!Daft! Old Ticket Hall Windsor

Windsor & Eton Station


Daft are a local professional bunch of masculine male musicians with a squeaky-clean lady friendly image and a clean-cut next-door-neighbour following of young good-looking entrepreneurs and their gorgeous girlfriends.  If you like modern alt-rock music perfectly pitched for an affluent audience and sumptuously rehearsed and presented then !daft! is for you. Covers include work by Killers, Green Day, Queen, Guns N Roses, Manics, Fratellis, Michael Jackson, Oasis.

One of my favourites, when I saw the band LIVE at OLD TICKET HALL WINDSOR, was “Monster” by The Automatic. If you are thinking of modern, honey-sweet, anthemic alt-rock Indie sounds then you have got the right idea. But the boys can also belt out some whoppers and the soundcheck was Free’s “Wishing Well” with a really grinding and even menacing attitude…nice and sleazy.

The band also performs some Darkness and Queen tracks which go down a treat with the punters. The carefully groomed and manicured performance of the high-larking vocalist Graeme Nash ( a smiling sunshine timeshare salesman-type yuppie boy of brylcream boyband and sqeaky clean credentials) helped to make these tracks a sing-song success. The support from Gary & Phil on guitars and Nick on bass is about as smooth as half a jar of peanut butter spread upon Kylie’s inner thigh and about as polished as a recently greased up snowboard.

The result from all this hard graft is a solid workaday performance as reliable as well-oiled machinery in a Swiss clock factory and as enjoyable as a bouncy castle party wearing nothing but clotted cream and your jim-jams. Lots of fun and plenty of keypoint moments to look back upon. An exciting and energetic vibe.

!Daft! totally out-perform your expectations and are simply a class act.

I saw the band at the OLD TICKET HALL WINDSOR…this venue is now the only authentic and truly exclusive LIVE MUSIC venue in
the Windsor area. The acoustics are a problem (the room is actually the old William Tite ticket office c 1849) but the
space is truly historic and buzzes with a friendly energy and effervescent excitement. The public space is a high horseshoe
shaped room with large rear doors leading out onto the station platform and a bar that is placed smack inside the ticket office. The stage is built up and sits in front of the huge windows overlooking the enormous bar area. Lots of terrific looking visitors and excellent drinks and service make this an ideal base for any music loving locals to come and spend some quality time with like-minded live music enthusiasts.

The best thing about The Old Ticket Hall is that it is just a few stops down the line from STAINES to Windsor & Eton Riverside station so will cost only about a fiver from Staines…a big savings on minicab fares…. so it makes your spendin money go a lot further.

© Neil_Mach
Jan 2009


Windsor Eton Riverside Station, Windsor, Berks SL4 1QG



Feb 2009 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY at Windsor Old Ticket Hall

Feb 5 2009      9:00P    OPEN MIC NIGHT
Feb 6 2009     9:00P    VELVET HEARTS
Feb 7 2009     9:00P    SECRET SQUIRRELS formally known as THE RIOTS
Feb 12 2009     9:00P    OPEN MIC NIGHT
Feb 13 2009     9:00P    NETHERWORLD
Feb 14 2009     8:00P    EMBERS     WINDSOR
Feb 19 2009     9:00P    OPEN MIC NIGHT
Feb 20 2009     9:00P    GROUPER

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