Thursday 18th September 2008

Purge at Staines - Hob Neil_Mach Sept 2008

Raise your hands for Purge Noise

“Heavy Rock mob from West London…”

The Purge noise is bass heavy with song structures that deftly incorporate low-to-mid tempos (with some well crafted tempo changes)- reminiscent of something from the Welsh stoner metal band ‘Acrimony’ (and so,in turn, their music also doffs a
respectful cap towards Black Sabbath especially Sabbath 4 era.)

But the Purge sounds faster and more energetic than those stoner rock influenced blues- you get the feeling that these guys get up before 3pm and don’t “need some space to, like, trip- man” because they all do proper jobs, live in proper brick-built homes and they probably go to the gym and drink pro-biotic yoghurts too.

But the band also has a rap  metalcore edge (with its corporate roots in the sounds of ‘The Clash’ and its corporate head firmly ‘up there’ in the sounds of ‘Rage Against the Machine’) with a singer who not-quite yells a bunch of slogans but, to be more accurate, entices and invigorates the listener with a bunch of slogans. But there are definitely some blues-rock influences in there too and most people recognise some hefty chunks of ‘Led Zep’ in the Purge-Noise.

Supreme long-haired guitarist Kinghorn Mills is the powerhouse of the outfit and he takes your breath away with such ferocity and energising spirit. Distortion and atonality being the norm his guitar-work is, however, airbrushed against a backdrop of ‘proper’ riff based blues rock. But don’t overlook the bass player Stanley whose technically inspired bassline structures provide the architectural backbone for all the purge numbers.

Some of the lyrics are as ripe as a 10-day old Camembert oozing with fluid nuances, never unpleasant or excessive, but raw, acidic and often bitter enough to raise awareness and knock some kinda sense into you. There is a resonance and depth in these songs and the sound is like ripped fuel lines dragging in the gravel behind a runaway truck. I noticed a definite Bowie-esque sound to some of the vocals circa Suffragette City. Give ‘Dirty Dog’ a listen and you will hear what I mean.

Purge play all-out rock with the clutch disengaged, but with the type of clutch that allows you to adjust your senses and take away with you the tools of change. Full of gravel, gravitas and a sense of rock jamais vou. Purge deliver a knockout out shot of dopamine motivating and rewarding the listener, instantaneously, with increased heart rate, itchy feet and shattered ear-drums.

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008

Purge are:


Kinghorn Mills

(Bass, Vocals)




Catch ’em in Staines next at:

Oct 31 2008      8:00P The Hobgoblin     Staines

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