5 Things- This Week in Staines


Foulplay Unveils New Axeman – in Egham

Foulplay at Staines

Foulplay Dec 13 2008      9:00P The Red Lion     Egham,

The boys are back in town, but this time there’s something a little different about them; something in the form of new lead axeman, Sal Salgado.

As former guitarist Pete Downes takes a leave of absence to accompany a manned flight to Mars for the next ten years, Sal steps in to fill Pete’s shoes, and boy does he do it with aplomb!

Larger than life, with a mop of permed hair, a steely Teutonic accent and a staggering array of gut-busting guitar licks (not to mention a fine pair of leather trousers), Sal was born of Dravidian and Iberian heritage and raised by wolves in the forests of Eastern Europe. There, he learned to howl at the full moon and eat rabbits before moving to the city and studying music, taking only a few months to overcome his habit of raiding the neighbourhood bins at night.

Sal has a passing resemblance to Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzie fame, but there the similarity ends. Sal sings like Barbara Streisand, plays like Slash and dresses like Liberace. He’s a man with a colourful past, and a technicolour future; and combined with Foulplay, he’s simply unstoppable!

Sal joined The Foulplay just weeks ago and has been feverishly learning the set with the guys in the studio. Now, the four are ready to unleash themselves on their unsuspecting fans, and they intend to do it on Saturday 13th December at The Red Lion in Egham. The moon will be full, and Sal may let out the occasional blood-curdling howl. But the music will be powerful and the moment memorable.



Don’t miss it – it’ll be historic!

But if you do,  check them at:

Dec 19 2008     9:00P The Jolly Farmer     Staines

Dec 20 2008     9:00P  Ye Olde Swan     Burnham


Sensational Theatrical Artistic Duo- in Staines

Bitter Ruin Staines

Bitter Ruin

Dec 12 2008      8:30P The Hobgoblin     Staines £3

Bitter Ruin are an explosive, theatrical acoustic duo with grasping lyrics filthy with energy and anger. Renowned for their intense and dramatic live performances, their audiences are mesmerized by Georgia’s vicious, complex vocals and are left desperate to hear more of Ben’s brutal vocal attack and cutting, jagged acoustic guitar.

A relatively new act on the scene, they have been performing together for only 18 months, have released their first EP featuring such inspiring tracks as ‘Trust’ and ‘Chewing Gum’, and as soon set to release their new album at the end of October.

Georgia and Ben are from opposite ends of the UK. Their influences are similarly from opposite musical counties. While Ben draws his serene and engrossing tone from Jeff Buckley, Georgia punches quirky outbursts tainted by Regina Spektor and Kate Bush. However the duo has obviously adjusted their ear drums to gorge on each others inspirations and have skillfully combined their crowning credentials to hatch an addictively juiced sound and frenzied drama.




A Galaxy of Dancefloor Funk & Soul

Dallas Meteors - Old Ticket Hall, Windsor

Dec 12 2008      9:00 THE DALLAS METEORS     old ticket hall WINDSOR

The Dallas Meteors owe their name to their beautifully soulful and powerful lead singer Dallas Ayres. Their music is a collection of deep funky grooves from the archives of rare US funk spiced with their own deep funk and soul compositions. The band use valve amps and classic instruments to produce a vintage dance floor set full of great vocals, ringing funky wah guitar, hook-laden hypnotic bass, and subtly smokin’ drums




Fab Five Flying Indie/Folk in Staines

Moscow Flyer at Staines

Moscow Flyer Dec 9 2008      8:00P Boileroom     Guildford

Tcatch them at Staines on 12th at The Hob

Indie / Alternative / Folk

Moscow Flyer was formed in October 2007 by five boys and a girl all fed up with the mundane routine of modern life, and all with a shared need to make music. Based in Farnham, an embarrassingly conservative town on the Surrey/Hampshire border – a place where rock stars go to die and pensioners go to shop, with countless pubs but little in the way of live entertainment – Moscow Flyer is on a mission. It doesn’t know what it is yet but when it finds out you’ll be the first to know. Moscow Flyer likes drinking and poetry and sweat and volume and shouting about things being crap and making lists and getting lost just trying to live and hoping to god that it may one day get to leave this town for good. In the meantime it meets once a week with a myriad of instruments (and a vast record collection) to write new songs and, slightly less often, play them to other people.

Moscow Flyer takes influences from everyone, everywhere and everything… folk music, indie music, rock music, pop music. Films. The classics. Tea. Biscuits. Beer. Nature. Wildlife. Theatre. Cars. Medicine. Cakes. The internet. So please, come along next time Moscow Flyer is in your town. Watch with intent and applaud with gratitude. Simple creatures Moscow Flyer may be, but ones intent on creating noises that will get inside your head and leave you wanting more.




Top Local Folk Duo- at Walton-on-Thames

Kindred Spirit (duo) Walton

Kindred Spirit

Dec 12th  Walton-On-Thames, Ruby’s, 29 Bridge Street, 8.30pm

Folk Rock / Progressive / Psychedelic

Kindred Spirit are renowned for their stunning takes on some classic tracks and will take your breath away with an incredible version of Bob Dylans, All Along The Watchtower. The stunning nature of the treatment of these tracks is due to the hauntingly beautiful and deeply emotional voice of Elaine enhanced by the extraordinary flute playing of Annie Parker in combination with the phenomenal violin playing of Gavin Jones.

Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Elaine Samuels began singing in folk clubs at the age of just 14 and is known on the folk / acoustic circuit as a powerful solo performer, having performed at folk clubs and festivals the length of the country and having been featured on radio and television a number of times.

Elaine with Gavin, Annie, Mike and Alan play as the completely live, electrifying band, Kindred Spirit; featuring Elaine’s beautiful vocals, powerful songs and guitar playing, Annie’s brilliant flute and sax playing plus lovely harmony vocals, Gavin or Sim’s incredible violin playing, Mike’s driving bass guitar playing and Alan’s expert drumming.




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