Raw Glory – Dog & Partridge Staines


An acquaintance recently stopped me and quizzed, “You are interested in music aren’t you?” Answer: “It is my life”. Question: “Have you got Rock Band – you know- the game?” Answer: “No!”  Reply: “Mate, you should get it. It is so goo-ood that I went out and got the guitar controller and the drum set for it last week.  Probably cost me about seven hundred quid for the whole set up.”   I was tempted to respond:  “Why don’t you just go out and buy a second-hand acoustic guitar and learn how to play the real bloody thing”. But I did not. Because we all know (from Homer) that, “If something is too hard to do, then it’s not worth doing..”

The day after this short exchange I went to see Raw Glory at The Dog & Partridge, Staines Feb 15th. (BTW: The pub is doing an Open Mic/Jamming Session every Wednesday starting 25th Feb- so come on down,) and I thought, “Now, here are some fellas that didn’t waste their youth playing video games”.

Take Russell Crowe and stick a frizzy mop on his bonce and you have got Paul Manzi, the lead vocals. Cosmo, the lead guitar, looks a bit look Judas Priest (Halford) and Mick Underwood looks like your uncle (but he is on the drums so it doesn’t matter what he looks like… a  ‘guest’  was playing the nite I saw the band,)  Ronnie Garrity is a kindly looking gentelman on bass. Mick Underwood has played with just about everyone- and their companions- in the rock universe. Peter Frampton, Paul Rodgers, Gillan etc etc. You name ‘em and he has played with ‘em. The man has a rock n roll pedigree that is as long as a roll of sari silk. And twice as extravagant.

But it is the sensual and slinky Paul Manzi who lives, breathes and becomes your own true ideal of a rock n roll hero. He is as supple as Robert Plant and as lithe as Jim Morrison. He is the front man you have always wished you could have become- had you not spent your entire childhood playing on the poxy computer.  He is a singer, gyrator and a genuine rock n roller.

This band is a celebration of glorious raw rock. They grind and chug their way through each and every one of your favourite rock anthems (you know the drill, AC/DC, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Free) pausing only briefly between each song to take a well earned swig. Their combined energy is breathtaking and the noise is like a sustained artillery barrage from a line of mutliple launch rocket systems. This band is truly a thrusting pulsing power pack of adrenalin and sweat.

Check this high voltage rock and roll act at a venue near you. Startling!

© Neil_Mach

Feb 2009

Mar 14 2009      9:00P The Globe, Brentford
Apr 10 2009     9:00P The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton
Jul 4 2009     10:00P The Rising Sun, Slough



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