Girl in the Garden Live at The Hob Staines

Girl in the Garden’ is a youthful band that started life in late 2010. They recorded their first demo in 2011 at More House School, Farnham.

In December 2011 the band recorded their second EP  (at the Air Play Studios, Ashford.)    This cut included 3 news songs:  ‘KOL’  ‘Winning A Losing Game’ and ‘Submission’ and also included re recorded versions of ‘Left the City’ ‘Reflections’ and ‘Anthology’.

During the start of 2012, the Staines band played multiple gigs for Theory Project Revolution ( Woking)   and also played a fantastic gig at Thorpe Park to promote the new Swarm ride for Buckle-Up Promotions.


They cite influences such as:  Klaxons, Arctic monkeys, Manic Street Preachers, and Two Door Cinema Club.

GITG  played the marvellous Hobgoblin Staines venue on Saturday, supporting talented indie rockers ‘According to You’.

The young band played a bright, airy and pleasant set – gaining many new fans along the way.

We thoroughly enjoyed songs like ‘Left The City’ with those sparkling clear guitars, sleek lines of shimmering sound and a rueful voice from Jordan that is very reminiscent of Lou Reed – at his most introspective.

This song – like many numbers from GITG –  explodes like a piñata …   into a riot of exultant colours and candy pieces.

Or ‘KOL’ that is generously abundant, with a vocal line that claws itself  deep into your heart and writhes along to burrow into your brain.  Guitars from Tommy percolate around the stubby riffs, and the low notes of licorice bass from Jamie will give you a shudder.  The percussion, meanwhile,  is center fired by Connor – and this pushes the song along at a fairly snappy pace.

Guitars churn in opalescent majesty, and they heave around the central theme, creating an aquamarine treasure of lush textures and bright lights.

Very highly recommended !

Next show: Happy Landing Public House;  Clare Road, Stanwell, Staines
Saturday, 11 May 2013 at 21:00

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –



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