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Loose Lips Spitting Teeth in Staines

This week we were lucky enough to catch up with the Brighton-based pop-punk band Loose Lips at our favourite music venue in Staines : The Hob.  The band consists of Jason Barker (Lead Vocals and Guitar)  Sam Perkins (Vocals and Drums) and Matt Don (Vocals and Bass). They have the cheek and confidence to make you sit up and take note. And they also possess the musical talent and the indisputable song-writing skills to back up all of that stunning bravado.

Loose Lips take the guitar based dexterity of  bands like ‘Biffy Clyro’ – then combine it with the freshness and style of  bands  like ‘Kids In Glass Houses’. Their hi-energy songs flow together confidently, each with a distinctive style and a vigorous attitude.

loose lips smallThe band have recently released their ‘Spitting Teeth’ EP and they are touring around the South with their hit songs.

When the band plays ‘Broken Promises’  live,  the song often follows on from [You’d better] “Drive Away” with that bang-bang, cha-cha – da-da-da drumming from Sam, that burns deep into your nerve endings to twiddle with your synapses.

The warp jump to ‘Broken Promises’ occurs when the lemony acid riff comes in –  so caustic that it would peel paint off a bar room door – and this cuts through the air like stale vinegar. Then the drums begin to walk and talk – they thunder, cough and wheeze  – like an unfit man trying to negotiate a flight of concrete stairs in a dimly lit car park.  Wearing roller skates.

The bass guitar, meanwhile, is thumpy, well-thumbed,  and greasy dirty.  It’s played like a man whose work is to pull the nylon-stockings onto shop dummies – wearing just a pair of fireman’s oven mitts.  The song is so exciting that you will feel a deep ferment in your valves – and your neurons will seem as though they’ve been super-heated in a clay oven.

Boxstreet’ has that spitting, crashing ribaldry from Sam on drums again. But this song is all about the lewd and infectious chorus – it will make you rejoice and repent – simultaneously.  The verse is roughly spoken by Jason,  but it has a small hokey-cokey bob-tail end-piece that goes a little like:  “Whoa-oh-wha-oh.”    This is accompanied by some foaming and frothing rhythm guitar chops. It is about as daft as you can get – but it’s so refreshingly fast that it will make your head spin round –  like your Mum’s whirly line on a windy washing-day.

Grenade’ has got a fast and angry tempo to it –  it  may even remind you of  The Jam  – with a catchy riff that glues itself fast to your memory. Those sneering lyrics:  “Bury Me… and Run Away…” are called out across the room,  to cut across your forehead like a flicked whip .  When the song slows down –  just a bit –  you can really hear how eloquent the guitar play is – and it is at this time that  Sam really dishes out some shine and sparkle. It’s a very volatile song.  So you’ll need to wear your high-energy pants!

S0261199-©-Neil_Mach-June-2Dr. Evil’ has a rush of climactic guitar,  then some finely rashered rhythms. Occasionally a ‘Glurk’ of guitar is expelled –  almost squeezed out. The vocal is rushed  – like a jogger chasing a dog.

Palpitating and sweaty drums hiccup around the dizzy mix of sounds, whilst the bass guitar grinds and snarls itself to a frenzy. The “Don’t wait for me…” chorus grabs your lapels to pull you in for a deep, wet and lingering kiss.

The finest moment comes when the song breaks down, and the “Whoa” chant is sung – clean and free – against those clattering drums. Then the guitar sighs and weeps low again, and – with a fuss and a cluster  –  it’s all over.

Like all dumb and goofy pop punk – the songs from Loose Lips are as light as a sorbet delight on a sunny afternoon –  and as deliciously delirious as a quick tug on a hot night.

Go get ….

– © Neil_Mach June 2013 –




Loose Lips Live in Staines

Brighton based trio Loose Lips have only been doing their punky pop-rock thing on the circuit since June 2011 – yet they already sound like the tightest band you’ve ever heard.   Take the guitar based dexterity and the song-writing skills of a band like ‘Biffy Clyro’ and combine that with the freshness and style of a band like  ‘Kids In Glass Houses.’ But take a pinch of summer sea breeze and surf up style …  and you start to approach the spirited perfection of this band’s output.

We were lucky enough to see them play at the best music venue around – The Hob Staines – on Saturday.

Live, their songs flow well together, each with a distinctive style and a vigorous attitude.  And there is ample evidence  of their technical ability, found in their exuberant performances.  Engagement is at the social level – their songs are for parties and celebrations.

Jason Barker (lead vocals and guitar) Matt Don (bass guitar and vocals) and Sam Perkins (drums and vocals) have an almost flawless amiability. They cheer up a room –  just by being in it. They don’t even need to pick up their instruments to create some fun!

And their numbers are always so generous – invariably full of brazen joy and cheeky cheerfulness. Take their song ‘Blue Rubber Blanket’. This has a highly nourishing melody together with a distinctive sound. Creative guitar-work is light enough to illuminate a room.  And the song speaks to the listeners on an emotional – yet impertinent – level.

Drive Away’ has a throbbing rhythm and vast swathes of chords that will brush across your brow, knocking you off your feet.  Lyrics speak boldly to the audience.  The words are incisive and stimulating. “You better drive away…  before I change your mind…”  And all-the-while, this plucky band are the exemplars of efficiency in music.  There is never a roll of drums, plucked bass note or a chord strummed that is ever wasted.  Every note, every word, is perfectly placed.

Blindfold’ has that same acidic sweetness that we expect from Loose Lips. That step-down riff is extraordinary. And the melody will remain deeply rooted within your skull for weeks. With drumming as fierce as a famished floozie after a night out on the bubble.  And a voice so wild, and so insanely high-spirited,  that you are likely to get wet … just by watching.   Well, it’s no surprise that everyone dances and prances like crazy coyotes at a Loose Lips gig.

What a band!  Go grab a slice for yourself.

– © Neil_Mach September 2012 –