Beat Six – Sticky Fungus Opening Night – Staines

Back Beat Six

If ‘Hard Fi’ are our favourite sons, then ‘Beat Six’ are our absolutely best ever mates… you know, the type of absolutely best ever mate who pulls us up when we fall into the gutter, give us a slap when we need one and tells us we are lookin’ great even though we have a pile of sick on our face. Given that the management at Sticky Fungus had to ‘hit the ground’ running, it is a considerable achievement that they managed to secure ‘Beat Six’ for the opening night and a tribute to the efforts that they have all put in to make this place THE HOTTEST NEW LIVE MUSIC VENUE IN THE UK.

So ‘Beat Six’ are headlining the grand stage at Sticky’s and this night is historic. The band plays great crunching slabs of sonic wonder… this is a band of pile driving vitalizing impulses. And did you know? The eighties are back. Yep, jelly shoes, day-glo sports bras and big hair are all in.  And so, too, are the sounds of Spandau Ballet (again touring this summer), and even Duran Duran and Depeche Mode (new album.) There has never been a better time to take stock of the fact that Staines has ‘another’ incredible band with an awesome reputation and sustainable ambitions … and that this ‘other’ band has a very big eighties thing going on.

So on Mayday Friday 1st May OPENING NIGHT AT STICKY FUNGUS we turned off our megadrives, threw our vanities into the proverbial bonfire, and came to pay homage to ‘Beat Six’ playing live in our hometown. And yes, they were awesome. Everything you dreamt of and everything yet to come. Thumping great wodges of sound as thick and as desirable as a pile of loadsamoney’s wedge. Luxurious grandiose strutting and preening as sluttish and unacceptable as a night out with Edwina Curry. This band has cock and they are not afraid to strut it.

‘Beat Six’ have song structures containing stubborn rhythmic patterns and an abundance of repetitive rhythmic-harmonic schemes familiar to anyone who remembers (and loved) Duran Duran. The eighties comparisons don’t stop there- lead singer Rob (our very own Robbie Williams) sounds uncannily similar to Spandau’s Tony Hadley. Great new tunes like the latest single TOO LATE TO SEE were included in the set, along with all our old faves… getting the clambering crowd at Sticky’s on dancing tippy-toes and screaming for more.

Skilful deep and thoughtful guitar from Paul and Ben were safely marched best-foot-forward, like a squadron of our finest heavy cavalry, by the wonderful rhythms and percussive assaults from James (bass) and Jamie (drums.) The compositions and layered textures of the songs reminded me of ‘Echo and the Bunnymen’ or ‘The Enemy’. Not only enjoyable stuff, but danceable, hummable, quality compositions.

Forget the credit crunch, swine flu, Gordon Brown and Susan bloody Boyle… Jump in the DeLorean DMC-12 and fire up the flux capacitor … because we need to bring these Eighties Staines Town heroes back home.

© Neil_Mach
May 2009

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