Instill at the Iguana this week

Instill thanks to marianne harris photography

Touring with those southern-comfort addled kerosene brothers otherwise known as Hayseed Dixie this springtime, local boys INSTILL (see them with the Dixie boys in LONDON on 19th April – Shepherds Bush Empire) play jumped-up hi-energy rock with plenty of pizzazz and zing.

As a live show they are unbeatable and have already supported the likes of InMe, Skindred and Thunder. Polished and capable, their flavoursome mix of funk and rock has a nice English eccentric tinge and is hugely accessible.

Actually they are quite posh-boys (it must be those Surrey and Hampshire accents) but the electric fuzz and the explosive push of Andy and Phil’s guitars are accentuated by the fulsome deep baritone vocal style of Hodge (similar to Eddie Vedder but with a blacker edge) and punched and scrambled by Alan on drums.

Instill song topics tend to concentrate on matters of social concern but they are exquisitely lightened by a sharp sense of British humour.

Sophisticated beats, a crackling vocal display and exciting riffs and melodies will see Instill become commercially successful and internationally recognised before the year is out- mark my words!

See these local heroes now before they go large…

This week [St Valentine’s Day 14th Feb] at THE IGUANA, STAINES

Check Out AdPontes-Staines regularly for all your local GIGS in Staines and local area


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