Avenge Vulture Attack at The Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin in Staines has hosted many amazing bands over the last year and has a truly terrific line-up this spring too- with live music every Thursday and Saturday.

So we went down to the Hob to see one of the most promising bands of 2011 – the 4-piece punk/reggae act known as Avenge Vulture Attack. The band consists of singer Ella Grace, with Drew and Joss on guitars and vocals and Ben on drums.

Ella is as shameless and cheeky as a French saint, St. Amélie perhaps, gamine and absolutely delectable. And the funky interludes from under used guitar, dribbles of oily bass and just-so percussion add depth and soul to her sparkling voice.

This band is armed to the teeth with clean melodies and expressive musical tricks. And their combined energy is unforgiving.

Take for example the song ‘Run Around’. There is a background of fat reggae bass notes and jagged spiral arrangements. Across this horizon comes those startling yet anodyne cries from the heart-  from Ella.  Tuneful vocal harmonies and ambitious and creative guitar sounds, along with reliable percussion, all build up to a hesitant chorus that concludes with an anthemic flourish.

‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is like torn pieces of pure energy, lightly Prit-glued together to create a pastiche of pop punk sound.

Electric licks eel their way into your cortex, playing havoc with your innards, and leaving you panting for more.  It’s a sure thing that you are gonna be humming this yum-yum song for days to come.

This is a band that plays reassuringly fun music. They look and sound polished to perfection and their songs shine like the spring-time morning. I urge you to get them now while they are still fresh!

© Neil_Mach
February 2011



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