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Miss Pink Shoes – Jan 31 2010 Staines Hobgoblin

With the exception of the monotonous and frankly desperate 2-note bombastic instrumental intro to their show,  the Miss Pink Shoes set at Staines Hobgoblin on Sunday 31 Jan briskly scudded along some well-worn musical paths, bubbling and squeaking in all the right places – pausing rarely for breath – rising to levels of lofty achievement at times but also sometimes dipping to lewd and inappropriately low places at others.

Frontman keyboards supremo and lead vocalist Lloyd     (who shares an uncomfortable resemblance to the Police Academy character ‘Zed’  played by Bobcat Goldthwait ) likes to swear.  A lot. He also embraces the spotlight and gives a knowing wink to the audience to let them know he is in his rightful place upon the altar of rock.  He ‘plays up’ to the crowd, and he appears totally relaxed and ‘at home’ on his stage. And although the Miss Pink Shoes official song-book has a fair few ups-and-downs, there was almost at once a palpable sense of sonic relief at the Hob Staines as the band set about the task of soothing our poor sore eardrums … (the Sunday night crowd had just endured a set from the hard-core screamo band ‘Mother Hydra’  and their singer Chainy’s acrobatic antics.) As the Pink Shoes brigade paraded their well rehearsed set of melodic, poppy songs – always embodying some comic notions, and often concealing some tiny anguish or a hidden truth, a true ironic juxtaposition of sound and texture was revealed.

The highlights in the Miss Pink Shoes show were jaunty and wise, on the other hand the lows were often run-of-the-mill in their semi improvised slightly jaded state. But there were plenty of up and atom, bumping and grinding, moments of lucidity for the fans to enjoy – although I felt that the band often bridled back their real power, preferring instead to reel jauntily and loftily (at times) towards jeering and jostling levels of achievement without expressing their full musical intentions or ambitions.

Sounds snaked from traditional rock n roll doo-wop numbers like ‘Wobbling Violently’ towards Blurish indie creations like the track NIFLIB. All along the way the band delivered ‘grown-up’ somewhat less hip songs like the track ‘Love for the Hate Nation’ with industrious bass and guitar working together to provide shiny polished soundscapes fresh with feeling and energy. Percussion was delivered in sensitive quantities of rhythmic control. All the time, the synthy electronica keyboard work was well expressed  by the charismatic singer Lloyd who played centre-stage.

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February 2010

Zed - Police Academy



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Five Things This Week in Staines and Area

Los at The Hob, Staines

Jan 28 2010

Hollow Limit

Hollow Limit
Jan 28 2010
Town Hall

Mother Hydra at Staines

Mother Hydra
Jan 31 2010

Robin BiBi Band

Robin Bibi
Jan 30 2010
Bluescene @ The Lion


Jan 30 2010
Fox and Duck

News From the Bridges – Nov 8th 2009

News From the Bridges – November 7th 2009

TrueBeat are looking for a new drummer!

Yes Truebeat are parting company with their old drummer (on good terms) because of commitment issues so the new guy must be dedicated and willing to go the whole hog. A car and the ability to do backing vocals are also very useful but not essential! Anyway, have a listen to  ‘em and see what you think; if you want an audition, get in touch at info@truebeat.co.uk. Catch these skasters in STAINES on Nov 26 2009  at The Hobgoblin   [www.myspace.com/truebeatuk]

WAXHOUSE are going into the STAKEOUT STUDIOS Hampton next week to start recording an EP with Chris Coulter … we wish them a pile of luck  [www.myspace.com/waxhouseband]

Melodramatic Surrey rockers ARCANE ROOTS have a new website they want you to visit : www.arcaneroots.com …. it is coming to life a bit more too with some live tracks and some demos up as well as a discography … but they would like to see more fans coming in tho! Click on, send ‘em messages, tell ‘em what you want and who you are!

Feltham eccentric yet sensible indie rockers “The Eccentric Sensibles
[www.myspace.com/eccentricsensible]  will be  in the Studio next week to collaborate with artist Lori Sims (acoustic), on a blinding new song entitled  “Player” . . .

Indie poppers AUDIO VIDEO DISCO [www.myspace.com/audiovideodiscouk] will be playing The Fighting Cocks Kingston-Upon-Thames Dec 5 2009  at 8:00P

Guildford’s Fab Four GETSETRADIO is coming to STAINES for all you lucky people – catch ‘em on Nov 15 2009  at 8:00P at OUR FAVOURITE STAINES venue The Hobgoblin w/ 8th Time Luckie [www.GETSETRADIO.com]

Twickenham punksters ANONYMOUS TIP (who will be playing STAINES Nov 26 2009  at 8:00P The Hobgoblin W/ True Beat) have been getting some seriously strong support from radio and hot reviews from tastemakers Subba Cultcha and Music Week

WITHOUT THOUGHT are lined up for two sparkling Christmas Shows… the first is Dec 19 2009      8:00P at Guildford – The Boileroom **Christmas Party** w/ Polar + JB Conspiracy and the VERY NEXT DAY the band plays STAINES Dec 20 2009  8:00P at The Hobgoblin (w/ Purge & Polar) [www.myspace.com/withoutthought ]

After a gob-routing shockingly successful show at the BUCKLE UP Rock Goblin, STAINES hometown’s favourite pop act MISS PINK SHOES is back in TOWN playing THE HOB Dec 3 2009  7:00P so if you missed ‘em in November come back and support this LOCAL ACT this  December.[www.myspace.com/misspinkshoesofficial]

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News From The Bridges – JUNE 14

Mistakes in Animation (MIA) have been busy road-testing their new bass player Jarryd (played a big one in Kingston with the likes of Johnny Foreigner and Hot Club…)

Fleet & Frimley rockers Hold Your Horse Is have a new EP out … the band is currently on their ‘Everyone Runs Faster With A Knife Tour’ and will be paying Staines a visit on 25th JUNE at The Hob…

Speaking of spanking new releases, Cato Street Conspiracy release their new song “Promises, Promises” on June 29th … they are now on the lips of the Chatham citizenry after playing an uber-successful gig with High Frequency in the Chav version of Mecca (Chavcca?) … the Cato Street kids will be playing Staines along with BIG TRUCK on JUNE 28th at The Hob…

Staines firm favourites fiN are warming up to play Glasto (on the Dirty Boots Stage) before hitting STAINES on JUNE 28th at The Hob… they will also be playing the Blastbeat Fest at Hounslow and the MG Fest at Gaydon.  Unfortunately, we at ADPONTES have been informed that this years Walton Sound Fest is OFF OFF OFF! It is a real pity, we were really gearing up for it… the promoters tell us that they are deffo hoping to run the fest in 2010 so we must all keep our fingers crossed…

When we last saw ALPHABET BACKWARDS we absolutely loved ‘em so it is good to see that they are back in town on July 2nd … they have a shiny new 6 track mini album available (Kittiwake Records) that you can grab at the gigs…

Shepperton’s honored and favoured sons Loaded Dice have announced that they will be playing this year’s Guil Fest … they also tell us that they are looking for a new ‘image’ (last time we saw them they were in matching waistcoats and crisply starched shirts … they looked like a bunch of freshly hired estate agents) … The Dicey lads will be playing their clean-cut sounds with hardcore/rock act The Jesters Dead (should be an interesting mix) at Staines Hobgoblin on July 5th…

Unbelievable STAINES TOWN heroes Miss Pink Shoes are back playing live … catch them on July 12 at the Hob along with alt rock/ drum n bass maestros Floors and Walls (both bands were transferred over to the Hob after last month’s Sticky’s collapse)… Floors and Walls are also playing the REDFEST 2009 – Redhill Surrey on Jul 25…

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5 Things – This Week in Staines


Heavy Rock Mob from around here!

Purge at Staines

Purge Nov 21  2008      9:00P The Hobgoblin Staines £3

A furious mix of distortion-fueled guitar accompanied by seat-tearing bass and knockout percussion is shot at with a colt 45 of gravelly chants and rhyme delivering glory. Crushing heavy rock. Never a better solution. Purge consists of:

James Burgon

Max Kinghorn Mills

Mark Stanley
(Bass, Vocals)

Greg Rogers



Big Big Band Sounds – Staines

Big Band at Staines Riverside Club

Nov 20 2008      8:30P  KU Big band Staines Riverside Club

Kingston University Big band

The KU Big Band, fresh from their tour of Germany, play a special one-off concert at Staines Riverside jazz club.  Led by trumpeter Andy Gibson, with guest vocalist Ceri Wood.

Venue: Staines Riverside Club, 6 Laleham Road (opp.Gresham Rd), Staines, Middlesex, TW18 2DX
Contact: Louise Voss
Tel: 020 8417 5430  ext. 65430
E-Mail: l.voss@kingston.ac.uk




Screamo Band Staines

Break Berlin The Phoenix Staines

Nov 23 2008      8:00P Break Berlin at The Phoenix     Staines

Break Berlin are a five piece Screamo / Alternative  experience from Surrey that have all been involved in music from a very young age. Their aim is to make music that is original and distinguishable in the local music scene that has managed
to fall victim to a lack of inspiration. We are currently working very hard writing and new material that should be complete in the next few months. We hope to see you very soon. Break Berlin.

Luke ‘Rabbit’ Perrin-Vocals
Jarrod ‘Rod’ Messeter-Guitar/Vocals
Ollie ‘Mumble’ Jaye-Guitar/Vocals
Ryan ‘Gizmo’ Holcombe-Bass
James ‘Bean’ Lloyd-Drums

If you miss ’em in Staines try catch them at:

Nov 25 2008     7:30P  Boileroom     Guildford




Sensational Indie / Alternative / Jungle at Staines

The Hollers at Staines

Nov 20 2008      8:00P Hobgoblin W/ Purge (18+)     Staines    £3


Jazz Smith – Vocals
Tom Sturt – Guitar
Glenn Wild – Guitar
Jamie Allen – Bass
Sean Mangan – Drums

Sounds Like    A girl singing, 3 Guitars and a Drum Kit, all playing at the same time

If you miss ’em in Staines try catch ’em at:

Nov 22 2008     8:00P  Brewery Tap  Reading

Dec 11 2008     8:00P   Heroes Bar     Maidenhead




Best Pop Act of  the Year- at Staines

Miss Pink Shoes at Staines

Nov 21 2008      8:00P  Miss Pink Shoes at
Sticky Fungus Staines

“Indy Awards Best Pop Act 2008!!”

Staines hometown heroes Miss Pink Shoes formed in 2006 to create the music that was floating around in and crowding up their heads, MISSPINKSHOES have come to spread some love & weirdness around the world. With a sound that spans every genre you can imagine, 50’s doo-wop to electronica, heavy metal to power ballads, disco to punk and anything and everything in between, nothing is sacred. 2008 has seen the band release the ‘SEXUAL’ EP, the winning of Best Pop Act at The Indy Awards in May, a request to play a hometown gig with fellow Staines band Hard-Fi and a string of gigs at prestigious London venues such as The Clapham Grand
and The London Astoria 2.

Lloyd – Vocals & Keys

Ant – Bass

Phil – Guitar

Tim – Drums


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Whispers about Cheekees / The Exchange


Long time readers of this blog may no doubt remember that I reported that that ‘Cheekees’, formerly The Exchange and, more recently ‘Diamonds and Denims’ had shut for good…


I first got a very vague interest in “The Exchange” (back in the day) , when I heard that Quentin Tarantino had gone there one night in the 1990’s ( probably about 1994). Tarantino… in my town? In a club in my town? Wow!

Well, a little bird has told me (this week) that Cheekees / Exchange is gonna re-open in the not too distant future as a live-music venue… wow! Apparently, the venue may be called something like ‘Sticky Fungus’ and has the general support and approval of the local authority, police and businesses.

The venue may well be opening soon- watch this space for more details HOT OFF THE PRESS!!

This is just what the town needs- it was such a pity that we lost the Town Hall Arts Centre. We wish the new ‘owners’ of the Exchange good luck in this worthwhile enterprise…


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heart@alpha9.co.uk |

this is from a facebook page
Hi there – a date for your diaries. The Old Telephone Exchange (and previously Cheekies) has been taken over by a couple of sincere, music-loving guys who are creating Staines’ premier live music venue. Think It will be £7 admission. There will be 3 great bands playing (Miss Pink Shoes and Beat 6 have confirmed). The 3rd act will be either Suzerain, or The Sketch.

Drinks will be around a very reasonable £2.75 mark (50p cheaper than most pubs/venues in the area). There will be food available.

There will be a gaming area (Nintendo Wii, pinball, retro machines incl Space Invaders Pacman), 8 foot video screens (so can see the band from many vantage points), a £50 000 sound system and many great people (including your good self we hope!!)

From Whispers about Cheekees / The Exchange, 2008/11/10 at 10:07 PM



Lee Homan and Andrew Peters had a dream…To create a live music venue where people could have fun in a safe, friendly environment. After much searching (of prospective venues and souls), they came across an unlikely candidate in the form of The Old Telephone Exchange (at the back of the High St…formerly Cheekees Nightclub and worse still Diamonds and Denims Gentlemen’s Club. Well, they were overcome with the size and scope of the place but this was to be the antithesis to these former incarnations, with the emphasis on LIVE MUSIC (rock/indie/jazz/rhythm and blues/punk/metal…) as opposed to someone spinning a CD (‘Rollover DJ’ by Jet comes to mind!!) I.E. Real people playing instruments!!!