Nigel Bagge at Staines Riverside

It is unusual, even in the refined atmosphere of Staines Riverside Club, to see an audience so entranced.

But last night’s concert by Nigel Bagge (with Mike Piggott as special guest) was an amazing experience.

These two exquisite performers, ably assisted by their wonderfully competent band-mates, created a hot-pot of deluxe blues-based sounds that were absolutely delicious and hypnotically magical.

Guitarist and smoky-voiced singer Nigel Bagge began playing professionally back in the 1970’s with the folk-rockers ‘Lamplight.’

After a decade ‘doing other things’ he came back to music in the 1990’s when he was involved with the Mighty 45’s  – supporting both Angela Brown and Philip Walker.

Nigel Bagge - Russet vocals and liquid crystalline guitar flourishes...
Nigel Bagge – Russet vocals and liquid crystalline guitar flourishes…

He also collaborated with heavy-metal singer Nicky Moore (who took over vocal duties from Bruce Dickinson-in the hard-rock band  ‘Samson’) going on to form, with him, the ‘Blues Corporation’.

Since then he has worked with Peter Green, Chris Farlowe and Miller Anderson, as well as fronting his own band.

The professional career of violinist Mike Piggott also began in the early 1970’s – playing guitar with soul, blues and reggae bands throughout the London scene.

It was while he was on tour with ‘The Bone Idols’ that he met Stéphane Grappelli – and his love for jazz violin began to grow.

He temporarily replaced John Renbourn (Pentangle) on their 1985 album ‘Open the Door’ and he also worked with Bert Jansch.

Mike was nominated in The British Jazz Awards 2012 for his violin play.

Mike Piggott - Ever-trilling violin breaks...
Mike Piggott – Ever-trilling violin breaks…

This fine ensemble played a wonderful collection of songs at Staines, some taken from Bagge’s own catalogue. Others were familiar covers.

Numbers like Dylan’s 1971 classic ‘Watching The River Flow’ went down extremely well with the crowd.

Those smudged, russet vocals from Nigel contrasted compellingly with the super-smooth delivery of the liquid crystalline guitar flourishes. And,of course, augmented by Mike’s ever-trilling violin breaks.

One of our favourite numbers was the cover of John Hiatt’sThe Tiki Bar Is Open” – this was cheeky,  cheerful and efficient. Pulling together some exhilarating bass-work ( from Grant Tunbridge) and an incredibly articulated violin.

This was a quality show, From beginning to end. With a host of blues ‘n’ jazzy sounds that reminded us of Mark Knopfler, Dylan and Wishbone Ash – all playing together at a “Tennessee County” jamboree!

This concert was a uniquely paced.

A sweet-toned and truly melodious experience.

Thank God for the Staines Riverside Club

Because this show opened up our minds!

Images and words by @neilmach 2014 ©



One thought on “Nigel Bagge at Staines Riverside”

  1. Thanks for the super review! Love playing at the Riverside… a great night, lovely people – audience, and all those involved in running the club. Hope to see you again real soon!

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