Aspex – Hobgoblin, Staines – Sep 23rd

Put a simple punk/ska song into your machine and set it to economy wash with a fast spin- and out will come this frothy knotted confusion of jolting rhythms and uncoordinated colours. But it kinda makes sense if you take time to carefully unknot each piece. ASPEX are the kind of band that set their amps on ‘turbo spin’ and set their tempo to ‘rapid wash’ and then deliver results in a riot of colours and a jumble of sounds.

Aspex is a three piece garage rock band from New Haw, Surrey- and they have just finished recording their first E.P. They say that it’s been 10 months since they last played their set list, but the happy throng at the fantastic local venue, the Hobgoblin, Staines, welcomed the boys with open arms. Stubbly stern faced ‘Peed’ is on lead vocals and guitar;  New Mohican ‘Week’ is on backing vocals and bass guitar; Finally,  smartman ‘Carver’ is on Drums.  With influences from Red Hot Chili Peppers  to Arctic Monkeys, you know you’re in for some fun, and Aspex don’t disappoint.

‘Be Yourself’ has military style drums leading to a rock and roll cavalry charge – whilst a Middle Eastern hunting eagle of a guitar screams and wails overhead – as the song evolves into a jammy verse. This is one of a number of articulate and carefully crafted numbers, athletically performed by this crew.

Then we are given a humdinger of a cover – Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” – and you begin to understand that this band exudes quality and passion for ‘The Rock Music’.  Pitching is nearly always spot on and the jagged phrasing and off beat accents of their own compositions are complemented by their choice of cover songs. Rhythms often skid off the tracks, sent madly hysterical by those ever screaming guitar lines. And the chugging bass is played spontaneously and energetically by bouncing ‘Week.’

Towards the end of the performance the crowd at The Hob got a note perfect rendition of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ –  yet another example of the breadth of imagination that this band possesses.

Aspex – they never stop daring to be different.  They never stop in the pursuit of total rock.

© Neil_Mach
September 2010


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