Missing Andy Live at the Boiler Room

Missing-Andy-at-Boiler-RoomPopular Essex mod-band Missing Andy came over the water, to the capital of Surrey – Guidford – last Sunday – to play the superb venue The Boiler Room.

They performed a bunch of invigorating and fascinating popular songs for the breathless audience to swing along to and enjoy.

Several songs were played ‘acoustically’ and taken from the band’s recently released acoustic EP – and other new numbers were taken from the two ‘Guerrilla Invasion’ discs.

Songs included the nostalgic ‘Mr. Policeman’ which is a traditional English 2 Tone number, created, perhaps,  in memory of  The Specials.   It feels like a  hopping and punky Basildon street party. With those raspberry guitar sounds, walking bass lines and fluctuating, fluttering percussion – it is a full bunting flapper of a song.

The gently murmuring guitars and the swooping woo-woos from the keyboards added texture to the carefree fun of it all.  In the brightly coloured Chigwell/Chigley world portrayed here, all the cops are like PC Corky Turnbull and all the villains are like Grange Hill’s “Tucker.”   With lines like  “Mr Policeman please let me go…” running around in our heads hours later, we realised that this song was a real House Of Fun.

Britpop flavored ‘Young Disciple’ was very reminiscent of Parklife era ‘Blur’ especially with that ingenious spoken verse (reminding us of Phil Daniels)  “You should take a vow of silence mate….so he did.”  The ‘Dedicated Follower’ vocal was patently a knowing nod to the “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” single by The Kinks (progenitors of Brit-pop.) The vocal on this chorus was sweetly high, saccharine luscious and it really showcased the astonishing talent of lead man  “Alex” Greaves.  And the backing vocals were also clean and reliable.  Crikey! The tune on this number was irresistibly attractive  – with those ska sounds predominating.  What a treat.

MA guerilla invasionGlorious’ sounded like something that Adele would probably produce. A bighearted, big bosomed anthem. One that would make your Nan and Grandpa sit and listen. Or get your little niece to dance along to in her mother’s “Big shoes”.  It  had that crisp rat-a-tat military rhythm that steadily marched along.

And there was also that kind of big, pouting melody that wins Brit Awards: With a prizewinning line that went something like “All we need is a little more time …. to be glorious.”  It was a song all about shining a golden light upon our lives.  So, with winsome synths (courtesy of birthday boy “Jon” Sharpe) creating some silky brocaded backdrops,  and shiny guitars from “DAVE” Rolls –  the overall lustre was guaranteed.  Largely,  this was a song that celebrated life and the voice.  And if it doesn’t win a Grammy award for MA  then there ain’t no justice in this mad world.

We also had some of the best songs from the back-catalogue, the favourite of these being ‘Dave’  with those quick witty texts, and plinky-plonk boogie “Joanna” – it had the animated crowd at the Boiler Room up and dancing like Redbridge hoodlums!

It was a great show, and we cannot wait to see Missing Andy again. We really hope that they get the recognition they deserve for their amazing new releases. They are the salt of the earth. And. God,  we love ‘em.

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –




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