Meat Eating Orchids – 6 August Hob Staines

Meat_Eating_Orchids x350

Meat Eating Orchids – The Yeast Unleashed

August- and it is party-time at The Hobgoblin, Staines with the rock and doobie-roll outfit ‘The Meat Eating Orchids’ providing generously slippery slices of rock n’ roll, dripping with lewd eroticism and citricly sharp off-cut shards of guitar over a glossy and faintly sweaty close harmony groove.

This is the closest thing that hometown Staines ever gets to the swinging sixties ‘Beach Boys’ or bubble-gum era pop like ‘The Cowsills’.  They also retain a more modern 90’s indie/alt sound that can be favourably compared with local Hounslow Alt-Popsters ‘The Bluetones’.

Singer Matt Gogarty frots away in his greenhouse to bring forth a cascade of soft sounds from a thriving wellspring of melodious love, while Sam Pickett dutifully adds lushly nostalgic close harmony vocals and lyrical guitar to the earthy mix.  Joined to this are the rummaging drum sounds of Christian Jeyes on percussion (much like a child throwing stuff noisily around in the attic) and the reliable bass elements from Stuart Boyde.

As all of you Orchidophiles out there know, the Himalayan terrestrial orchid likes to show off its overly enlarged labellum to all-and-sundry to ensure reproduction. In much the same way, the meat eating orchids of Staines tend to thrust out their unruly and  glossily foliaged musical muscle for an approving  throng. The leaves and stems of each of their songs seem to intertwine and embrace each other, leaving the audience almost struggling for air and panting for more. Songs like ‘Lonely Leona Lay’ offer polished, dewy sounds whose febrile fronds wrap and warp around the familiar central themes from the group’s very-own “Summertime Forever Rock ‘n Roll” bumper song-book. Before you know where you are, these hothouse flowers have clutched your wind-pipe, grappled  with your heart-strings and trapped your writhing body, knocking out the air. You become strongly influenced by their toxic hallucinogens. Warning: These orchids may cause a state of delirium.

If you ever liked the Monkees and The Beatles in their day and have a nostalgic yearning for the golden years of  sunny  groovy pop then give the Meat Eating Orchids a try …. Rock and Roll is here to stay …Do not stray!

© Neil_Mach
August 2009


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