bass-playing more than compensated for his diabolically cursed appearance and those wide-staring eyes.

Somehow, Broken Bones managed to deliver the sweltering heat, magnitude and grandeur of “Sweet Home Alabama”...
Somehow, Broken Bones managed to deliver the sweltering heat, magnitude and grandeur of “Sweet Home Alabama”…

Once, we were once lucky enough to see the ‘full’ Lynyrd Skynyrd show…

It was incredible. There were seven core members on stage, plus two further touring members and additional backing singers plus assorted ‘Frynds.’

In fact, we remember that there were 13 musicians

Somehow Broken Bones (a trio, need we remind you) managed to capably deliver the sweltering heat, the
magnitude and sheer grandeur of “Sweet Home
” to the delighted Staines audience.  It was not a sketch or a parody. No, it was the full-blown thing!

But, above all, this band are suitable for bass-heavy songs — created for  trios and by trios. So, everything from Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top and Motörhead is fair game.

It is not often that we have had the opportunity to enjoy Lemmy’sAce of Spades” at the Staines Riverside Club. (Actually, we think that most bands would not dare.)  But Ed and his team (with Smiffy on lead vocals) had the courage to pull it off.

Now we are gonna blow your minds…” Announced Ed, before the
thunder began…

And you know what? That mega-heavy speed-metal number went down very well!  Generating enthusiastic applause, dancing in the aisles and, overall, a growing sense of crowd excitement.

After the show, as two mature ladies left the club, we saw them
happily smiling…

One said to the other “Wow, that was a really exciting!  It was just what we needed...”

We couldn’t have summed it up any better!

Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Broken-Bones/


News from The Bridges – December 2009

Loaded Dice

Another year over …. and it’s goodbye to old friends … ‘Loaded Dice’ the Shepperton band has decided to call it a day and to concentrate on academic studies and some solo projects. The ‘Best Live and Unsigned Band’ winners have issued a statement: “After nearly 6 years of playing together we have decided to take a break to concentrate on other projects and boring things such as uni. We want to say thank you so much for making our time together so special and memorable for us we will truly never forget the wonderful memories. Who knows we may be back sooner than we think but for now this is goodbye. In particular we would like to thank our friends and family for all their support you know who you are and we are very grateful.”

Heavy metal covers band ‘Netherworld’ has also hit rough waters. The sensational guitars of Jason Stretch and the nimble bass play of ‘smiffy’ will not be wasted though – the boys have started up a new project titled ‘Bad Penny’. They are joined by Rob Owens, “The Mighty Mammal” from our local circuit favourites ‘Rough Justice’ who will provide the power-house percussion. Look out for ‘Bad Penny’ at a venue near you in the New Year and check them out on: http://www.myspace.com/badpennylive.   The new band will be playing at Ye Old Swan Inn, Burnham on Jan 16th and The Royal Oak, West Molesy on Jan 29th.

Doug Lip

Finally, we have to say goodbye to the incarnation that was ‘Blue Fuses’ – a favourite local ‘hard rock’ outfit famous for their Pink Floyd and AC/DC numbers that had been playing together for 15 years.  Guitarist Doug Lip and drummer Just Will are to soldier on without the talented vocalist and bassman Noel Jones who has decided to take a break from gigging. We wish him well. A new band is expected, it will probably be re branded as ‘Fused’,  and rehearsals have already started with a newly recruited bassman, Simon.


Netherworld Rocks


Netherworld Rocks! Feb 13th 2009 Old Ticket Hall, Windsor

“Heavyweight musicians” is not a term to be bandied about willy-nilly, but in the case of Netherworld, if the cap fits- wear it. Local lads (of a certain age) Jason Stretch, Paul Smith and Ian Roberts play the kind of heavy metal and industrial strength rock n’ roll that mama said would make your head go deaf. They play it so powerfully, and at such eardrum shreddingly high decibel levels, that it feels like your entrails have been torn clean from your body and whipped up into the electrically charged air in a frenzy of savage butchery.

Jason is the man mountain lead guitarist with a an effective voice and a cool-hand whose fingers lacerate the frets in a cruel, incisive, sharply cutting manner much like a sushi chef on a day-out at the samurai sword factory. His foaming froth of jet-black hair blowin’ free like a cornfield, and total concentration on the fingerwork, mark him out as a truly experienced and proficient axeman.

‘Smiffy’ Smith is the bands ‘second’ vocalist (he does mean and cruel vox whereas Jason does clean-cut yet impulsive vox) and looks like a slightly more paranoid version of Ritchie Blackmore with dark beady eyes glancing this way and that as if some unspecified, yet hideous, graveyard creature was stalking him. But his bass guitar pounds out those dark stormy notes with controlled aggression.

Ian Roberts looks like a slightly more gangly version of Robert Plant with a loose mop of golden locks constantly frizzing and boiling on top of the stove whilst, beneath, the frantic sticks pummel the hell out of a seriously large drum set. The effect is the musical equivalent of the advance of a mechanised infantry brigade. Threatening,  posturing,  powerful heavy metal.

Plenty of AC/DC goes down well with the crowd. Followed by bucketfuls of Thin Lizzy and washed down with Hendrix, Sabbath, Motorhead…this band have a large ‘biker following’ and you can see why. But the Windsor crowd at tonights Old Ticket Hall gig were slightly more charming and slightly less greasy than the normal Netherworld punters. They politely cheered
and clapped each song and were clearly delighted with the offerings from this metal madness.

The acoustics at the Ticket Hall didn’t do some of the songs justice and, at times, the feedback was annoying (the room is like a huge cathedral with an enormous high ceiling and yard-upon-yard of stark blank walls.)  A small stage canopy helps to muffle some of the echo, but the venue is a ‘difficult’ space. It was also damn cold on top of and in front of stage and the Netherworld boys were obviously having some difficulty getting their joints warmed up…I mean the joints in their fingers and wrists!! (No smokin’ inside the Old Ticket Hall.)

So, out into the crisp night air with my eardrums melting as quickly as last week’s garden snowman… what did I think of them? Hard working, monstrously strong and a multi-talented group of severely serious heavy metal masters. In fact, heavyweight musicians.

© Neil_Mach
Jan 2009