Tree House Fire Rocket Album Review

Those loveable Guildford based reggae/ska /pop fellas  Tree House Fire have proudly produced an amazing debut album – available right now on Trench Foot Records.

The recording entitled Rocket! can be grabbed at their bandcamp site or using the links below.

After the band’s sensational show at The Hobgoblin, Staines at the weekend (Ant’s Birthday bash) – we got hold of a copy of Rocket!  And here’s what we thought:

With a whirlwind of a start to it,  this song pumps you up from the inside and it makes you grind. The first tiny taster-track grooves smoothly into the superb composition ‘Straza Grip’. With its boom-boom political references and a bass line that walks impulsively along-the-line. This accomplished song has more fire in its belly than a dragon that’s been force-fed a vindaloo.  ‘No more prophets to spread the world …’  Sings Sam (vocals / guitar) as those sinewy organ sounds swelter out.  This track simmers and bubbles beneath the Levantine sun.  ‘The Drop’ pulls no political punches either.  But that won’t stop you dancing.  The vibrations will shake your chitterlings  –  causing some sonic damage deep down in your Mondongos

And then ‘Rabble’  flames up a joint of soothing sounds, so you can start to relax and unwind into some early shimmying, ready  for ‘Peoples Problems’.  This enjoyable ditty has lumpy low notes  – and these get pulled and prodded around by the band’s miracle bass player – Ant.  The cool voice runs along, growing in stature as it matures within the song.  And then, before you know it, it’s all over. It’s a bit like a night out with your mates really!

Title track ‘Rocket!’ has a traditional Reggae/Ska edge to it. Effective vocals create several notable moments, and the song-structure will certainly make you raise your arms and sway.  A memorable chorus will linger for ever, too.

Scratchy ‘Great Ocean Road’ (Featuring DJ Killer Tomato)  is a fast paced squawking scatter-gun of surprises. An addictive beat is gilded by those intrepid vocals that chatter out an alarming rate.

The track ‘Stack It Up High’ is the creation “par excellence” of Tree House Fire.  A firm favourite at live shows, the bass play in this extraordinary piece is so utterly depraved that it  almost consumes you.

And ‘KMB ’ is the band’s party song.  It’s happy reggae. It has a whooping sing along chorus and oodles of plucky guitar sounds that keep moving behind an enormously bouncy bass and cheerfully inflatable vocals. It’s the kind of the song that you need to take your heels off for.  Sod it, take off your shirt too. ‘Cos you will be dancin’ along to this one. For ages.  I promise you. In fact, you will be “bouncing off the ceiling ..”  after listening to it.

– © Neil_Mach September 2012 –



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