Avenge Thee + Naime – Hob Staines

Adam Thee  - Avenge Thee + Naime

Avenge Thee + Naime – Staines Hobgoblin   03 September 2009

Called up, Unbound

At its best metal/hardcore is de-rationalised but the stubbornly experimetal sounds of Avenge Thee + Naime take it to the next level … an almost astringent hard-core mix of mutually assured distraction. Avenge Thee place more emphasis on the avant-garde shades of metal (almost jazz metal) than most other bands do. They like to create complex sound platforms with unorthodox time signatures that are both flexible and yet adaptable to the surroundings… like a mixed up protean beastie.

The band tend to explore new techniques and possibilities but always play within the limits of the stage setting and the tolerance of the public.  These guys, led, with enthusiasm by Adam Wesgate on vocals and ably supported by Marc Prentice on the guitar with Danny Westgate (bass) and Chainy Rabbit (drums) in the power plant,  give this new  metal monster a face and that face is  experimental hardcore at its finest.

The insatiable audience in the Hob, Staines were treated to several surrealistically short microsongs (under 2 mins) and a new kind of aggressively grungy thrash metal that was less smash n’ bash and more wounded soul. Adam’s extended vocal techniques were generally softer than other compatriots in the field of hardcore metal and, oft times ,  the accompanying complex weave of slightly off-tuned guitars and emerging blast-beats were a delight for the ears and brought  joy to the heart of all the jaded metal luvvas out there. There were plenty of enjoyable, slower, intense passages and these left the breathless audience moshing freely in the warm night air.

Fine metal from this promising and hard working band.

© Neil_Mach
September 2009



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