Staines ‘live music’ spot Boycott

Hard Fi Dub remixes
WORD ON THE STREETS OF STAINES is that, following Hard-Fi’s sensational ‘surprise’ appearance at THE HOB (Hobgoblin, Staines) last week- the “MANAGEMENT” are very upset with the promoters/arrangers of the show. Word is that one or more of the local managers have been sacked/suspended.
There is a rumour going around that there is a boycott of the pub until and unless the boys get their jobs back….
The Staines lads performed at their local pub The Hobgoblin last Monday without pre-publicity and supporting two ‘local’ bands who were also playing that night. These days Hard Fi can fill stadiums but (like most bands) they started out by playing in the local pub. Hundreds of fans and music-lovers crowded the street outside the HOB to get a chance to see (and hear) Richard Archer and the boys play their hometown barrel house venue. But inside the pub things got a bit tense and anxious when nervous bosses feared that health and safety rules may have been breached by the record-breaking crowds. The night ended safely though- with a barnstorming show put on by the staines-boys who played a selection of their favourite covers, including The Jam’s “Town Called Malice”.
If you have any more news on this or any other
STAINES related stories please let us know

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