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Cherry Brakewells – The Hobgoblin – Staines

Cherry Brakewells


Cherry Pies with a Toxic Twist

If poncey new-age Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal was cooking up a tray of Cherry Brakewells his list of ingredients would probably include snails (because all his recipes do) and a slug of Tennessee sour-mash to intoxicate the mind, a generous fistful of gunpowder to spice things up a bit – and a large scoop of dry ice (to coooool it down some). Oh, and some fire. Yes, he would garnish the tray with a thick slice of fire.

This band is stickier and sweeter than the largest pot of Windsor Farms Shop Royal Jelly. These girls put the glory bee back into the honey-pot and then shake it up a little. After their gig on Thursday they are the buzz of the city.

What I adored about the girls when I saw ‘em is that their brand of melting hot guitar funk and red hot blues is so abundantly rich in vulgar tones and texture that you feel almost overwhelmed, drowned even, by the experience. The contrast between the sweet soulful high notes of singer/songwriter Shay and the dark growling thunderclouds provided by leggy bassist Monique and the ‘runway model’ drummer Chi was a blissful storm. It was an experience much like running towards the edge of a stark cliff knowing that, far far below, where the jagged rocks meet the sea, you will plunge into the ice cool waters of salvation. It was like being stung, and then devoured, by a fire serpent. Desperation and repentance all rolled into one. A beautiful agony. How to die.

The Cherry Brakewells cite their influences as based firmly in the Sixties and Seventies. Hendrix. Cream. Zep. That kind of thing. But there is more to this band than all that Seventies vibe. This is no SuperFly Baadasssss band. They may have big hair, big smiles and big confidence, and the roots of their music may lay in the past, but these girls look towards the future with confidence and pride. The songs may have serious blues foundations but are laced with touches of modernity. I could recognise influences ranging from Wyclef, Kelis and late M.I.A. right through to some more expected sounds like ZZ Top, Kravitz and Skunk Anansie.

Lead guitar is provided by the multi-talented Anna Calvi (she told me she has been playing with the Cherries for around six months now – she has her own very successful band and a host of other projects.) Anna tended to place herself behind (and to the side of) the sensuous and sumptuous trappings of the ‘power trio’ but that didn’t alter the fact that her input was as invigorating and ingenious as it was essential. Her style of blues playing has a cool sharpness to it and the sounds that she weaves from her effervescent frets fizz with electricity and energy.

The Cherry Brakewells put on a slinky super-sexy show with plenty of guts and gristle. Soulful highs and fuzzy lows create drama and add smoky depth to their theatre of sound.

Watch these beautiful girls growing up … they are gonna go all the way!

© Neil_Mach
Feb 2009



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5 Things – This Week in Staines


‘Doc Jazz’ A Visionary in Musician – Ascot

Geoff Eales Trio

Geoff Eales Trio
Sunday, 4th January Jagz Ascot
Show will start at doors 12.30pm and music 1pm to 3.30pm
Ticket cost: £6.00
Special – entrance and roast lunch £12

A truly remarkable man, there are few musicians in the world who have been master of so many styles and who possess the breadth of vision as this most creative of Welshmen. Throughout his long and distinguished career he has worked with pop stars, country singers, opera divas, variety artists, funk legends, played on countless sound tracks, TV shows and jingles, been a featured soloist with symphony orchestras and has composed chamber works, symphonies and concertos. He is also something of a musical pedagogue.

A Doctor of Music, he could have quite easily pursued a brilliant career as an academic. As if this isn’t enough, he just happens to be one of the UK’s most gifted jazz improvisers. The trio includes Paul Morgan on bass and Mark Fletcher on drums.



Club One Party

Wednesday, December 31st NEW YEAR’S EVE CLUB ONE- ASCOT

Doors open at 9pm
TICKETS £15  please call:

01344 875123/874500



A Spot of Dickens- at Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre

A Christmas Carol at The Rose Kingston

2 December – 3 January A Christmas Carol  Rose Theatre – Kingston  High Street

Box office: 0871 230 1552

Tickets around £26:00 with booking fee



Odette Michell [Birds of a Feather] Windsor Old Ticket Hall


Old ticket hall – Windsor
01753 854554

Super Sundays Presents ‘Birds of a Feather’ our Resident Acoustic Duo. They say that birds of a feather fly together – well this phrase couldn’t be more true for this dynamic singing duo from Windsor, Berkshire. Gloria Garcia and Odette Michell have been performing high quality live cover versions for over 4 years collectively – choosing superb songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – right through to the present day. Their acoustic take on these songs is uniquely identifiable by their remarkable two-part vocal harmonies. This is live music at its sweetest and best – pure live acoustic entertainment with more than a splash of sophistication.

About Odette

After exchanging the piano for the guitar, at the age of fifteen, Odette began writing and recording her own songs when she was just sixteen years old. Continuing her study of music at the Nottingham Trent University, Odette went on to receive her B.A Hons in Contemporary Music. A matter of days after graduation, and spurred on by a healthy wanderlust, Odette took off for the beautiful West coast of Canada with little more than a small backpack and a spirit of adventure. With her last remaining $30 she purchased a guitar and a (childs) bicycle, and made a new home for herself in Vancouver, where she spent many happy months delving into the local music scene.

In the years since she has played solo as well as with various bands up and down the UK, including the Internationally acclaimed Cambridge Folk Festival Club stage, where she has performed for three years consecutively and been fortunate enough to share the stage with musical legends Joan Baez, Eddi Reader and Kathryn Williams.Originally from Cambridge, UK, Odette recently relocated to Windsor; and is currently in the process of securing a number of choice festival dates for this coming summer.

About Gloria

Gloria Garcia was born in the beautiful wine region of Rioja in Northern Spain. She began singing at the tender age of five, greatly influenced by her grandmother, who was an opera singer. She started to get involved in a church choir and took guitar lessons but it was not until she graduated in 2000 that she decided to take a
challenge and travel to the UK looking to further her music opportunities.Gloria’s stunning vocal talent started to get attention while performing on her own or accompanied by various bands in the Berkshire and London area. Her style blends from pop and soul to latin and jazz, performing in English and Spanish.

Besides this, Gloria was selected in the last 75 in Pop Idol Series 3 in 2003, amongst 23000 contestants, getting really good reviews from judges Simon Cowell and Pete Watermann. She was also getting some media attention when she made it to the 10 final contestants in the VH1 Divas London Auditions.Gloria has an extensive session singing experience under her belt, having worked with very renowned producers such as In Demand (Cindy Lauper, Steve Brookstein’s production team), Master Stepz (Choice FM DJ) and Amit Kamboj (Metalhead records Goldies label). She has also fronted various bands such as Nu Future, Freedom Republic and the acoustic duo Garcia, performing extensively in well known festivals and venues such as Jagz in Ascot, The Cellar Bar in Bracknell and West One Four in London.

Gloria also manages community music projects and is a freelance singing teacher for Youth Music, The Arts Council, Thames Valley University and various other schools.

Gloria currently accompanies herself on guitar and piano. She usually plays at pubs and acoustic venues around Windsor and London.





Ultra Alt Rock at Kingston

Tobys Iceberg

Jan 4 2009      7:30P
Fighting Cocks – (With W.M.D. & Adams to the Max)     KINGSTON

Formed in 2007 Toby’s Iceberg are a band of contrasts…Max is the smallest member of the band while Beard is the tallest. Max preferes the O.C. Beard likes Dawsons Creek and in contrast Theo like One Tree Hill. Davis plays Drums while Theo plays Guitar





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