Save £££’s on World Cinema

World Cinema Bestsellers

1. The Kite

The Kite Runner [2007]

£19.99 £12.98

2. The Diving

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly [2007]

£19.99 £12.98

3. 4 Months

4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days [2007]

£19.99 £11.98

4. The Science

The Science Of Sleep [2006]

£20.99 £3.98

5. Jean De

Jean De Florette/Manon Des Sources [1986]

£19.99 £7.48

6. The Wind

The Wind That Shakes The Barley [2006]

£19.99 £5.98

7. Curse of

Curse of the Golden Flower [2007]

£19.99 £5.98

8. Akasen ChitaiYokihi

Akasen Chitai/Yokihi [Masters Of Cinema] [1955]

£24.99 £14.98

9. Marketa Lazarova

Marketa Lazarova [1967]

£12.99 £9.98

10. The Banquet

The Banquet [2006]

£17.99 £10.98


One thought on “Save £££’s on World Cinema”

  1. I loved “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, but the movie I’d rather see is “My Stroke of Insight”, which is the amazing bestselling book by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. It is an incredible story and there’s a happy ending. She was a 37 year old Harvard brain scientist who had a stroke in the left half of her brain. The story is about how she fully recovered, what she learned and experienced, and it teaches a lot about how to live a better life. Her TEDTalk at TED dot com is fantastic too. It’s been spread online millions of times and you’ll see why!

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