SWARM – Thorpe Park- Roller Coaster Launch

On Thursday 15th March at 10am THE SWARM will begin its attack at THORPE PARK – are you brave enough to be there? Will you dare to experience a death defying flight through apocalyptic devastation on Europe’s tallest winged rollercoaster?  Will you take on the unique head first, inverted drop from 127ft as you are flung into this merciless flight for your life?

With an apocalyptic 127 FT inverted drop and 5 gut wrenching inversions and near-misses, THE SWARM is the tallest wing coaster in Europe…. are you brave enough?

And to celebrate Tthe launch of THE SWARM, Staines’ Buckleup Promotions have provided 12 of the best upcoming & breaking bands to play on a stage right next to The Roller Coaster…

The Bands Playing at the SWARM launch are:

  • Attention Thieves
  • Loose Lips
  • According To You
  • IRIS
  • Tree House Fire
  • A Girl in the Garden
  • Joyland
  • An Army of Lights
  • The Black Hats
  • Fear No Fish
  • Run Young Lovers
  • Nudy Bronque

The event kicks off on Thursday 15th March ( the music starts at 12) and finishes Sunday 18th March

Check http://www.thorpepark.com/ for more details and go to Buckle Up Promotions to get info about the bands involved.

Tree House Fire SWARM Rollercoaster

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