Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf at Staines Riverside Club

…. We have got a Blackfoot Sue track on a K-Tel album (remember those?) up in the loft. Thinking about it, the track is most likely ‘Standing in the Road’ a No.4 hit single for the band in the UK and one of those ‘if only there were more’ numbers. It sounded a lot like 1970’s Slade with a thudding base and a stomping drum, but a bit meaner and a bit more moody, like a Free track. But no, in fact, the song was by a band that was most often found in the ‘girl teen’ magazines like Jackie, June or School Friend etc. in the poster pages in the middle titled ” Most fanciable fella ” or “Boys I would most like to snog”. Yeah, as far as I can remember, Blackfoot Sue were a 1970’s boy band with lots of long hair and pouts who had a mean and raw edge in music that didn’t quite go with their ‘pop-tastic’ persona.

Starting out as a progressive group (not unlike the band ‘Tomorrow‘ or even Soft Machine) but with a haunting, driving tribal beat, riff-orientated melodies and soaring vocal harmonies- this Brummie/Hounslow band evolved into a household name in 1973 with a beautifully polished gatefold-sleeved album and a media-friendly glittery public image. And I will bet you a pound to a penny that you have heard that pounding, hummable single ‘Standing in the Road’ several times yourself in your life (at School Discos and Wedding Receptions) and you would still swear that it was Slade even after reading this review!

Well Blackfoot Sue have now incarnated into Cry Wolf and I was lucky enough to see and hear them at the Staines Riverside Club last year. They are now heavy, bluesy, mature and very, very serious and I will be going to see them again next week! Heavenly mix of vibrant raw rock and blues. Oh, and they still have long hair and pouts too!

Well worth a night out…. and the lager is good at The Riverside too !


You can also check out CRY WOLF at:

Cry Wolf

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If you miss them in Staines, try to catch Cry Wolf at one of these local venues:

July 5 WEST BYFLEET SOCIAL CLUB Station Approach, West Byfleet, Surrey
July 6 THE SHIRE HORSE 82 Whitton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex
July 10 THE GLOBE INN 104 Windmill Road, Brentford, Middlesex 
July 12 EGHAM UNITED SERVICES CLUB Milton Road, Egham, Surrey
July 18 THE CARDINAL WOLSEY The Green, Hampton Court Road, East Molesey
July 19 THE RED LION 166 Heath Road, Twickenham, Middlesex
July 20 THE WINDMILL 37 Stafford Rd, Wallington, Surrey
July 26 THE SURBITON FLYER 84 Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey
July 27 THE SIX BELLS High Street, Brentford, Middlesex

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