5 Things – This Week in Staines


See MiMi Soya at Staines

MiMi Soya at Staines

Oct 2 2008      7:30P The Hobgoblin (18+)     Staines

MiMi Soya

Formed in the British summer of 2006 MiMi Soya have risen fast in their short career. Now the pop punk quartet from sunny Brighton aim to bring their addictive melodies, innocent lyrics and beastly guitar riffs to the world.

After the initial EP self release which included the anthemic lead track “Crazy” and the visionary salsa pop song “A Memoir”, they then recruited their current front woman Hero at the start of 2007 and started creating brand new stadium
crowd pleasers. Since playing shows constantly they’re bringing their intense, passionate, killer live shows to a town near you. With crowd participation and band energy second to none, it’s visual ecstasy for their fans.

Now signed to LAB Records with Crown management (Sugababes, Good Shoes, Get Cape,Wear Cape. Fly) in tow, expect incredible things. MiMi Soya are hot, you’d be crazy not to check out their mixed gender, punk-driven singalong anthems!

Hero – Vocals
Chris – Guitars/Vocals
Mike – Bass/Vocals
Joe – Drums/Nudity


You can purchase the new MiMi Soya EP Here >>>

The Four Penny Knee Trembler [Single]
~ Mimi Soya (Artist)

Price:     £3.99


Catch some Contemporary Jazz – at Ascot

Nicolas Meier at Ascot

Nicolas Meier Band 5 October 2008      1:00P Jagz Ascot, with Roast

Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier is one of the rising stars of a vibrant British jazz scene, his trademark sound a mixture of Methenyesque jazz and spicy Turkish and world music rhythms. Already well known in Europe, where his Meier Group have
toured extensively and shared the bill with such illustrious names as Elvin Jones, Brad Meldau, Trilok Gurtu and Bill Evans. Meier and his band recently won the enormously prestigious Grand Prize Of The Jury and 1st Prize Jazz Guitar at Jazz
a Juan Revelations 2006 a competition for the finest new jazz musicians and bands in Europe run by the legendary Jazz A Juan Festival.

But he is becoming increasingly well known in his adopted country as well where his Meier group features brilliant Israeli world-bebop saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, bassist Tom Mason and drummer Laurence Lowe who all contributed to his hugely well received Naim label debut ‘Orient’ .

As well as leading his own band, Meier has worked with the likes of Harry Beckett, Dave O’Higgins, John Etheridge, Gilad Aztmon, Renato D’Aielo and Deidre Cartwright. He has recently recorded “Guidance” featuring Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons with a guitar orchestra (acoustic, electric & synth guitars) for American Classical label Centaur and until last year was in the nu-metal, techno, industrial band Avoidance Of Doubt, with whom he recorded some Indie label ‘EPs. He also recently formed
nu-metal-industrialists Seven. He cites influences as diverse as John McLaughlin,P at Metheny, Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea and Erkan Ogur.

Sunday, 5th October
Show will start at 1pm to 3.30pm
Ticket cost: £6.00
Special -entrance and roast £12

Jagz Ascot 01344 878100


Get Midi Midis at Staines

The MidiMidis at Staines

Oct 5 2008      8:00P MIDIMIDIS + MORE @ The Hobgoblin, Staines

Post punk / Electro / Thrash

‘Displaying an infectious enthusiasm for life, due to their independently motivated work ethic and energetic albeit shambolic lifestyles, MidiMidis loaded up with no memory card being removed. Spawning from an element of confusion and a longing for a bold incorporation of interesting and innovative influences, MidiMids represent a creative surge of creativity orchestrated by two brothers-in-law. Two brothers who enjoy spending far too much time drinking beer and experimenting with retro midi sounds on their old dusty unreliable laptops, GameBoys, GameGears and scuzzy broken guitars.

From an early age, the two have embraced everything from Gary Numan, AC/DC, Howard Jones and Bahuaus, to Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, and Television. MidiMidis create their minimalist fuzzy-buzzy 8-bit music by meticulously weaving the harsh feedback-heavy guitars of Sonic Youth together with the sharp angular work of Talking Heads, Kraftwerk and Human League.

Whether pondering over forgotten thoughts, the ubiquitous subject of relationship breakdowns or pining after a bottle of wine, lead singer Marcus manages to somehow circumvent the bile bitterness that many a songwriter would fall for. He treats these and other dark subjects with a bohemian carelessness and humorous irreverence only to the back drop of feedback laced angular guitars and electro bass and midi bleeps.



Play with Spectrum 7 – at Staines

Sepctrum 7

Spectrum 7 Oct 5 2008      8:00P Hobgoblin w/ The midi midi’s     Staines,

Its Rock Time!

In early 2006 two friends Sean Shreeve (Bass) and Jon Hardless (Guitar) began their early careers like most musicians; crafting songs in their bedrooms. Soon the ideals and conventions of a traditional rock band set-up were wearing thin with
the duo and they began to look for new and innovative ways to bring their vision of the way bands should sound to a future generation of listeners. Shreeve and Hardless immediately got to work crafting unconventional musical structures and
electronic beats on their Playstation while layering lyrics, guitar and bass riffs over the top. Although the band was still in a very premature form the duo managed to convince vocalist Jason Mirchandani to come onboard and after scrapping
their Playstation in favour of a laptop the group began hoaning their unique sound. Spectrum 7 were born!




Check Get Set Radio at Staines

Get Set Radio at Staines

Oct 2 2008     8:00P Hobgoblin w/Stay Away From Paris     Staines

Pop Punk / Rock

Will – Vocals/Guitar ; Steve – Guitar/Vocals

Ruby – Bass; Jonas -Drums


Get Your Tickets for Beck Theatre, Hayes

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road

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