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KINDRED SPIRIT— Live at Twickenham

Through their inter-woven folk/rock prog-rock compositions, Elaine Samuels and KINDRED SPIRIT explore the magic of our existence.

We saw their spring show this week at the new community facility in the heart of Twickenham, in the excellent 320-seat theatre at Brewery Wharf — known as The Exchange.

Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit – “explore the magic of our existence” Photo Credit: @neilmach 2018 ©

Under a bright star-pentagram, an ancient sign of cyclic transformation, the show started with the driving energy of a new number.

Pandora’s Box” had dragon-skin rhythms from Aleem Saleh on drums, enchanted voices from both Elaine and Catherine, threaded stringwork from the talented Martin Ash on violin  and spiral water-snakes of pure enchantment from Catherine Dimmock on flute.

Their “Beast” cycle came in the first half of the concert. With “Run Red” perhaps the most melancholic part of the set-piece. Cloudy with violin mists, this lyrical “feminist historical anthem…” was performed with great majesty and artfulness.

Yearning sax from Catherine… Photo Credit: @neilmach 2018 ©

Elaine explained that the song was inspired by a challenge given by a fan.

He dared her to write a song influenced by Alan Moore’s American Gothic story “The Cursed.”

The final part of the song-cycle was the Dylanesque and haunting “Wolves at the Gate.”

As well as the amazing song ‘Kindred Spirit’ with its gentle meanders, we also enjoyed the mysticism of ‘Children of the Stars’ a song that explored our shared journey across the universe, with yearning sax from Catherine.

We were also treated to a second apocalyptic new number [from their forthcoming fan-funded album.)

Titled “Red Rose” it began with a tribal drum then slowly built into a fiddle-dee-ree urban jig of wonderful proportions. The number was truly cinematic in scope.

The highpoint of the Twickenham show was, for us, the third new song from the much anticipated album. Titled “Daemons” this was the first time it had been played in public.

A a fiddle-dee-ree urban jig of wonderful proportions… Photo Credit: @neilmach 2018 ©

A prowling pace was set-up by drummer Aleem with loitering moodiness from Mike Hislop on bass.

Then began the ever-fermenting and promiscuously potent concoction of sounds.

With a frenzy of fire from Martin’s violin strings and lots of lucid provocation from Catherine… this was possibly the only true “prog rock” number of the night. Boy, what a stunner!

Kindred Spirit gave us seductive treasures, moments of complete serenity, and songs of constant wonder. A great show. We can’t wait for the next album.

Words & Images: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/KindredSpiritBand

Kindred Spirit gave us seductive treasures, moments of complete serenity, and songs of constant wonder… Photo Credit: @neilmach 2018 ©

Kindred Spirit Phoenix Rising

When hundreds of police and judicial officers were mobilized to evict the Gypsies at Dale Farm in Essex (the largest concentration of travellers in the UK) the TV cameras identified a young Irish traveller girl who stood, staring imploringly, directly into the camera lens.

She said “What will we do when all the hippies are gone?”

“The last one is leaving soon… Who will protect us then?” The girl was referring to the New Age travellers camped in the adjacent fields. These Peacenicks from ‘Dale Farm Solidarity’ had started leaving in their “peace convoys” before the anticipated trouble began. But the girl with the wide eyes and warning words haunted me for a long time after the event. “What will we do when all the hippies are gone?”

Elaine Samuels and her incredibly talented band may not be pleased to be compared with new age hippies. But, as it turns out, just like those disappearing Hippies — they too believe in beauty, love and honesty.

And they seek to explore the transitory nature of life on their new album ‘Phoenix Rising. ’ The album is a collection of their most recent songs (some written as long ago as 2000 – and some as recently as 2013) — and these songs have been thoroughly ‘road-tested’ to audiences around Surrey and West London.

Elaine Samuels - Her voice is magnificently high —stepping daintily — and dancing with flute and tortured violin...
Elaine Samuels – Her voice is magnificently high —stepping daintily — and dancing with flute and tortured violin…

The first song sets out the stall. ‘Kindred Spirit has soft shimmering beginnings and the main vocal (from songwriter and dynamic front-woman Elaine) is almost spoken at times (reminding us of Jefferson Airplane… Perhaps with Grace at her smokiest.)

Yet Elaine’s voice is sophisticated and clear — never San Francisco foggy — in its exposition. At times her voice is magnificently high — stepping daintily — and dancing with flute and tortured violin. This first track also has an exotic oriental flavour — with sounds fluttering freely from tall minarets of rhythm.

On “Life is a circus …” Elaine sings with accustomed ease. This is almost beat-pop in style and substance, but with some folk tradition still remaining intact.

Then follows the most Dylanesque song on the album. And also one of our favourites — the ominous ‘Wolves at the Door.’ In our new world the howling dogs are not contained outside the walls of the city. They do not bay at the city gates begging to come in. No, the beasts now live inside the walls with us. They sneak through our defenses to gnaw at us while we sleep.

These wolves will ooze through the optical fibres, sneak through radio waves, and romp through our networks. These days, a person’s soul can be eaten while he or she remain unconscious to the threat. The nervy guitars accentuate that threat, while fretful sax and lamenting violin create feelings of increasing anxiety.

Kindred Spirit Phoenix Rising rect Photo Deaf Steve
Photo Deaf Steve

We experience more Grace Slick on “It’s Not Too Late” — this time with sympathetic congas and illuminating violin.

This song seems to offer up some salvation from the wolves. But is the offering of help too late for us?

After a passionate, panting and haunting cover of “A Horse with No Name” and then the ‘Drunken Landlady’ we arrive at the brackish jig called “Feed the Fire”.

This has a charcoal riff and centres on the premise that we build our beds, our homes, our cities and our civilization… Higher, ever higher. Bolder, ever bolder.

This Kindred Spirit album seems all about facing up to the hidden dangers and the stored-up menaces presented to us in the modern world. But salvation is offered by the band. Through music. The sounds and words invite us to think freely.

Children of the Stars’ explores our journey. With some superb synth-work by Jez Larder, and yearning sax by Catherine Dimmock, plus some very impressive percussion from David Rowe, this is a mystical track.

No matter that this album contains some right-on New Age messages...
No matter that this album contains some right-on New Age messages…

No matter that this album contains some right-on New Age messages. Or that some of the songs (especially the last one — ‘The Phoenix’) might seem more at home on the soundtrack to “Hair” the Musical than on a modern disc. The subtexts and messages still remain vital and ought to be a fundamental source of inspiration.

The last song, with serpentine violin and extraordinarily subtle backing vocals, invites us to consider the burning of everything we once loved (and we think we need.) And then to address the rebirth of our existence. There is hope. But it is in flame. And in the rising stars of ash. Only the embers of our material substance will help us to be re-born. We must embrace our spirituality. Hold on to our nature. And retain our curiosity and fascination with the magic of our existence.

Maybe it’s true. Perhaps, now, all the hippies are gone.

But at least Kindred Spirit show us, here, how to live in dignity. And how to be prepared for re-birth.

This is a creative, progressive folk-rock album with some extraordinarily beautiful songs and a host of imaginative and wonderfully crafted ideas. Written for our generation.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/KindredSpiritBand

The Album launch show will be on Saturday, April 18th. St Augustine’s Church, Whitton, TW2 6DE

Find out how to get your ticket here:- http://www.elainesamuels.co.uk/PhoenixRisingAbout.htm


5 Things- This Week in Staines


Impressive Guitar with Big Jim Sullivan, Staines

Big Jim Sullivan

Duncan McKenzie & Big Jim Sullivan at STAINES RIVERSIDE CLUB
Thu Aug 21 2008 9PM £3 on door Non-Members welcome

We saw this duo at the convivial Staines Riverside Club, Laleham Road, Staines last April. Their set was split into two, with part one being acoustic and ‘jazzy’ and the second part being electric and ‘rocky’. The jazz standards in the first half were perfect and there was plenty to be amazed at. But the second half, the rock half, was when the fire really started and the earth really began to move. The pair sound a lot like 1970’s Dire Straits but the playing fluctuates between raw blues to flamenco style – always bold – always confident- using the body of the guitar percussively, and employing some sumptuous finger-style technique.

See The AdPontes FULL REVIEW here





London Soul and Funk, Ascot

The Unikque at Jagz

The Unikque Aug 25 2008 7:30P The Jagz Club & Restaurant, Ascot

The finest Soul and Disco classics from a superb band with 3 sensational singers up front.
This is a London band which has been around since the eighties. They concentrate on Soul, Funk and R&B and perform a lot of commercial classic soul and funk covers that everyone knows and have danced too.

Some of the classic covers they perform are:

Can you handle it – Sharon Redd
We’ve got the funk – Positive force
Got to be Real – Cheryl Lynn
Good times – Chic
We are family – Sister Sledge
Behind the Groove – Tina Marie

And lots more……….

All tracks are not rewrites, but complete copies of the original track.

You will probably never hear theses tunes performed again, unless you come to one of their gigs

The Show:

Saturday, 23rd August
Show will start at 8.00
Ticket cost: £8.00
Doors open from 7.30pm. £26 for 2 courses and entrance (£30 for 3 courses). Entrance for the bands is £8 but is strictly limited and on a first come first served basis. Entrance for dining or just the band INCLUDES free entrance to the nightclub



Station Hill, Ascot


Enjoy FREE lunchtime Jazz at The Rose Kingston

Free Lunchtime Jazz at Kingston The ROSE

Free Lunchtime Jazz at THE ROSE THEATRE Kingston August 20 1:00P

The event will be taking place in the Rose Theatre Cafe bar, and is free, and no ticket is required.

Rosabella Gregory


Rosabella and her band have been making waves in jazz and songwriting circles, with the likes of Grammy winner Bob James picking up on their talent via myspace and collaborating with them on a song from Rosabella’s forthcoming debut album. A born composer, Rosabella graduated from the Royal Academy of Music where she met her musicians-guitarist Tommy Caris, percussionist Jez Wiles and bassist Oli Hayhurst.

Together the band focus on creating delicately crafted soundscapes and much like characters in a film, they offer their individual voices to the songs.

Rosabella was invited to perform her song “Better love next time” in an interview with Richard Niles for his program “What is melody?” on BBC radio 2. This song also won her the “International Prize” at the 2007 New York Songwriters Circle Songwriting Contest. Rosabella will perform her winning song at the finals in New York City’s legendary “Bitter End” this November. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Rosabella live in the cafe at the Rose Theatre on Wednesday 30 July at 1pm.


The above events are free, and no ticket is required.


Jolly Hockey Sticks at Windsor

Daisy Pulls It Off

Daisy Pulls It Off Theatre Royal, Windsor 18 Aug to 23 Aug
Show Times
Mon – Sat 8pm, Thurs 2.30pm & Sat 4.45pm

This affectionate and keenly observed parody of English boarding school life will appeal to the whole family.

Plucky school girl Daisy Meredith is forced to overcome snobbish prejudice after receiving a scholarship to attend Grangewood School. She forms a secret society to find the missing treasure that would save the school’s debts – but still finds time for a cliff top rescue and a jolly good game of hockey!

Featuring Kim Hartman (who starred as Helga in the in all ninety-six episodes of the BBC comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo), Ben Robert’s (who played Chief Inspector Conway on Thames TV’s The Bill for fourteen years), Julia Mallam (Emmerdale’s Dawm Hope) and Carly Hillman (Nicki di Marco from Eastenders) as Daisy.

This nostalgic production brims full of old fashion values, midnight feasts and jolly good adventure stories.

“Perfectly Ripping, Absolutely Spiffing not to mention Scrummy Entertainment” Sunday Times

Box Office 01753 853 888


Lots of Fun !!


Prog Rock Maestros from Spain at Kingston

Kotebel at Kingston

KOTEBEL Aug 23 2008 7:30P @ THE PEEL House of Progression

Influenced by Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Antony Banks, Messiaen, Poulenc, Keith Emerson, Robert Fripp, Chopin, Yes, PFM, Jethro Tull, Beethoven, Finnegans Wake, After Crying, Bartok, Deus Ex Machina, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Mussorgsky, Gentle Giant, Discipline (Mathew Parmenter), Anglagard, Porcupine Tree, Isildurs Bane, Universal Totem Orquestra, Univers Zero
Kotebel are prog rock maestros.

Kotebel, founded in 1999, was conceived as a long-term project with the aim to serve as a vehicle for the development of a musical proposal that could be described as Art Music:

* An artistic expression not subject to commercial considerations
* A structured approach to the development of thematic material
* An eclectic language with a strive to integrate different musical genres, resources, instruments

In short, elaborate music that appeals to the mind and the spirit.

Kotebel’s music also shares a number of characteristics with other contemporary artistical expressions currently labelled as Neo-Barroque:

* A highly creative, hybrid cultural expression
* An aesthetics and ideology of inclusion
* A tendency towards expansion, creating ambiguity in the frontier between pieces
* A desire to evoke states of transcendence

Carlos Franco – Drums and Percussion …. cfranco@kotebel.com

César Garcia Forero – Guitars ………………. cgarcia@kotebel.com

Jaime Pascual – Bass …………………………… jpascual@kotebel.com

Adriana Plaza – Keyboards ………………….. aplaza@kotebel.com

Carlos Plaza – Keyboards …………………….. cplaza@kotebel.com


This is a very rare UK performance at THE PEEL, KINGSTON this week!


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The Beck Theatre
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The Getaway Team in Staines

The getaway team- Staines

The Getaway Team, The Hobgblin, Staines May 29 2008

The Getaway Team from Guildford are here to write music and have the time of their lives!

They started writing together in mid 2006, and found a knack of producing some catchy pop songs, with some pop-punk and indie thrown in!

In the past few months they have started playing those songs in what has become an exciting, adrenaline-fueled live show. The band have recently finished recording a debut mini album titled ‘Haven’t You Heard’, out June 2nd.

The Debut single ‘Lost All Hope’ will hit shops on May 5th, available for download and on limited Green vinyl, with a postcard and stickers inside; so make sure you hook yourselves up!

See them live in Staines on the 29th at The Hob or on:

Jul 24 2008 8:00P The Boileroom, Guildford w/ Cut The Blue Wire



Go see the Cadillac Kings at Jagz, Ascot

The Cadillac Kings at Ascot

Cadillac Kings – May 31 2008 8:00P Jagz Club, Ascot Berks

Featuring six of the UK’s top blues & roots musicians, The Cadillac Kings play music inspired by the sounds & styles of the 40s & 50s. A mix of mostly original songs with a few well-chosen covers from the likes of T-Bone Walker, Roy Brown & Champion Jack Dupree have made the band firm favourites on both the blues & jump-jive scenes. With their stunning musicianship & exciting stage act, this is a band that knows how to entertain audiences across the board, from arts centres to dance-halls, from intimate clubs to major festivals.

Influences: T-Bone Walker, Louis Jordan, Slim Harpo, Champion Jack Dupree, James Harman, Elmore James, Billy the Kid Emerson, William Clarke, Ray Charles, The Coasters, Professor Longhair, Boozoo Chavis, Jimmy Reed, Clifton Chenier, George Smith

Also catch them at:

Sep 20 2008 8:00P Blues at the Fort Festival Fort Purbrook, Hants

CLICK HERE for the acclaimed Cadillac Kings Allbum- Highway 17



Go rock with Netherworld, Staines

Netherworld at Staines

Netherworls May 30 2008 8:00P Staines Riverside Club Staines

Fronted by Jason Stretch on vocals and guitar, backed by the brilliant bass and vocals of Paul Smith and dynamic drumming of Ian Roberts- this rockin’ band will rock your (nether)world. Covering the best of classic rock songs, this three-piece bring their wealth of professional talent together for this new project.

Previous gigging and recording credits include ; Bad II The Bone, British Lion, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Reload, The Dhogie Band and Phil Mogg (UFO).

You will not fail to be impressed by the superbly tight musicianship of these three heavyweight players …

Also catch them at:

Jun 14 2008 8:00P The Camphill Club Surrey

Jun 15 2008 8:00P The Six Bells Brentford

Jun 20 2008 8:00P The Shire Horse Hounslow

Jul 11 2008 8:00P The Running Horse Bracknell

Jul 26 2008 8:00P The Cardinal Wolsey

Aug 1 2008 8:00P The Red Lion Twickenham



Go experience Kakuzi at Staines

Kakuki - Photo by Mark Richardson

Kakuzi- The Hobgblin, Staines May 29 2008

Kakuzi (formally known as DARK-FiRE) formed with the current line up in September 2006, jamming out just a few of songs to enter their first gig as a band in the Mole Valley Battle of the Bands. Since then the band has been through a short phase of high energy raw punky rock music, to exploring new dimensions and styles of music. They have really honed in their live set, gigging regularly at the Grey Horse, Kingston and other venues around Guildford and Surrey. Their first E.P, “Senses” can be bought off them at any of their gigs for £5 each.

Currently the band are back in the studio recording a variety of tracks for an E.P. titled “Corridors”.

The Band:

Lucas (Luc) O’Neill, Isamu (Sam) Yoneda, Alastair (Ali) Lawrenson, Alexander-James (AJ) Fritsch, David (Dave) Medlicott


Audioslave The Cardigans The Clash The Doors Faithless Foo Fighters Hendrix Incubus Kasabian Leftfield Led Zeppelin The Mars Volta Muse Nirvana Pendulum Pink Floyd Radiohead Red Hot Chilli Peppers R.E.M. Stone Roses

Also catch the band at:

Jun 18 2008 8:00P Grey Horse – Kingston, Battle of the Bands


Wonder at Prog-Rock Legends ‘Haze’ at Kingston

Haze at The Peel (house of progression) Kingston

Haze -May 31 2008 8:00P The Peel (30th anniversary show) Kingston

Formed in 1978 by Chris and Paul McMahon, Haze were one of the founders of the neo-progressive revival of the early 1980s. The band went through a number of line-up changes until drummer Paul Chisnell joined in 1983, completing the classic line-up which was to remain unaltered until the band’s demise in 1988. On 31st May 1998 Haze reunited for a 20th anniversary concert in Sheffield and now you can be part of the history-of-haze by seeing them on their 30th anniversary reunion.

Although part of the 1980s “progressive” revival, Haze were always much more than just another Yes/Genesis clone, moving with ease across the spectrum from rock to funk, pop to progressive in their own distinctive style. World Turtle have continued in this tradition, bringing modern sounds and influences, as well as powerful, intelligent lyrics to the brothers’ undoubted musical and songwriting skills.

On 31st May 1998 Haze reunited for a 20th anniversary concert in Sheffield. The show was a great success and was recorded for a limited edition double live CD on Cyclops Records. Since then the band have headlined a number of shows in Sheffield, supported IQ and John Wetton at the Whitchurch Music Festival and toured Italy, Belgium & Switzerland twice.

The band are now planning a European tour, a new live CD, and the re-issue of their “Stoat & Bottle” album.

Paul Chisnell – percussion, vocals
Paul McMahon – guitars & vocals
Chris McMahon – keybords, bass & vocals

Influences Van Der Graaf Generator, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Steve Hillage, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Moody Blues, Rush.



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See Brock & The Badgers Live , Staines

Brock and the Badgers at Staines

Brock & the Badgers, Riverside Club, Staines Thu Apr 24th 2008 8PM

Brock and the Badgers have earnt their place in rock history as Windor’s finest blues-rock band selling several albums over the years and reaching no. 7 in the UK charts with “Living By Numbers”.

The new-look Brock and the Badgers is a a three-piece outfit concentrating on blues and rock covers (Hendrix/Yardbirds/ZZ Top/Rory Gallagher/Peter Green and some gutsy self-penned material which ranges from the out-and-out blues to more accessible rock/pop.

Visitors – £3



Go to listen to Oceansize at Kingston

Oceansize at House of Progression, Kingston Peel

Oceansize at the HOP, The Peel, Kingston. 26th April 7.30pm.

Oceansize + special Guests (Tickets on
sale now 020 8546 3516)

When Oceansize christened themselves back at the start of the third millennium,
they didn’t just pick a name, they set themselves a challenge. Their mission statement was to make the biggest music possible, adventures on the high seas of
future-rock giganticism that could never, ever stop. It also meant that every album
they made would have to be even bigger, heavier, than the last one. Now a
supporting band for Coheed and Cambria’s European leg as well as



Go see a Shakespeare play at The Rose, Kingston

Romeo and Juliet- Rose Kingston

Romeo & Juliet at The Rose, Kingston 22 April – 26 April 2008

A Northern Broadsides Production
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Barrie Rutter

A chance meeting brings together two youngsters from rival families. Determined to pursue their forbidden love they risk all to be together and fall victim to a cruel destiny, paying the ultimate price for their devotion.

Romeo and Juliet is a heart-rending love story of tragic proportions, filled with passion tenderness and bitter recriminations. Award-winning company, Northern Broadsides, return to the Rose Theatre and bring their inimitable warmth, charisma and energy to this timeless romantic tragedy.

Tickets £5 – £27

Matinee(s) Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 2.30pm

Evening(s) 7.30pm

24-26 High Street
Kingston KT1 1HL
United Kingdom

Box Office 0871 230 1552

What better way to celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday?


Go enjoy Red Rocket in Woking

Red Rocket

Red Rocket- FRI 25TH April at O’Neills Woking

RED ROCKET are a four piece covers band, based in West London, consisting of female vocals, backed by guitar, Female bass/vocals and drums/vocals.
They are; Steph, Mike, Mark & Sophie.

May Dates

SAT 3RD Red Lion – Twickenham9.00 – 11.00
FRI 16THO’Neills – Shepherds Bush 10.30 – 12.45
FRI 23rd Brookhouse-Hayes 10.00- 12.30
SAT 24TH Horns – Watford
FRI 30 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45
Sat 31stO’NEILLS N.FINCHLEY 10.00-12.30

June Dates

FRI 13 TH Rising Sun Slough 9.45- 12.45
SAT 21ST Afternoon Laleham school fete 12.00- 3.00pm
SAT 21ST Red Lion – Twickenham 9.00 – 11.00
FRI 27 TH O’Neills Woking 10.15- 12.45



Laugh with Geoff Norcott, Walton-on-Thames

Geoff Norcott at Walton

Friday 25th April 8PM – Comedy once a month at Riverhouse Barn, Walton

Described as “The first comedian of rap” by Craig Charles, Geoff is a high-energy performer whose strength is his devastatingly accurate parody of the violently misogynist attitude that pervades the rap scene.

Faithfully recreating the genre’s hateful lyrics and arrogant stance, he uses the usual weapons in the musical comedian’s armoury to drive his point home. But that message, and the accuracy of his renditions raise this well above the norm.
Away from the parodies, his more straightforward stand-up on everyday observational topics are delivered with an easy confidence and no small measure of charm.

Riverhouse box office
Manor Road
Surrey KT12 2PF
01932 253354 (24 hr booking line)

Comedy nights also on:

Friday 16th May

Rob Deering, Dan Atkinson & Kevin Bridges

Friday 20th June

John Gordillo, Noel Britten & Steve Williams



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