The Arusha Accord with Johnny Truant – Reading

Johnny Truant / The Arusha Accord at FACE BAR, READING- JULY 14TH

The Arusha Accord and Johnny Truant at Face Bar - Reading

Arusha Accord at Reading, Face Bar

This from the Arusha Accord- who play the FACE BAR, READING 14th JULY with Johnny Truant, Your Demise, Blackhole and When All Else Fails:

…. In the early part of 2005, we began work on a musical experiment ..

.. With no firm idea of direction, but with a mind to try and combine some of the chaotic variations of Sikth, the rage and speed of Dillinger, and the complex time signatures and textured progressive arrangements of Tool, we spent an intense and quite often frustrating two and a half year period creating and developing our sound ..

.. With the addition of a second vocalist in the summer of ’07, the missing element was found and a countdown to our first show could finally begin.

Since breaking onto the scene on November 11th of the same year, our feet haven’t really touched the ground .. The feedback has been fantastic, and after only three shows, we were excited to join forces with the awesome pioneering new label, Basick Records ..

.. After the recording of our E.P. at Outhouse Studios in January ‘08 (with a release date not expected until the early summer), we’ve now got a little time to write, think, practice and improve with an aim of becoming recognized as one of the most innovative writers and performers in this exciting new tech metal scene ..



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