Without Thought

Without Thought
Thursday 18th September at The Hob, Staines

The tempos are often fast, though short of true thrashcore or grindcore. The guitar work is gritty, unpolished, bass-heavy and metallic. Guitar solos possess a metal shield crust to protect the precious mineral wealth glinting beneath the surface. Drumming is high speed, with some D-beats and frantic energy. ‘Without Thought’ is a band that reminds you of ‘Soundgarden’ or ‘Tool’. The sound of this band is like a sludge-fuelled lattice-work cloud of corrosive rock that hits your mind and body like a viking-wielded battle-hammer before it tramples your senses into oblivion.

Jim Newbury – Lead vocals- screams a series of battle cries whilst Will Luck on Drums blasts out the savage rhythm. Both Jim Kirk and Guy Davies work like pilgrims on guitar and supporting vocals. The resultant amplitude of raw energy explodes from the set like a broadside from a rusty battle-cruiser. If your mind and body can take the pure physical beating from this onslaught- then so much the better. But the lead vocals were tuned too loud when I saw the boys at The Hob, Staines, and this distorted the completeness of the sound and made the whole set-piece top heavy. It wasn’t just me who noticed and several punters told the boys to ‘turn it down’.

Without Thought have got charm and charisma and they work hard for their supper. They have worked with Sikth, Hurt Process, Days In December, Hondo Maclean, Million Dead, Enter Shikari and Exit Ten in the past and are now set to release their debut album Get Down and Give Me Infinity. Their backline line works exceedingly well with tons of thermodynamic energy and sheer vibrancy and the whole product is one brutal burst of starlight.

Heavy and complete sludgecore- but … Good Heavens…. this is just a nadger and a tadger too loud… what rascals!

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008

Catch ’em here:

Oct 31 2008      8:00P shepherds bush empire




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