HER:ENEMY Staines Hobgoblin 12 AUG 2010

Although only the bold and the beautiful ventured out to Staines’s favourite music venue – the Hob – last week to see HER:ENEMY they were in for a treat.  ‘Cos the Ascot based indie/post punk trio pulled out all the stops to deliver a blistering performance of first rate energy and power.

Vaguely menacing songs suffused with shades of grey and ashen soundscapes make up the general atmosphere of Her:Enemy  (see ‘Headlights and Dark Nights’  or’ Cold Night’) and the tunes shift rhythmically from fairly complex nuances through to more accessible and poppy melodies reminding me of early Jam (‘Bad Brain’).

Looking for all the world like a Southern ‘Hillbilly’ Good Ole’ Boy in his dungarees and long beard – just about to go off to make him some moonshine – lead vocalist and talented front-man guitarist Craigy Lee sweats and grinds over every song with passion and skill. At times high and sweet, the mood of his vocals can also reach grungy lows – in keeping with the growling bass and black chords of some of the darker numbers. Strong melodies are given illumination by striking percussion from Ash on drums and soulful bass guitar odysseys from Tom.

Slower songs are more edgy and leave a gritty deposit in your mind’s eye-  and although the Her:Enemy numbers are often split into distinct individual ‘movements’ they never lose sight of their narrative whole. Bursts of brilliance from all the band members are regular and welcome, brazen ever changing chords often give rise to dazzling drums and eloquent bass play.

Whip crackingly loud at times (enough to fragment those tender young ears) this band provides enough grizzling, sizzling energy to stir up your emotions. They soon got the young Staines Hobgoblin crowd to their feet and bopping n’ bouncing along to those hot punky beats.  Alas, the band are planning a shortish hiatus this Autumn (Craigy Lee is off to the land down under) and so there are now only a few dates left (in September) where you can catch this terrific trio.

© Neil_Mach
August 2010



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