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Rocking Hippie Party in Shepperton — LAUGHING STOCK FESTIVAL

The wonderful Jagger family of Shepperton again organized a super fun-packed day of music, peace and love in the Laughing Waters this weekend.

Remarkably, the sun managed to shine for the afternoon…

The wonderful Jagger family of Shepperton organized a super fun-packed day of music, peace & love…

The first LAUGHING STOCK FESTIVAL was held in 2005, when the Jagger family invited a few friends for a summer picnic by the river.

The event has grown over the years and raises funds for charities such as the Diabetes Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Eagle Radio Trust and Woking and Sam Beare Hospice.

The Woking and Sam Beare Hospice provides inpatient and community care to approximately 1,400 patients each year. They looked after Linda Jagger’s dad when he got very sick.

The hospice hopes to raise an additional £1.9m to deliver a new hospice service in the heart of Surrey that will be support generations to come.

JJ band – squelchy blues and authentic rhythm and blues…

The party started with some chilled sounds from Heids with acoustic support from the Jagger family’s own function & party outfit — the JJ BAND.

They also played a gladdening and cheerful full-electric set later in the day.

The full band comprises of Linda and Heidi on vocals, JJ and Al on guitars and with Byron and Tim providing the powerhouse bass and drums.

The outfit plays squelchy blues and authentic rhythm and blues, plus breathtaking soul and crackling pop. You can check them out at The Red Lion, Shepperton on Sunday 27th August.

Rifftakers – street-rock boogaloos…

Next up were THE RIFFTAKERS who play their own rhythm and blues brand in the tradition of The Rolling Stones and Yardbirds.

With fuzzy guitars, dynamic beats and party vibes, their street-rock boogaloos, accelerated rhythms and energetic performances provided the motivating force of the afternoon and soon the revelers rose from ground-sheets and picnic chairs to dance in unison.

Next was the super-smooth and super-efficient 8-piece GROOVELINE offering jazz, acid jazz, soul and disco  and who played a swish and dishy collection of funky hits culminating in the wonderful “Blame It on the Boogie” — got to be everyone’s favourite uptempo party-time number.

Grooveline – swish and dishy…

It was Grooveline singer Amy Nicholls’ last appearance with the band (for a while, any-ways) and bass-player Adam was taken sick [we wish him an early recovery] so he was replaced “last minute.”

After a very successful auction and raffle the three-piece roots band MANTIC MUDDLERS, from Petersfield, Hampshire, played some home-style, unfussy blue-grass and rhythm & soul numbers with exuberance and joy.

The lads will be playing the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth on 25th August. You should check them out…

The festival welcomed back the immensely talented local 5-piece rock-reggae band TREE HOUSE FIRE.

Tree House Fire – sonic damage deep down in your Mondongos —

This band are always a big hit, with bouncy, boom-boom songs and a bass line that walks impulsively down-the-line.

At Shepperton they delivered their lumpy, low-noted ditties, intrepid vocals and giddy-paced rhythms with verve and panache.

As we said before, this band causes, “sonic damage deep down in your Mondongos —”

We’ve often thought that experiencing the !DAFT!  cover band is as pleasurable as playing on a kids bouncy-castle wearing nothing but clotted cream…

Their hi-energy rock-covers are salacious & stimulating and at Shepperton the band played an unrestrained, rip-roaringly successful set that magnificently complemented  all the high-jinks and romping frolics at Laughing Water.

!Daft! — a celebratory mix of modern garage rock, post-punk and guitar pop rock…

Their delivery and execution was superb. No wonder they are  justifiably known as the best party band on the circuit.

Their celebratory mix of modern garage rock, post-punk and guitar pop rock is influenced by mid-1980s indie bands — but they easily and successfully turn their hands to garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll and even country when the time is right. And the band’s instinctive ability to “read the crowd” and recognize what is best to keep an audience on their feet is the hallmark of their success.

This was another gleeful and jubilant affair at Laughing Stock

A day of beads and feathers, flower power and gentle people — and, of course, lots ‘n’ lots of love.


Words & Images by @neilmach 2017 ©

Mantic Muddlers – exuberance and joy…

Sun Shines For Laughing Stock

The rain stayed behind the threatening clouds right until the end of the show at  this weekends successful  ‘Laughing Stock‘  Festival held in Shepperton. Hosted by Linda & Jon Jagger, at their riverside home.  ‘Laughing Stock’ is an exceptional afternoon of exciting live music, provided by 8 live bands, including local heroes like Lee Aaron, Prezence and of course – !Daft!

The proceeds from this enjoyable family day out went to the  EAGLE RADIO TRUST – this is supporting local causes.

Festival goers were welcomed by an arc of gazebos encircling the tented stage  – looking almost like a defensive circle of wagons just before an imminent Apache attack. But these precautions were necessary to overcome the nasty and discouraging weather that we are all becoming rather bored with during this soggy summer.

But the ‘pioneers’ were soon able to leave the safety of their tents and spread themselves out in a neighbourly fashion – along the  tidy riverside lawns – to enjoy the simply superb live music on offer.

Delights included classic rockers Prezence (the self-proclaimed rock gods of the south.) The extraordinary drummer Lee Aaron with his talented band. And the great voice of ‘Mercy’ with ‘The Hog’.

In the early evening we were all chilled out beautifully and reliably intoxicated. And happy to see the top of-the-bill band – !Daft! – doing their thing. This group is the UK’s top Rock and Pop cover band – they are exceptional musicians and masterful entertainers. But as the band started to play the REEF anthem “Place Your Hands”  and the swaying crowd waved happily to the lyrics ‘Put Your Hands On…’ the first fat spatters of rain started to be felt.

Lee Aaron Band – Laughing Stock 2012

The !Daft!  guys suggested cutting their set short – and some festival goers even started packing their picnic baskets and putting on cagoules and wellies – but for the majority of the crowd it was an easy decision … let’s dance in the rain!

A memorable event of  love, peace and music.

© Neil_Mach July 2012