At the Bridges – Staines Live Music News

So STICKY FUNGUS is finally opening YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST- the new STAINES LIVE MUSIC venue replacing The Exchange/Cheekees is planning some run-throughs next week before an opening night on March 25th.

Keep a Watch on this space for announcements…

I met the smooth grungers The Meat Eating Orchids at Sticky Fungus Staines last week as they were prepping for a run-through for the sounds/stage …. they loved the new live venue and will be back to play to a big crowd at the new venue soon, soon, soon.

They are also playing The Hobgoblin Staines on Apr 23rd check them at

Wow – we had a great time at The Hob on Thursday night 19th – Albany Down played a terrific set … bags of passion and noise. These lads are the new Rolling Stones!  This weekend they are doing live-radio… We wish ’em well.  They were supported by sexy-Sadie fronted band The Daquiris– who put on a steadfast show…covering stuff from Katrina and The Waves and (yep it is true I didn’t dream it) her ‘Dollyness’  the Parton – this band sound a little like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Mudhoney so please try to see them next time they are in town.

Last time Without Thought came to Staines we described the show as “thermodynamic energy and sheer vibrancy and the whole product is one brutal burst of starlight”    >SEE REVIEW HERE> Well, it seems you had better come and see what all the fuss is about because they are playing our Middlesex hometown again… Sticky Fungus on Apr 13 2009  and also our favourite friendly venue The Hobgoblin on May 7…

That brilliant Indie-Blues band LOS will be playing Sticky Fungus Apr 11th – this band are a local favourite with an amazing sound and huge vitality…

Beutiful honey-voiced Cate Ferris and Afterspark will be in town 19th April at The Hob along with ‘Apple in My Teeth’ pop-folk boy wonder David Gibb.

Brutal local metal band Bloodloss are up Apr 12 at The Hobgoblin…

We hear that the Sticky Fungus ‘run through’ bands this week will be The Sketch, Over and Out and fIN on Wednesday and Instincts of Nature, Five Foot Something and Foulplay on Thursday !! We have heard that the funky ‘Junkyard Scientists‘ will be playing on the official opening night….


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