Demure Face Fungus


Demure at Sticky Fungus, Staines May 4th 2009

Unphased by the blinding brilliance of the epic stage lighting, Demure rose comfortably to their elevated position on the big stage at Sticky Fungus last night. The band then played this enormously proportioned new mega-music venue as if it were their spiritual home and they had never been away.

This was the fifth time I had seen this bombastic fuming alt-rock noise-rock band, but I recognise that they are now at the peak of their prowess.

These powerkings provided a magnificent maelstrom of sound with Johnny B’s sad laments, huge bounding bass-play from Chris, hot diggety guitar strokes from Philip and a completely over-the-wall cavalcade of power from Neil on drums.

The transitions in between numbers were a tadge untidy and the set seemed one song too short but, in general, the heaving, sweating and dancing crowd at Sticky’s had a BLAST!

Demure are thoroughly recommended.

© Neil_Mach
May 2009

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