The Stilts

Sunday 31st August 2008


‘The Stilts’ are a local four-piece power pop outfit. They have a natty image and a cool razorsharp sound not unlike ‘The
Knack’ or ‘The Strokes’ They are playing live gigs all round town right now and you can pick them up at the Camden Barfly on 26 Sep 2008.

These lads are on an urgent mission to bring rock (tinted with punk and ska) to the tired London masses whose jaded ears and unenlightened minds are not used to the raw and organic stilts-sounds that recall those early days of rock n Roll. Take, for example, “Stalker” with its familiar guitar riff reminiscent of ‘Fountains of Wayne’. Twinkling lead guitar follows the verse right up ‘till the fulfilling chorus when Mr Fred sings out, “I know your name, I know your name”. The song is about a sexy cyber-spy ‘a chat-room chaser’ who takes so much more than the advantage. The cheerful beat and the familiar tune is a breeze to pick up and it is guaranteed that you will be humming it as you skip to the shops tomorrow. The song is contemporary enough to be a modern fable that will ring true in the hearts of real urban men everywhere.

“Sunshine Breaks” is my favourite ‘Stilts’ song with a huge swoopy bass thing and thick slabs of shoegazing fuzz. The verse sounds like very early Bowie – perhaps something from the ‘Man Who Sold the World’ album. There is also a healthy dollop of early ‘Dire Straits’ and old-fashioned ‘Chili’ in there too. This is a bright and versatile number and could easily make your day- if not your week… Other tunes from the song-book include ‘Left for Dead’ with a mid-sixties feel and attractive hooks.

The Stilts are kinda timid. They are ‘out there’ but they tend to hide behind their graphics and their logo even at the
live shows. And you just try to find pics of this group on the internet…nope, it can’t be done. When I saw the Stilts their
people didn’t even have any goodies for sale and no CD to hawk, which is a shame. Hopefully, all this will change when the children of the revolution start to discover this young band and they begin to reap the benefits of a success they so
earnestly seek.

I saw them at The Hobgoblin Staines last weekend and the boys were looking good and sounding fine. ‘Mr Fred’ – sings and plays rhythm, ‘Trigger’ is on the drums and ‘Here’ is the very capable lead guitarist – the band is currently advertising
for a bass player… but in the meantime ‘J’ thumps those low strings. The Stilts brought their own fan-base to the Hob and
delightful they were too- jigging and shimmying to those sparkly songs with those lil Stilts Stickas stuck to their hineys.  Cute!

© Neil_Mach
Sep 2008

You can see the Stilts at:

12 Sep 2008     20:00 Bull and Gate        Camden

26 Sep 2008     20:00 The Barfly             Camden

3 Oct 2008        20:00 The Providence     Brighton

29 Nov 2008     20:00 The Good Ship       Kilburn



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