RedFest 2013

Imagine this … You are laid on the soft grass, and you are enjoying the beautiful surroundings of  Robins Cook Farm.  Just 30 minutes from London.

You are listening to the soulful vocals of an extraordinary artist like Jazz Morley.  She is playing at the Boileroom Stage on Saturday along with Frank Hamilton and Ryan Keen. The sun is gently tanning your arms. You feel refreshed and comfortable. You are surrounded by the kind of happy, relaxed and sociable people that could easily become friends for life.

Redfest 2011  Image © Neil Mach

Redfest 2011
Image © Neil Mach

Your new best friend cannot stop talking about seeing some high-octane rock act. Turbowolf  for example.   They wll be performing on the Hype Stage along with Zico Chain and Bleed From Within.  Everyone is welcome.

You have both heard so much about bands like Arcane Roots and Little Comets. You have downloaded all their material. And you follow them on social media. They are playing on the Blackstar Stage with Dry The River and Bastille. You have never had the chance to see these bands playing live before. But now you can … in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Here, at Robins Cook Farm,  you will never feel as if you have been rounded up and herded in. You won’t feel as if you have been treated like cattle.  You won’t feel confined or harassed. There are no huge crowds – or cramped footpaths. You will feel safe and secure, but you won’t feel hounded by security. There are no long queues.

Most importantly, when you see your favourite bands playing live, you can really hear every note … and you can see the smiles on the performer’s faces – they will not be miles away – across a sea of people.

After sunset, you will dance, drink and relax. In the evening you can visit the nightclubs to see luscious burlesque artists, night-time singers and exotic cabaret artists. They will smile, pirouette and twirl for you. And later, if you do not feel too tired, you can take in a movie at the cinema.

With an extraordinary line-up of over 60 amazing acts including:   Bastille, Dry The River, Dog Is Dead and Lucy Rose  – plus Bury Tommorow and Bleed From Within (if you like things a bit heavier) or Ryan Keen and The Other Tribe (if you like to dance) – you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a festival experience that is too good to be true.

REDFEST really is as nice as we have described.

If you want to appreciate all of this – then we invite you give REDFEST a try this year. It’s been going since 2007 –  so the organisers know a thing-or-two about how to put on a great show.  It’s totally independent.  And –  if you live in London or the Home Counties – it is right on your doorstep.

Ticket are priced very sensibly –  from just £36.00 per day (for a non-camping – e-ticket). Or you can get a full 2 Day Weekend Pass that includes camping for about £65.00 (Plus a booking fee) per person.

Check it out now.  We would love to see there … really you enjoying yourself !

For full details visit the Redfest site here:



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