The Windsor Arts Centre ‘closed up’ during the week before Christmas (December 14) after spiralling costs left the business in tatters.

Shocked staff were sent home as the managers running the centre admitted that the company had gone into administration.

The company, already over £125,00 in the red, were destined to increase in deficit to nearly £150,000 by the end of the financial year. Several cash injections by the local authority have not helped to ease the cash-flow crisis.

The full extent of this ‘local tragedy’ for the arts is difficult to over-exaggerate. The remaining season’s calender was still intact , with many tickets sold or pre-ordered, and customers have been left out in the cold with no idea of whether they will get their money back.

Meanwhile, members of the Friends of the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum Group attended a meeting with council officials last week in a bid to express an interest in using the space to set up a museum.

Anyone owed money by Windsor Arts Centre should send the details to David Tann at Highlands House, Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood, Reading, RG1 1NT

The TANGO now moves to Baldwin Hall, Eton.

Tommyfest (March 2008) may now have to be cancelled.

Go to Save Windsor Arts Centre to leave a message and if you would like to see the centre still maintained for performing arts.

For Staines Arts News visit AdPontes-Staines.Com


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