Passion and Longing in Surrey

Satellite State

Monday 4 June saw the release of a new Satellite State EP boasting what has already been described in some circles as four epic ‘stadium filling’ tracks.

The Guildford band’s eponymous EP starts with the sad and soulful sounds of “Plans”, a song that has been described as reminiscent of Snow Patrol but I think shares more similarities with material by The Editors due to the sweet sweeping synth or even to work by the progrock band Porcupine Tree for the sheer depth of longing. This is a smooth, charming and irresistible rock song for a generation that urgently needs some solace in the turmoil of these turbulent times.

Then try “Sometimes/Always” Track 2 -for rhythm, grace and rapture. With the vocals of Gary Nicks and gently increasing support from Ryan Nicks and Ciaran Stephens, this sumptuously orchestrated track- constantly flavoured by sweeping and majestic guitar-work leaves a bitter sweet aftertaste and gently washes away the cobwebs from a worn-out and cynical mind.

The third track on the EP is “One Small Step” which evokes memories of the Lightning Seeds and could be described as one of the most accessible of the songs on the album with its shimmery pop-synth sounds and grandiose vocal arrangements acting as counterpoint to the scintillating guitar.

“Lights Out”, the final track on the album, starts with simple repeated piano chords and synth-strings and Gary’s vocals standing proud of this structure. But these simple themes soon develop into an anthemic and nostalgic hymn for our times, redolent of sunny Sunday afternoons in Surrey and the strain of living and loving in a world stained by disappointment and starved of hope. But the desire is there. And the longing. Towards the end of the track the listener is left with some hope for the future, as this last song gently lifts its head suggesting light and expectation.

Does it happen sometimes or always? The promise from Satellite State is for always.

If you like Snow Patrol, Editors or even Marillion, Syn or Porcupine Tree you will adore this.

Satellite State is:

{drums,synths,backing vocals}
{lead guitar, backing vocals}
{vocals, acoustic guitar}
{piano, synths}

See them at:

4 Jul 2008 09:00 Redfest, Redhill
5 Jul 2008 20:00 Stage 2 @ Guilfest 2008 (on stage midday)
1 Aug 2008 20:00 Jericho Tavern, Oxford
2 Aug 2008 20:00 Water Rats, Kings Cross,
20 Sep 2008 20:00 West End Centre, Aldershot

Download the EP here


2 thoughts on “Passion and Longing in Surrey”

  1. oh I agree a lot, I’ve been working with the band on doing some music videos for them, and i feel quite honored to be able to work with such a well-adjusted band, they deserve to go far, really, really far

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