Apex of Extinction

Thursday 11th September 2008

Apex of Extinction- Staines - Hob Neil_Mach Sept 2008

Metal / Progressive / Death Metal

“Progressive metal for the masses!”

Drums: Raj
Lead Guitars: Stefan
Rhythm Guitars: Mark
Bass: Omar
Vocals: Nathan

I come from the planet Zog myself. But my new friends are from Barrachus (part of the United Colonies Alliance) and are members of a secretive order of spiritual warriors known as The Apex of Extinction. They are also a symphonic power metal band incorporating more growling vocals than one would normally expect from the likes of ‘Dragonforce’ or ‘Angra’. The Power metal guitarists and the bassist play rapid streams of notes and lead guitarist Stefan is an accomplished proponent of this dark art.

Played at immense speed (see ‘Savage Circus’ to get an idea) with
melodic hooks and a symphonic structure to be proud of.  AofE also incorporate superb basss tonal imagery and rapid fire percussive effects into their epic soundscapes. The limitations of Apex are quite clear. The vocals are not fully cohesive within the overall structure of the musical elements. Whilst the guttural growls are useful in certain settings the lead vocals in this kind of band really need to be sufficiently flexible to increase range and to support the breathtaking depths of ambition that this genre sets itself. If you listen to the power vocals of a band like ‘Raphsody of Fire’ or even local prog-metallists like’Hollow Limit’ or even ‘Hypercoma’  you will find a greater flexibility and range in the vocals.

All the shred techniques one would expect from a grandiose band like this were present when I saw Apex of Extinction at the Hob, Staines. The sweep-picking, the trills and the speed building were effusive and the compositions were fully developed landscapes of sound. The cluster of images and the thrill of the drama unfolding was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this young group. Perhaps Springfield melodic death metal group ‘All That Remains’ is more similar to the profile of ‘Apex’ than ‘Dragonforce’ or ‘Angra’ and I may be partly guilty of overlooking quite what they are hoping to achieve… That said, even Phil Labonte’s vocals are harmonious when needed and are well suited to the epic nature of the working material.

Apex of Extinction are a ‘work in progress’ with bags of enthusiasm and a fair dose of talent. I have some great expectations. One to watch develop.

Lads, give my regards to the planet Barrachus and keep up the good work.

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008


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3 thoughts on “Apex of Extinction”

  1. To the Drummer, Raj, you tried to run off with our Demure’s bassist’s bass and tried to pass it off as a misunderstanding, better watch your back mate or a call to the cops will be just what the doctor ordered….aside from that …singer was a top bloke

  2. Listen mate, i don’t think Raj is interested in any bass guitars to start with! Their bassist thought he’d forgoten his bass and wanted us to look around!

    As a matter of fact he had forgoten some equipment there and we had to retrieve it from the venue couple of months later. We don’t have a lack of equipment by any standards seeing as we didn’t even care about the cab we left then!

    Frankly i don’t think Apex give a sh*t about any equipment or threats!

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