The Firestation Windsor

Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor Ribbon Cutting

The New Firestation Arts Centre in Windsor is now open – and ADPONTES was there to help celebrate the cutting of the ribbon.

Using the captivating space of the former Victorian Fire Station the centre will host a range of events in its first exciting season. The comedienne Arabella Weir will bring her witty and insightful show to the venue on Saturday 4th October [£12 adv booking] and will be an unmissable ‘night out with the girls’. The new space is also privileged to be chosen to host the Cambodian festival sensation Dengue Fever on Fri 21st November [£9 adv booking.] This critically acclaimed and entertaining group will be performing in Windsor prior to headlining at the ICA London. This is a night not to be missed. The Firestation will also be home to cinema, theatre, dance and all kinds of other artistic events. Staines and AdPontes readers are sure to support this venue. We wish the Firestation our best wishes for a great future.


Firestation Arts Centre
St Leonards Road


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