Audio.Video.Disco Valentines Day, The Hob Staines

Audio.Video.Disco is a pouting, sulking, smouldering almost vampiric looking band ( vampiric in a good ‘True Blood’ type way) with darkly handsome Rich Berkshire up front on his guitar and providing lead vocals,  loyal henchman and gigster Matt alongside, twiddling his lead guitar and supporting with vocals and Tox on the bass giving it the third voice …. ( and they even have a Ryan Kwanten look-alike [Tommy] on the drums at the back.)

This incredibly good-looking band played to a packed audience at the Valentines Day party at The Hob,  Staines at the weekend.  Full to the brim with the posh-totty fans of AVD, there was also enough room in the pub for a fair distribution of assorted divas, shakers, swingers, dilettantes and
philanders – all clamoring for a piece of this exciting local band. And the enthusiastic audience got what they came for. This was music for the young and the famous, the warm blooded and those without shame – Audio Video Disco are synonymous with sex appeal and they ooze success in a world where most of us are merely gasping for air.

Hit after enormously addictive hit was provided to the heaving crowd – each song carefully crafted and superbly presented by the three front-row singers; Songs like “Seeing is Believing”  with a choppy almost ska-like Jam-ish quality or the reverberating ‘No Mans Land’ with its solid chunks of bass – this set was an Aladdin’s Cave of gold-standard compositions, sprightly rhythms and catchy choruses. And yet these lads are strangely bereft of ego – they keep their feet firmly on the ground and their minds on their work.

The Audio Video Disco song-book is not only essential listening material but also joyful and zingy enough to get us all dancin’ along. At times the tunes deliver the power and the punch  of a cage-fighter. And when this electric train of a sound whooshes towards us, the jolt of energy is enough to bust through our defences…. delivering smiles of wonder and surprise.

Drums dazzle with exuberance on tracks like ‘Five Years Gone’ with its twinkling start flapping up into a headrush of verse.  The tunes nag at you like a big sister on school-night and soar upwards like a kite fitted with an afterburner. The Audio Video Disco tunes are sewn together tighter than Dita Von Teese’s bodice and are twice as thrilling.

Top drawer stuff from this hypnotic and high achieving young band.

© Neil_Mach
February 2010


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