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JFK — Album Launch Show

JFK (also known confusingly as JFK Blues] is a London /Surrey five piece band that has been playing their rock ‘n’ rolling blues — spiced with jazzy manouche touches — for about a year or so.

If John Etheridge met Ray Davies at Le QuecumBar and they discussed a rhythm and blues project — this is probably how it would have turned out…

The band is composed of some very experienced musicians — PAUL BLOUNT on keys who once lived in L.A. and worked with Jeff Beck, SOL EZRA on drums [an early member of Talk Talk] gypsy-rock guitarist IAGO BANET ; LES ‘LEO’ VICTOR on bass [he played with the Blockheads] and the youngest member of the outfit — lead vocalist/guitar CHRIS ELLIOTT who they found busking at Covent Garden Tube and invited along for the ride.

Paul Blount on keys – they bring blues, jazz, pop and boogie to the people…
Picture by Neil Mach

We attended the “Rough Round The Edges” album launch show at the legendary 100 Club in London’s West End this week.

We enjoyed JFK’s beautifully crafted self-penned songs that began with “St Joseph” and had mellow, mid-tempo beats and instantly catchy melodies.

Chris Elliott’s poignant and cheery R&B voice on songs like “Shadowlands” reached clear trebles without too much difficulty — and this talent helped to take the sounds from blues origins and into pop-rock territory whilst still retaining the genre’s emotional content.

If we really had to designate their brand we would say the JFK sound is similar to that of the Alexis Korner band — in other words, they bring blues, jazz, pop and boogie to the people…

We’re not really a blues band…” Chris shouted to a passionate audience… directly before the band embarked on yet another raw-blues number — this one adorned with flinty peaks of guitar and a boogie underbelly.

We enjoyed the really excited rhythmic patterns and the cleverly woven guitar songs, such as “Having a Real Good Time.”

Often these songs had insistent backwoods blues-vibes that took us directly to those all-night parties down on 18th and Vine.

This was a poetic and vibrant show delivered by a pack of musicians who have clearly spent a lifetime entertaining their audiences.

Words & Images: @neilmach 2017 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/JFK4Blues/

See next:

The Old Ticket Hall, Windsor 14th April
The Bull’s Head, Barnes 1st May

Excited rhythmic patterns and the cleverly woven guitar songs…
Photo: Neil Mach

2 Sick Monkeys

Thursday 29th January 2009

2 Sick Monkeys

2 Sick Monkeys

When the strange character (looking like the spurned son of 70’s comic Bobby Ball- I piggin’ hate you, Tommy) burst onto the stage and screamed “Hello, Goodbye! We are havin’ a party… you’ll f**** love it!” the audience automatically started to protect their softer nether regions whilst backing carefully and slowly away in a wide-eyed and anxious state of alarm. Groomed hair was about to become dangerously ruffled, unsullied minds were about to be torn up and messed with, and the pretensions and mediocrities of living a comfortable and predictable life in Staines were about to be pushed violently aside in an anarchic attack upon our precious Surrey/Berkshire claims and soft eardrums. Then the chattering, rolling, thundering onslaught upon nerves and ears proceeded. And what a pleasure the pain truly was.

Pete Tower is the bass playing virtuoso mad-monkey frontman…a highly volatile incarnation of Ian Dury, combustible and highly unpredictable. He should be marked ‘danger UXB’ and placed in a lead-lined box for safety. Instead he is whirling around our pub like an out-of-control firecracker spitting and hissing like some cross between a banshee and a venomous python. He is smiling one minute- snarling and grimacing the next. He is up. He is down. He is enraged, he is calm. Hello, goodbye… he is all the things you hate and everything you love. He is like a one-man chemical reaction to everything you have to endure in this filthy world -releasing a spontaneous spume of exothermic energy into the cold night air.

Accompanying him on the drums is the one-man percussive army of Fred Nus whose style is so self-confident and aggressive that he would have triumphed single-handedly against the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC and would have told the 300 that they
were ‘as soft as shite’ and to ‘sod off back to Sparta’ because he has got it ‘all in hand’.

The band played a rollicking selection of what Pete called ‘jazz songs’ and he continued to insist (because nobody dared to argue with this profane mad-hatter mentalist, no matter how tongue-in-cheek) that 2 Sick Monkeys were a West Country Jazz band. But the rapid street level gutter punk-politics of threatening, gesturing and gurning were always there like a bad smell in the kitchen sink.

My favourite song in the 2 monkeys scrapbook was “Why” as in…”Why are we always making bombs? Why do we have to suck so much American cock? Why? Why Why?”  Pete is like the Banksy of punk rock. Many of the 2 songs are nice n’ easy to follow … 2-bit 2-word choruses 2-chord riffs and 2 part formulas.  But these stencilled 2-dimensional guerilla songs disguise an anti-establishment, anti-war and anti-capitalist profusion of rage and hysteria…albeit nicely packaged into neat and carefully presented tasty titbits for the world-weary consumer.

Pete is like the intellectually superior wino-vagrant that you see (but try to ignore) each morning in the shop doorway. Moist, dishevelled, smelly, rotten, revolting even; But he is genuine in a way that you are not. He is contented in a way that you will never be and- most importantly- he can chat his way out of things and rat his way into things in a way that you will never be able to copy. He uses an astonishing display of erudition that leaves you way, way behind …you are completely out of your class with this grinning , gymnastic, gold-winning, mindgaming street athlete and the mental stunts that he can perform.

I absolutely loved it that the 2 Sick Monkeys ripped apart the entrails of Green Day’s “American Hero” before flinging the remains of this ‘sacred song’ unceremoniously onto the dancefloor for the grovelling masses to recoil from in feign horror. The band interpreted this song ‘as played by Slipknot’ but I noticed that Fred Nus provided the true and clear Green Day chorus towards the end of the number. This was a tried-and-tested theatrical device that helped to alleviate the unconcealed pressure that was building up in the minds of  loyalist punks everywhere and was successful in restoring the song back into the hearts of the punters as a worthy punk anthem.

The bass attack of Pete has to be seen to be believed. I am sure that I have never witnessed such competent, confident and yet furious bass-playing before. In normal circumstances virtuosity is frowned upon in the world of punk rock. But the credentials of this worthy band are intact because it is a two-piece and so, you tell yourself, Pete has to be a remarkable player…just to get the most from this limited set-up. The band bill themselves as ‘A small outfit with a big sound’ but this doesn’t do justice to the mighty accomplishments of these two West Country performers. The cider with rosie, wooden skittles and smell of sawdust is never far away- not surprising for a band from Wootton Bassett, Swindon but the two punksters-extraordinaire also project an authentic and very urban sound and style- almost as alienating and as it is intense
-feelgood punk sound as it should be.

A tactical assault on your sensibilities… walk the fine line between hope and despair with 2 Sick Monkeys as soon as you can… it is essential.

© Neil_Mach
Jan 2009



Feb 13 2009     8:00P The Victoria         Swindon
Feb 14 2009     8:00P F*** Valentine     The Grosvenor     Stockwell
Feb 21 2009     8:00P The Victoria         Deptford
Feb 27 2009     8:00P The Gaff              London
Feb 28 2009     8:00P New Cross Inn     London

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London and Karova at Staines Hobgoblin

Thurs 26th October 2008

LONDON gigs flier- Hob Neil_Mach Sept 2008

It is a truth, self evident, that Men love music. But straight men don’t like to dance. For men, music is for listening whereas, for ladies, music is to dance to and romance to. Even those big macho hip hop and RnB geezers don’t really like all the dancing that is involved in their genre of music. They would rather just watch their honeys and sway a bit to the beat. And real men don’t fancy their music idols like the girlies do.  Yes, they may adulate and adore their idols as if they were venerating high priets of music -placing them upon high altars in high towers. (Anyone can witness that phenomena by visiting an Iron Maiden gig) but they don’t actually fancy the musicians…have you ever heard a bloke say “I really fancy that Bruce Dickinson- woo he makes me hot!” But girlies do.  They fancy the pants off of their musical heroes and then they like to dance. They dance in the aisles.  They dance on their seats.  They dance in the queue. And in the lav. And in the bar. They dance when they get home too. Because they feel the music. In a way that men don’t.

And what is lacking at the moment, for us manly men, is some geezer music. Just think about it for a moment. When was the last time you heard or downloaded a track that was meant for real men? For geezers. You know, the men who sweat. And toil. And grunt. And miss the basin. “Music …my arse” as Jim Royle would say. Music in 2008 is for cissies and girlies. It is wuss music for the masses. Where are songs like “How Soon Is Now?” (The Smiths ) or “Parklife” (Blur) with its beermug cover and masculine imagery? What we need is a bit of ‘thinking stuff’ not all this ‘dancing stuff’. I believe that punk and, later, Britpop, was created for this purpose. To fill a man’s sandwich. To fill the vacuum.

Punk, if you recall, can be played by anyman. It can be picked up in a bar or in a garage. It isn’t particularly tricky to learn, but  like a good sport, it is difficult to master. It involves lots of sneering and shouting. A bit of attitude. A bit of posturing. A man can release his inner anger and resentment to a good punk song. And feel refreshed afterwards. But although there is a ‘dancing game’ there is no actual dancing involved. The dancing game involves any of the following items: 1) you can pogo or sway or strut as long as you are looking like it doesn’t mean anything. 2) You must hold your beer in your hand to prove that this dancing thing ‘doesn’t mean anything’ and that your procreative energy will not be expended or wasted on such trifles. Neither sweat nor beer will be spilt. 3) If you walk to the bog -you may- as you stroll through- pretend to dance to the music in an amusing and flamboyant style, whilst smiling inanely to the ‘audience’ as you go past. 4) You may, if you prefer, march up and down shouting “Oi” . All these things are OK for a man to do because they are not dancing.

You cannot ‘dance-dance’ to punk.  You know- ‘dance’ dance. With the emphasis on the first dance.  (I am saying this in the same way that ladies say love-love as in ‘you don’t actually ‘love’ love me do you?’) Later, Britpop came along and brought anthems and congregational singing with them to the new men’s world. This was music you could huddle to. There was comradeship in those big working class, street-level choruses and football-match-slogans. Once again, you could sway or nod to the music but dancing was almost always impracticable. There were a few ladies at the shows. But mostly men. This music spoke to men. It was their own. And there was no dancing.

So we get to ‘London’ supported by ‘Karova’ at The Hobgoblin, Staines. These two bands are purveyors of fine geezer music. You cannot dance to their sounds. But you can enjoy it like a man  without it becoming too political or too  “Oi! Oi! Oi!”.

London are an authentic 1976 era punk band supporting The Stranglers back in 1977. John Moss became the bands drummer (formerly The Clash and later Culture Club) and the bands frontman and composer was and still is Riff Regan [Miles Tredinnick]. Steve Voice was the bass & vocals and Dave Wight was the guitar. Riff penned some reliable and resilient staples back in the seventies like Everyone’s A Winner, Summer Of Love, Friday on My Mind. He also wrote the likeable Siouxie Sioux (no relation to Susan Janet Ballion- honestly!) The year 2008 line-up is Riff Regan (vocals), Steve Voice (bass/vocals), Hugh O’Donnell (guitar/vocals) and Colin Watterston (drums). This is music to strut to. Riff struts about like a giant cock on heat but the other musicians remain unanimated. A couple of girls make a half-hearted attempt to dance at the Hob. But how can you dance to this? And that is no bad thing. This is drinking music and more. The drinkers stand and watch the band with their mugs grasped in sweaty hands and their other mugs agape in wonder. The band are singing about things that these drinking men understand. It gets under their skin. The rhythms are tribal. The beats pulse. The cockstruts invigorate. Man stuff.

Karova see themselves as somewhere between ‘Black Grape’ and early ‘Oasis’ and I know what they mean. They cheesefully exude britpopishness with vim and elan and they are also (like London) not to be danced to. There is a bit of 1970’s ‘Who’ in there and fat slices of ‘Stone Roses’ crunched up with ‘Happy Mondays’, a bit like a musical version of a cheese and onion crisp sandwich topped with gherkin. The music is finished off with thin slices of  ‘Small Faces’ style sounds to add piquancy. This music has charm, it has a boyish grin, it is laddish. If Karova was a dog it would be loveable scamp- a wet terrier. Sharp riffs and lots of singsong choruses -a wink and a smile for the lay-dees. Karova are cheeky and leering. But they are men’s men and mean business. Paul the Tool pouts and sneers. He heads straight to the bar afterwards for more beer and jokes with his mates. This is the real stuff. Then he stands still for London. Dead still. Because men don’t dance.

I wish there was more geezer music in the world right now. Stuff like ‘London’ and Karova.  ‘Cos like Morrissey (The Smiths) said, “I am human and I need to be loved / Just like everybody else does”.

© Neil_Mach
Oct 2008

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Bloodloss – Staines




Thursday 11th September 2008

Bloodloss – Staines – Hob Neil_Mach Sept 2008

Bloodloss are in appearance, general style and musical ability, much like ‘Lamb of God.’ But, as with most successful basic metals bands from The New Wave of American Heavy Metal, you will find that there is a lot more going on ‘in there’ than you might at first think. There is a glimmer of melody and arrangement in the music of these bands – and these elements along with a generous slice of virtuosity can also be found in the music of Bloodloss … so compare this band to ‘Machine Head’ or ‘Chimaira’.

Barry O’Connor is the muscle-bound rhapsoidein wearing a British Bull Dog T-shirt and strutting and posturing across the stage with that British vim and vitality that we are so accustomed to. He takes the extreme de rigueur / Thrash Metal vocals (i.e. shouting hard) to the next level, but he can also occasionally mystify and delight the audience with some truly mournful and tuneful notes. Barry also drums with AfterDeath ( an up-and-coming London-based metal band) and it is very clear that his vocals are kept in perfect trim by his ‘insider’ knowledge of the rhythm. Bloodloss employs (almost) a twin-lead guitar-sound with Rob Ironmonger on number 1 lute and Mark Browell on No 2 (who also helps with supporting vocals) and these two churn out the kind of grinding chord progressions you so urgently and desperately need. Sometimes these chords are as unusual, complex and demanding as a high-class Tokyo call-girl who has found herself with her wrist-watch caught in the Vicar’s flies, but those ripping lead breaks lead you (and her) , ever onwards, to a place of wonder and, ultimately, sinful climax. The (temporary) bass chitarrone thumped those low-lines following the rhythm guitar riffs but also employed some deft intermezzi techniques and some nifty progressions. The thrashing drummer Daniel Kelly, on the bongos, is just a blur of hair, stamina and testosterone. Blast-beats came naturally to him, as do some magical ‘rim of the snare’ techniques and plenty of hyper blasts when the occasions demand them.

The low syncopated power chords and the powerful metalcore vocals (think ‘Killswitch Engage’) provide the petulant pomp to this team of screamsters. Their songs, like ‘Inside My Mind’ and ‘Taken Down’ speak of life, light, darkness and focussed, strain. “It is a struggle to be in a band” shouts out Barry, to the bassist from the support act (Demure), “Isn’t it brother?”. Clap, clap, clap. We all agree … as if we knew. The band do not underestimate the simpler facts-of-life though, ( the songs are often interrupted by reflective and gentler moments when simple chords are crafted,) or the more euphoric moments we live, when the vocals, fuzzy guitars and rhythmic blasts reach a ‘state of grace’.

There are several nods towards modern advocates of complex progressive metal (like ‘Opeth’), not just in the style, with occasional guitar interludes, but also with some uncommon time signatures and dynamic shifts… and polyrhythms abound. Grunts and shouts are more in order than the screams of some bands and are actually more tuneful and pleasing (think ‘Slipknot’) than some nu-metal bands. These styles elevate the ambience and the pomposity of Bloodloss to new highs. Yes , mood and rhythm and texture is more important than melody to the bands of this genre but in the music of Bloodloss pleasing musical arrangements can also be found. At the barnstorming end of the evening there was a timely and welcome breakdown- conducive to a bit of moshing/body-slamming- and so Bal attempted to create a wall of death inside the limited space of the Staines Hob with the – erm- nine or ten members of the ‘crowd’. And so moshing commenced.

All-in-all Bloodloss live was a strong, mesmerising and absolutely exhilarating experience and I thoroughly recommend this London/Guildford act to any metal fan.

To sum up and to quote Bal on the night, “If You call yourselves ‘Metal Heads’ then this is the time, this is the place, and this is the band

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008

You can see Bloodloss next at:

Sep 16 2008 8:00P RSVP, Woking Woking

Sep 27 2008 8:00P The Drama Club Bracknell

Oct 5 2008 8:00P The Phoenix Staines

Oct 10 2008 8:00P The Star Inn Guildford



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Shepperton Band through to Semi-Finals


Rosemarys Baby/ Semi finals of SURFACE 08 unsigned festival

Rosemarys baby at Tufnel Park

Rosemarys Baby 07:00P at The Dome, Tufnel Park



NICK JEKYLL-Guitar/Vocals

GEORGE HASKELL-Drums/Backing Vox

Rosemarys Baby are a 3 piece rock band from Shepperton. The sound is Indie/Alternative/Punk and they write music about things that matter to them like social, political and sometimes personal issues. Music is a passion and something very special that brings people togther. They’re different from most bands on the local scene at the moment, playing emo screamo and whining about life or rich kids strumming at the gibson that daddy bought them for christmas because they saw green day on the telly and felt like becoming a rockstar. They play music from the people, about the people and for the people. The people who aren’t rich enough to buy new clothes every weekend like these posh scenesters on the internet, but aren’t poor enough to have the right complain about it. So hear the voice of this doomed generation and listen to rosemarys baby..


Arctic Monkeys
Rage Against The Machine
Jimmi Hendrix
The Libertines




Book Uriah Heep concert tickets -Click Here for London Autumn 2008

Book Electric 6 concert tickets – Click Here for London Autumn 2008

5 Things- This Week in Staines



The Bad Thing! In Staines

The Bad Thing- Staines

The Bad Thing, St Peters Staines May 24 2008

Alternative rock outfit The Bad Thing, inspired by bands such as Foo Fighters and the Buzz Cocks (albeit with a more experimental and progressive sound) used a simple lyrical structure that allowed lead singer Scatty to throw emotion at the crowd. They are a hard band to peg, with their revolving system of bass and rhythm guitar keeping the sound fresh and constantly changing. Their song “What Up World” was the definitive song of the set.

The Bad Thing (from Staines) are a tight, experienced rock n’ roll unit made possible by 5 young men with a passion for music.

Best thing about their gigs is you don’t know what you’re gonna get from ’em till you get there, they like to play to new people, we’ve songs of good times, bad times, songs about you and songs about me, so go down and take a listen, you never know, you might be humming their tunes on the way home

They’re also playing at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town on 22nd June in BoB Round 2. Cheer them on!

Scott Freeman: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Songwriter, Keys

Sonny Evans: Lead Guitar, Backing Vox

Tom Ridler: Bass, Guitar, Comparative Vocals, Keys

Pete Rawlings: Bass, Guitar, Vox

Harry Shakespeare: Drums

May 24 2008 8:00P St Peters Hall ELECTRIC Staines,



Go see Innocent Enemies at Hobgoblin, Staines

Innocent Enemies

Innocent Enemies- The Hob, Staines, 22 May 7:30P

Innocent Enemies are a four-piece indie rock band originating from the Hounslow area.

The band formed in 2004 and with only a few original songs and a couple of well known covers began gigging in local venues. Towards the end of 2004, the band decided to focus on original material and quickly recorded their first demo at No Stairway Studios, Teddington. The demo contained live favourites Angel Eyes, Is London Listening? and Cavalier. It was through this demo that Innocent Enemies were able to secure a gig at Camden’s Purple Turtle, where they headlined the event.

In late 2006 the Innocents decided to take a break in order to focus on other projects. However, in late 2007 the band reformed with new songs, a new attitude and a clear vision of where the future will take them.

Paul Nicholas: Guitar, Vocals

Dan O’Sullivan: Bass, Vocals

John Carroll: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gareth Powell: Drums & Purcussion
Influences The Beatles, Oasis, The Clash, U2, The Rolling Stones, Stone Roses, The Smiths, Stereophonics



Go to listen to virtuoso slide guitarist Michael Messer

Michael Messer by Alan Messer ©2004

Michael Messers Second Mind Band, Jagz Ascot, , 23rd May 8PM

Michael Messer is a virtuoso slide guitarist who has one of the best bands performing some of the greatest blues tunes produced this century. His playing encompasses the entire history of the blues but is totally individual and contemporary. His use of turntables in the band adds a new element to the music and Messer’s haunting vocals ooze authenticity and integrity. The American magazine, ‘Spirit’ listed Michael as one of the greatest slide guitarists ever alongside Duane Allman and Ry Cooder.

Michael Messer was born in Middlesex in 1956. Throughout his childhood and teens he played rock music with his two brothers and in various local bands. In his early twenties, Messer spent time in Nashville where he had the chance to meet and hear
some of the ‘greats’ of country music performing in their home environment. These included Roy Acuff, Hank Snow and Johnny Cash. Back home in England in the late seventies, Messer was mastering the art of Mississippi delta blues slide guitar, buying his first National steel guitar in 1979. He began playing blues gigs, both as a solo artist and in various local bands in the early eighties.

The 2008 band:

Michael Messer – Vocals & Slide Guitar

Ed Genis – Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Louie Genis – Turntable

Jerry Soffe – Bass Guitar

Simon Price – Drums

Occasional shows – Richard Causon – Piano
Occasional shows – Matt Round – Bass Guitar & Upright Bass

With Michael’s soulful voice & brilliant slide guita playing; featuring the unique Louie Genis ‘scratching’ with ancient blues vinyl & Ed Genis on rhythm guitar, this trio rocked its way through one & a half hours of the best & most original blues I have heard in a very long time. Highly original, totally unique & very catchy.
A brilliant concert! [What’s On]

Also catch Michael Messer on Jun 14 2008 at the LONDON MUSIC SHOW, ExCeL,



Go dance to the sounds of a Big Band- Staines

The RHC Big Band- Staines Riverside Club- Poster by aDPontes ©2008

The Royal Holloway BIG BAND- Staines Riverside Club, Thu 22nd May £3

For more information on any of the ensembles or concerts at Royal Holloway, please visit http://www.rhul.ac.uk/music/about-us/concerts.html or e-mail concerts@rhul.ac.uk.

Last year the band performed at the Frost Fair outside the Tate Modern

Instrumentation: saxes, trpts, tbns, kybd, gtr, bass, dr., perc., vocals

email: bigband@rhul.ac.uk.

Chuckle at the Terror of Pam Ann at 41,000 feet!

Pam Ann at Hayes

PAM ANN terror at 41,000 feet – Beck Theatre Hayes May 20 & May 21

May 20 2008 8:00P Beck Theatre Hayes

May 21 2008 8:00P Beck Theatre Hayes

Whatever happened to the golden age of flying? When ladies always wore heels and gents would smoke cuban cigars… and you could sit in the cockpit sipping champagne with the captain…before joining him in the mile-high club.

Now all you get is a long queue through security, a meaningless video presentation, a cheesy pasta meal you have to eat with a bendy plastic fork and a rude and rough looking ‘bird’ giving you the evil eye if you dare to ask for another pillow.

Pam Ann brings it all to you in this witty, sexy and very rude show … the highs and the lows, the good old days and the not-so-good present age of flying.

Pam has toured with Cher and Elton John and is described as ‘cruelly funny’.

Performed and written by Caroline Reid

To learn more click on Pam Ann’s myspace:




Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road

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Duchess Theatre – London

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It’s had the audience on their feet in every corner of the globe and now Buddy “the world’s most successful rock’n’roll musical” is back and ready to explode on to the stage in a toe-tapping, hand-clapping extravaganza!

With a phenomenally talented cast, Buddy the Musical tells the story of Buddy Holly, presents his music and features some of Buddy’s greatest hits including That’ll Be The Day, Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, Rave On, Heartbeat, Raining In My Heart and many more.

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Marvel at the enchanted forests of the Elves, wonder at the tree-sized walking Ents, and try to catch your breath between the epic battles scenes, as Sam and Frodo journey on their mammoth quest to destroy the Ring and save Middle-earth.

With an unforgettable score, heartfelt performances and ground-breaking special effects, The Lord of the Rings is a dazzling theatrical masterpiece.

`Astonishing’ (Sunday Times)

`Terrific’ (Daily Mail)

`Prepare for enchantment’ (The Times)

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Avenue Q

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Noel Coward Theatre – London – Available Mon-Fri until 30 June

Avenue Q is not the most upmarket of New York streets, and is about as far away from Park Avenue as you can get, but it is home to some lively and off the wall characters performed by an unholy comedic alliance of humans and puppets!

In a Downtown New York neighbourhood, a bright eyed college graduate called Princeton is looking for a new place to live. With a tiny bank balance, he is about to come face to face with the reality of life on Avenue Q, however a variety of weird and wonderful new friends help lead Princeton on a hilarious journey of self-discovery.

This is the must-see hit show of the year and a guaranteed laugh-out-loud night out. Book your trip to Avenue Q now!The cast for the London production have won great acclaim for their performances, bringing the puppets to life with great
energy, touching sensitivity and above all genuine hilarity. Avenue Q was the winner of the 2004 Tony Awards for Best New Musical, Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score!

“A savvy, sassy musical. Unfailingly tuneful and disgustingly irresistible” – New York Times

Please note: Avenue Q contains scenes which may be unsuitable for children under 12. Children under five are not admitted. The show contains mild sexual references. Parents are advised to use their discretion based on the maturity level of their children

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