MiMi Soya

Thursday2nd October 2008

Candy Floss Punk

Summer lovers, Mimi Soya, have grown up. This post pop-punk quartet from Brighton brought their own-brand of compulsive/obsessive motifs, purity of being and light lyrical montages to Staines Hobgoblin last week and we could tell they were now embarking on their second stage of metamorphosis from punkpop nymphs to stadium-sized superflys.

Back in 2007 when the band recruited their exciting blonde singer ‘Hero’, the music was crowd pleasing and sweet (like a walk up Brighton Pier with candyfloss on the lips and the peppermint wind blowing gently into your hair) and the attitude was casual and relaxed. But since playing live shows constantly around the South, the band have created an edge to their compact ballads that are more knowing and more potent. Songs have a strong blend of energy and of wry unspoken depth-of-feeling that speak directly to an audience and reflects deeply into the recesses of each soul.

MiMi Soya songs are smattered with hybrid Latin jazz influences but classically built-up with a powerpop style and a freshness and cleanliness that reminds the listener of the Indiana band ‘The Ataris’ or soundalikes ‘Sludgeworth’, or postpunkers ‘Jawbreaker’. These attributes, coupled with some handcrafted Biffy Clyro-like chord sequences mean that Mimi Soya often sounds more like ‘Buzzcocks’, ‘The Vapors’ or ‘The Chords’ than the much more evident, ‘Blondie’. The sounds are almost more than poppy and more than punky and the effect is a lightness and a transparency that almost makes you want to get up from your knees and shout Alleluia! It is life-affirming, positive-thinking, punk-feelgood and we all need a large dose of the stuff from time-to-time.

Now signed to LAB Records with Crown Management (‘Sugababes’, ‘Good Shoes’ etc) Mimi Soya are currently so hot that their hero “HERO” could start a fire on the dance-floor just with her smouldering looks and her trademark gasping scream.

Check MiMi Soya’s patriotic drinking-songs of celebration next time they are in town…


© Neil_Mach
Oct 2008

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