Sun Shines For Laughing Stock

The rain stayed behind the threatening clouds right until the end of the show at  this weekends successful  ‘Laughing Stock‘  Festival held in Shepperton. Hosted by Linda & Jon Jagger, at their riverside home.  ‘Laughing Stock’ is an exceptional afternoon of exciting live music, provided by 8 live bands, including local heroes like Lee Aaron, Prezence and of course – !Daft!

The proceeds from this enjoyable family day out went to the  EAGLE RADIO TRUST – this is supporting local causes.

Festival goers were welcomed by an arc of gazebos encircling the tented stage  – looking almost like a defensive circle of wagons just before an imminent Apache attack. But these precautions were necessary to overcome the nasty and discouraging weather that we are all becoming rather bored with during this soggy summer.

But the ‘pioneers’ were soon able to leave the safety of their tents and spread themselves out in a neighbourly fashion – along the  tidy riverside lawns – to enjoy the simply superb live music on offer.

Delights included classic rockers Prezence (the self-proclaimed rock gods of the south.) The extraordinary drummer Lee Aaron with his talented band. And the great voice of ‘Mercy’ with ‘The Hog’.

In the early evening we were all chilled out beautifully and reliably intoxicated. And happy to see the top of-the-bill band – !Daft! – doing their thing. This group is the UK’s top Rock and Pop cover band – they are exceptional musicians and masterful entertainers. But as the band started to play the REEF anthem “Place Your Hands”  and the swaying crowd waved happily to the lyrics ‘Put Your Hands On…’ the first fat spatters of rain started to be felt.

Lee Aaron Band – Laughing Stock 2012

The !Daft!  guys suggested cutting their set short – and some festival goers even started packing their picnic baskets and putting on cagoules and wellies – but for the majority of the crowd it was an easy decision … let’s dance in the rain!

A memorable event of  love, peace and music.

© Neil_Mach July 2012



3 thoughts on “Sun Shines For Laughing Stock”

  1. Thanks for the review Neil, great time had by everyone despite the rain…….and fab to see you and Sue!

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