Audio Video Disco – Hob Staines


Music for girls Who can’t keep their pants on!

Staines Hobgoblin. Sunday March 29th 2009

This band don’t have to hammer on about ugly slappers ruining their lives or losing their jobs at the local Aldi store because they have already got it all … they have no concerns or worries. They are like your luckier, better dressed, more talented, richer cousins.They possess good looks, white teeth, glossy hair (just look at that sheen) and those re-usable bags of personality you have to pay extra for at the check-out.  They exude success. In fact, considering how successful this band looks and feels, it was surprising how so few girlies turned out to see Audio Video Disco at The Hob Staines 29th March. They are happy to sing happy songs for happy people.

Richard Berkshire is the smiling pretty-boy frontman on the Fender. Richard formed the quartet in 2007 with buddy Matt O’Daly, the lead guitarist on the happy strat. This was after playing acoustic duo together and dreaming of the day they would form a band. Frizzy haired grinner Tom Smith plays the snappy drums and was ‘allowed’ his own microphone on Sunday -to provide backing vocals. Adam Linton is the bass player, playing poetic bass-lines on his trusty Yamaha, and also supplying the cheeky smiles to the sparse spattering of girls in the front row.

Audio Video Disco tunes are as catchy as summer colds and sweet enough to make your teeth rot. The sounds remind me of ‘The Rembrandts’ but with a little more edge. There are large chunks of ‘The Pixies’ in the mixing bowl too! As the lads suggest, this is music “For girls Who can’t keep their pants on” and they play it hard and play it fair. Rolling, rattling percussion foams like a pint of the best house bitter, while shimmering strings and jangle-pop arrangements keep the smiles on the faces of the punters and the claps high in the air.  I particularly appreciated the squelchy and squeezey rhythms and the clever bass-lines. Some of the AVD songs seem to be quite folk-rocky in essence with an adventurous bass – more pizz than pizzle – playing footsie with the rhythm lines and clear-as-day lyrics spotlighted by that bright and breezy accompaniment.

The rattling alt/indie tunes came as clean and as clear as a spring morning in Heston and the fast-paced zingy chords – Richard and Matt giving them a good fingerin’ – were as bright and crisp as one of your Dad’s newly starched shirts. The AVD boys have a lightness and gentleness to their sound that seems to promote a sense of real hope, joy and affection in the Staines crowd. As a ‘Beat Six’ ballerino took himself up to the front, to jiggle and jive to the sounds, it was clear that this is a band full of good intentions and good-natured fun.

There is no doubt that Audio. Video. Disco. are fast becoming a very successful act and will soon be moving into the big-boys locker room. In the meantime, try to catch them as soon as… (Psst… they are playing the Rock Goblin Easter All-Dayer in April.)

Love the work!

© Neil_Mach

March 2009

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