Cats and cats and cats – This Week at The Hob, Staines

Cats and cats and cats at The Hob, Staines

Cats & cats & cats
Jan 17 2010


Special Show

Cats and cats and cats are less pretentious art rock (Mew) and more dream-pop (like Cocteau Twins) and they can create some deftly beautiful if not sonically challenging soundscapes between them. This has lots to do with Adam Leverett and Eve Morrison (would you adam and eve it?) on keyboards/violin. The water-colour washes that they perform on behalf of the other buoyant members of the band is at times starkly minimalistic, but mostly, it conjures up a host of vibrant colours and textures from deep inside their magic hat ….. [ To See the entire ADPONTES review of Cats and Cats and Cats here >> ]




Musically, UTE are concerned with pushing the traditional trio format as far as they can.  Lyrically, UTE are concerned with continuing the folk tradition of telling stories old and new. UTE have been rapidly gaining a reputation for their live shows, which has seen them sharing the stage with such bands as supergrass, fanfarlo, jeremy warmsley, jonquil, maps & atlases, the xcerts, this town needs guns, mimas, broadcast 2000, and the great eskimo hoax as well as playing main stage at truck festival, the secret garden party and antic banquet festivals. they have also received airtime from steve lamacq on bbc radio 1 and dandelion radio, as well as recording a session for BBC oxford

UTE are:

ollie – guitar & vocals
joe – drummist
michael – bass & vocals

sometimes they are joined live by:

tim wright – clarinet, accordian, drum
tom jackson –  saxophone
dan goodacre – trumpet



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