Sunshine Getaway – Hobgoblin Staines 03 May 2009


Winners not Losers – The Sunshine Getaway – Staines Hob 3rd May

Exeter band “The Sunshine Getaway” can be counted on for twinkling picked strings and bombastic percussion breaks. And also for long but enjoyable journeys down through some personalized experiences often using offbeat and temperamental tunes whose twists and turns leave you intrigued without feeling confused or antagonised.

Sweet vocals from new singer Lianna (she recently replaced old singer Aaron in an amicable change in line-up) means that the dissonant grinding and razor-sharp strings of the guitar-play have a more polished edge than one would expect. The wobbles and zingy textures of the songs add several dimensions and layers to the complete soundscapes whilst the supporting vocals from Mat are also presented clearly and eloquently.

Without Lianna this punk rock/alt rock band would certainly look boy-bandish (Tom Fletcher aka Mat seems to be in the line-up) but the sounds are much more sophisticated and complex than the band’s first impression (appearance) promises. Deeply thoughtful and complicated song structures leave the happy audience at The Hobgoblin, Staines feeling thrilled and sated.

Due to illness the regular Sunshine Getaway guitarist was replaced by housemate Aaron at short notice. After the gig, Lianna told me that Aaron had picked up the guitar parts in super-quick time during the day- a feat made more surprising when you listen to the complex sound structures and arrangements achieved by this ambitious band!

Mat and Lianna told me that the band embarks on a 17 date tour starting May 12 – Don’t worry, they will be back in town (as part of this tour) at Sticky Fungus on May 23 2009 so if you missed them at the Hob last night – try to catch ‘em at Stickys later in the month.

© Neil_Mach
May 2009

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