fiN - Hob Staines Dec 2008

You Took My Heart…

When I (once) went English windsurfing (February in Lincolnshire) it was a truly miserable, miserable experience. It was cold and wet and achingly painful. But Heathrow crash test pilots fiN have built up a unique song book based upon their shared experiences of exactly this kind of shivery English hobby. You see, although windsurfing on a gravel pit under the runway somewhere near Bedfont is some way removed from surfing the high rollers out in the Big Sur ( and hopefully I don’t need to explain why) it does give the English singer/songwriter a bit of an edge over his Californian cousins because he has (dare I say it )a tad more grit and gravitas to sing-a-song about. Whereas all that a golden surfer dude can sing about is surf ‘being up’ and the so-called ‘good vibrations’… the English surfer dude has discontentment, disappointment and disenchantment to contend with.

In Goode Olde England it is less ‘Catch a wave’….more ‘catch a cold’!

The fiN song-book is thus replete with the kind of discordant harmonic treasures born from a day of muted pleasures out on
the Bedfont Lakes. Their sounds contain a heartfelt diet of melodic instrumentation and a fullness and roundness of experimental rhythm, jarred in all the right places by periodic gusts of sheer power – broken up by sudden unexplained lulls. In fact, their music is, at  times, like that most treasured of all things – an almost perfect English summer’s day – in that it is menacingly fragile and always on the verge of predictable heartaching tragedy.

So being influenced by wind surf rock is no band thing. And early influences, like ‘Rage against the Machine’ also tend to spice up things a little and enliven the mostly melodic brand of fiN rock providing a welcome abrasive and discordant edge to what would otherwise be an amiable, almost Californian, sound. Soaring chords and lush guitarwork provide the melodic backdrop ( a la ‘Biffy Clyro’) to the themes and anthems. Make no mistake, this is big music for a  new beat generation.

These are sounds for a stadium-sized soundstage and for larger-than-life living. If you are Salesian or a Strode you will instantly find gratification in these fiN sized toons. If you think, for example,  that life is wasted on the living’  and you think that ‘fake smiles are for the giving’ and not for the taking… you will genuinely love this stuff.

When I saw fiN at in Staines on 14th December and they rocked the place (Hob). An important live show for an important local band… see them soon at a venue near you before they go global.

© Neil_Mach
Dec 2008

Ad Pontes Staines- music arts & going out IN STAINES

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